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1 Kanagarajah, Ravi Shankar  Ravi Shanker alias Shangili is a Sri Lankan passport holder who had claimed refugee status to evade Canadian immigration authorities. He is said to be a key LTTE gunrunner, allegedly engaged in human smuggling. The ship “Ocean Lady” aliasPrincess Easwary which brought a load of 76 asylum seekers to Victoria is said to be operated by Shangili. The ship is said to have sailed from Mundra (India) in October 2009. ( The ship is owned by Ray Ocean Transport Corp., a company registered in the Seychelles, although its mailing address is in the Philippines, according to shipping records kept by Lloyd`s Register). He is said to own three vessels which are currently under operation and registered in Panama. According to a SL govt. website, these vessels were used as floating LTTE warehouses cum armories. Shangili also is said to run a LTTE network with agents based in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Associate of Nediyawan (Nediyavan) of Norway.
2 Kanesalingam, A Malaysia, Global Tamil Forum, Tel: +6.03.2070.2299
3 Kanesamoorthy, Sriskandarajah V. A Chairman of the Eelamist London Sivan temple in Lewisham. Others associated are T. Arulthas and Mr Yogarajah
4 Kanthasamy Temple, Toronto, Canada, This a Hindu Temple run by the Eelamist groups .
5 Shanmugasundaram Kanthaskaran  Associated with Nediyawan (Nediyavan) alias Sivaparan of Norway. They work with the Rudrakumaran group in the USA. They are alleged to be involved in raising funds for action against Sri Lanka.
6 Kanthaskaran,(Shanmugasundaram)


Peg Leg Shankar  The Interpol has issued a Red Notice for Shanmugasundaram Kanthaskaran, 38, a native of Silavathurai, Sri Lanka. According to the Intepol, he is wanted for his alleged involvement in people smuggling, trafficking and illegal immigration, and terrorism. While the public Interpol notice is vague, Canada’s daily National Post says based on classified details of the allegations obtained by the newspaper says he is wanted in connection with the human smuggling vessel Ocean Lady that sent 76 Sri Lankans to Canada aboard a cargo ship in 2009. Citing a confidential Sri Lankan government report, the National Post says Mr. Kanthaskaran, also known as “Peg Leg Shankar,” holds a British passport and operates from the U.K., Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. “The subject has established an effective network covering South Asian countries to run the human smuggling operations,” the paper quoted the document adding that the accused organized the Ocean Lady smuggling run with a Canadian named Ravi Shanker. According to the report, Mr. Kanthaskaran who was a member of the Sea Tiger unit of LTTE moved to London after he lost his leg battling government forces. He was allegedly involved in procuring arms for the rebels. During the final phase of the war the LTTE operatives in the UK had organized to smuggle arms on board a ship called Princess Easwary to the cornered Tiger rebels in Northern Sri Lanka in the guise of humanitarian aid. The ship was not allowed to sail to Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan forces decimated the LTTE in Sri Lanka before the ship could reach the final destination with arms reportedly smuggled from North Korea. According to the National Post report Mr. Kanthaskaran organized that arms smuggling operation in May 2009. After the news of Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran’s demise, the ship’s crew had dumped their cargo into the sea off Indonesia. The report says that Mr. Kanthaskaran then modified the ship, changed its name and used it to smuggle people from Thailand to Canada. In October 2009, reportedly the modified ship, MV Ocean Lady brought 76 illegal Sri Lankan migrants, all males, to British Columbia. MV Sun Sea’s human cargo included 380 men, 63 women, and 49 children. All the migrants have sought asylum in the country (Colombo page ; 31 March 2011).
7 Karan, James  James Karunakaran  London based Eelam activist; associated with the International Federation of Tamils (IFT), a UK -Eelamist front organization
8 Kathirgamathamby Arivazhaghan An overseas intelligence operative working with the Rudrakumar group.
9 Kandasamy, S  He began the Eelamist “Tamil Information center” in London in the early 1980s. Its post-LTTE psition is that ” The Tamil speaking community in Sri Lanka has suffered injustice and oppression for a long time and finds it extremely difficult to seek redress in the face of continuing persecution and spurious propaganda and disinformation”, and supports an Eelam for the SL Tamils.
10 Kandasamy, Karunakaran  He was arrested in April 2007 by the FBI in Queens, NY on charges of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. The group headed by him reportedly operated in the US “drawing on America’s financial resources and technological advances to further its war of terror in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. A FBI raid on Kandasamy’s office in Queens has revealed evidence that he raised millions of dollars for the LTTE through a front organization called the “World Tamil Coordinating Committee” .” Terrorist group funded U.S. Congressman His trial comes up in New York: Fundraiser seeks mercy in NY terror case
11 Kingsbury, Damian  Australian academic at Deakin University and Eelamist fellow traveler influenced by Thillai Jeyakumar.
12 Kirupa  Kirupakaran, Kirubaharan  Eelamist and GTF activist based in France. Note that there is also a Kirupa who was in the LTTE NGO ‘Nectar’ which operated in the Eastern province. Kirubaharan is listed as the general secretary ofTamil center for human rights located in 95140 Garge les Gonesse, in France. Interview with Kiru, UK Tamil news.com
13 Kishor, S  Vaevnimava (Vavuniya) member of Parliament from the TNA, an LTTE-proxy party during Prabhakaran’s time.
14 Sam krishna Sam British Tamil Forum (BTF) spokesman
15 Krishnakumar,Sathasivam  Kittu  One time Deputy Leader of the LTTE. Krishnakumar was born on January 2, 1960, the second the son of the Sathasivam-Rajaluxmy couple of Valvetiturai (vaeli-vaetithara), the costal town where Prabhakaran grew up. His father had a small printing press, at Nelliady (nelliyadda), Karaveddy (Karavaedda).On 13 January 1993 an LTTE ship, M.V.Ahat was intercepted by the Indian Navy about 150-200 miles east of Hambantota in the south of Sri Lanka and about 400 miles south east of South India.The boat was carrying Sathasivam Krishnakumar, (i.e., Kittu), one time Deputy Leader of the LTTE (Kittu was one of its founding members), and several other members of the LTTE. The ship which was suspected to be carrying ammunition was then forced to travel towards the South Indian coast by Indian Navy frigates. Kittu and 9 others took their own lives and blew themselves up as they did not wish to reveal strategic information as well as their total contravention of the IPK agreement. He was the Tiger commander in Jaffna from 1984-1987. He was instrumental in setting up LTTE secretariates in London and Switzerland in 1991.


