The FBI described the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)as the “most dangerous and deadly extremist” outfit in the world. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam commonly known as the LTTE or the Tamil Tigers, terrorized Sri Lanka for 30 years before it was dismantled in May 2009. The LTTE’s legacy to the world is suicide bombers and pioneering the use of women in suicide attacks. The LTTE took global terrorism to a new level. The LTTE tactics were copied by many ruthless terrorist organizations such as the Al Qaeda. It is the only terrorist organization to have assassinated two world leaders, the Indian Premier Rajiv Gandhi and Sri Lankan President R. Premadasa.

The LTTE used every resource within its power including youth, women and children. Over 500 children were rescued and rehabilitated by the government at the end of the conflict.

With a highly developed foreign network of fundraising through extortion, drug dealing and money laundering, the LTTE raised funds internationally for over 3 decades. The LTTE illegally procured arms, ammunition, mortars, land mines, missiles and other weapons to brutally massacre innocent civilians of all ethnic groups in the country, including children. Regular attacks on economic  hubs and religious sites were meant not only to cripple the country economically but also to incite the majority Sinhalese into unleashing violence against them, and thereby gain waning international sympathy.

This site wishes to expose LTTE agents. Many LTTE leaders, operatives, activists, supporters & sympathizers who contributed to the operations of the LTTE continue to remain unfettered whilst avenging themselves against a sovereign nation which sought to save its citizens from the plague of terrorism.

Contact us with details of suspected entities and individuals that advocate, support and participate in terrorism and extremism.

If you are no longer active and repent your role in the LTTE, please write with evidence of non- involvement and we will de-list you upon verification. 


-Victims of Terrorism Foundation-

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