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1 Fein, Bruce Ex-US attorney Gen. of the Reagan Era, worked for Tamil Eelamist organizations as a paid legal Lobbyist. He was paid to agitate for prosecuting the leaders of the SL government for “Genocide of the Tamils, war crimes etc”. Fein defines himself as: “Bruce Fein is counsel for Tamils Against Genocide and former associate deputy attorney general under President Reagan.” 
2 Mr. Basil Fernando Mr. Basil Fernando is a human rights lawyer who had began his career as an English Language instructor at the Vidyodya University in the 1970s. He is currently a director of an organization which calls itself the “Asian Human rights Commission”, an advocacy NGO which uses “news items” from the TamilNet as acceptable material. Basil Fernando has been stridently critical of the Sri Lankan Govenment, and works closely with Garry Ananadsangaree and Hirini Shivalaingam, two Tamil-Eelam lawyers based in Canada. Basil Fernando is also listed in the “Campaign for Justice and Peace in Sri Lanka” which pushed for a UN inquiry into Sri Lanka. He used the Sri Lanka Guardian as one of his publicity instruments.
3 Fernando, Jude Lal  Fr Jude Lal Fernando  Paid activist of the LTTE. Campaigns with the EU parliament. Operates through multiple fronts. Linked to trained LTTE activist – Bashan  under investigation.
4 Fernando, Ranjith  Vibeesana  A strongly Eelamist Journalist who used to write to London based “TamilGuardian” under the pen name “Vibeeshana”.
5 Fernando, Rukshan Coordinator of a program known as the Human Rights in Conflict programme, within the organization known as Law and society trust
6 Francis, Gerard  US based  Eelamist activist, media person, Catholic Tamil background, New York city area, global Tamil forum. His bio reads as:”I am a psychiatrist residing in Pennsylvania who is involved with Eelam Tamil activism and humanitarian work along with my wife and children (and also through many organizations). I have been involved with our struggle since the 70’s mostly behind the scenes, but, was forced to come out openly last year organizing rallies and protests here in the USA, and elsewhere due to the carnage sanctioned on our people that was largely being ignored by the International community . I see the TGTE as a milestone on this long and arduous path of my people’s struggle for justice and self-determination, becoming the apex body of democratically elected representation in the Tamil diaspora, helping us reach our goals and aspirations as a persecuted people. My personal goal is to never forget those who brought us to this point in our struggle; the Leaders, Martyrs, and the many who sacrificed all for our cause. I am certain we’ll reach our destiny standing on the shoulders of these giants who came before us. I hope I am worthy of the trust placed in me and promise to carry the torch faithfully, but would be the first to admit that I am only human and constantly struggle with the frailties it bestows on us. Join with me in my rallying call since the end of 2008 well before Mullivaikaal “NEXT YEAR IN THAMIL EELAM”


7 Francis, Krishan  Associated Press writer in Colombo who is alleged to write news reports giving them an Eelam slant.
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