16 Krishnamoorthy, Meena  Krishnamoorthi, Meena  LTTE activist. Member of the TYO – the overseas arm of the LTTE set up by Castro in 2003. Meena Krishanmoorthy trained with other LTTE cadres in Vanni.

Deceived the ABC – portraying herself as a civilian.

17 Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah  Said to be an AK-Kanana gang member and Eelamist activist, Toronto Canada. A. K. Kannana (othiravi Sittampalam) is said to be his uncle. He caled himself“Alex” , a businessman claiming to have an MBA degree. after deportation from Canada in 2003 for violent crimes where, as a Kannan gang member, he had participated in drive-by shootings of with other Tamil gangs like the VVT group, named after Velvettithurei (Vaeli-vaeti thara), home town of the LTTE leader.-Deported Tamil man longs to return to Canada -CTV news, Sept 2010 Vancouver Sun report
18 Kularajasekeram, Chelliah Kulam  Tiger operative working in Switzerland. Arrested in 2011.
19 Thamlvany Kumar Interviewed on Channel 4 is an independent “unbiased” UK citizen is a member of the TYO trained by the LTTE. However, she was a British LTTE activist who went to the Vanni and worked for the Tigers. She was found by secuirity forces who released 300,000 IDPs held captive by the LTTE. Unlike the US which jailed and prosecuted even young Canadians (15 years old Canadian in Gunatanamo Bay), the Sri lankan government released Thamilvany Kumar. She returned to Britain and continued her LTTE battle now under the aegis of the British Tamil Forum.Ministry of Defense News Release says > “She is from the TAMIL YOUTH ORGANIZATION of the LTTE and was brought to Sri Lanka by Castro, former head of the LTTE foreign division based in the Wanni. She came from the UK as a volunteer to work with Castro. She spoke as a civilian on Channel 4, but she is nothing of the sort. She worked for the LTTE and was attached to the LTTE medical wing and employed amongst government doctors as an LTTE agent. This is confirmed by the doctors who served at that time in the Wanni. Her claim to have come to the Wanni in 2008 to be with her relations is …(untenable), as there was conflict at the time and no one without a suspicious ulterior motive would have left immediate family to come into such a situation. The doctor who appears in the channel 4 latest releases along with Thamilvany, exposed the LTTE lies in a subsequent interview. ”

Deceived John Snow and Channel 4 portraying herself as a civilian.

See: Youtube: Lies Agreed Upon documentary


20 Kumaran, Satheesan, Eelamist journalist based in Australia. He belongs to the hawks.
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