Terrorist Infiltration of the Human Rights NGOs

Yasmin Sooka’sInternational Truth and Justice Project’s (ITJP) Executive Director, Yasmin Sooka is bias. Sooka is biased towards the Tamil Diaspora sympathising with the International LTTE network. ITJP’s main ambition and aspiration is to breakup Sri Lanka and malign its war heroes who ended terrorism in 2009. It is indisputable that the LTTE terrorists held 300,00 innocent civilians as a human shield at the last stages of the internal conflict in Sri Lanka.

Despite several attempts to collect bias evidence only from terrorist fronts, members and supporters to implicate the military, there is overwhelming evidence that the security forces liberated the innocent civilians. After attempting to misguide the UNHRC failed, LTTE fronts and ITJP relentlessly campaign to tarnish the image and reputation of the security forces.

Sri Lanka armed forces has not violated any Geneva Convention in specific Convention four. It was a rescue operation only and for that enough evidence is available. This includes several publications, videos and other evidence including a book by the former LTTE women wing leader Thamilini. Sri Lanka is not a signature to ICC and no warrant has been issued by the ICC Court.

Former Dean and Professor, University of Technology Jamaica West Indies, Prathiba Mahanamahewa

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LTTE pledges one million dollars to Gary Anandasangaree

De facto LTTE leader in Canada Sathiyasangaree “Gary” Anandasangaree to receive Canadian Tamil Congress funds to campaign against Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the former President who ended terrorism in Sri Lanka.

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Ed Davey-boy, are you losing your marbles or what?

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Ambikai Satkunanathan; Terrorist Operator or Human Rights Activist?

By Maya Anthony

Ambikai Satkunanathan, a LTTE activist is masqueraded as a human rights lawyer. After her organization was dismantled, she played a covert role in trying to defame the security forces of Sri Lanka.

After LTTE was defeated in May 2009, Thivihan relocated to India. An LTTE leader in Germany Arabindan alias Irumporai flew into India and assisted Thivihan to reorganise the LTTE.

The LTTE cell led by Thivihan was assisted by Vijayakumar Ketheswaran, 19 from Kilinochchi. Hailing from a LTTE family, Ketheswaran’s father, a cooperative manager, transported equipment to LTTE airwing. After his uncle lost his foot accidentally to an LTTE mine served as an LTTE judge.

Vijayakumar Ketheswaran’s friend was Thatchayani, the daughter of Vinayagam of LTTE intelligence. From his house in Thiruvaiaru in Kilinochchi, he visited Vinayagam’s house in Kanahambihai Kulam in Kilinochchi. After the war ended Vinayagam traveled overseas and founded the LTTE headquarters group.

Ketheswaran was arrested in Kilinochchi in 2014.When released on bail, he also supported another terrorist attack in Odusuddan. After he was rearrested in 2018, the LTTE activist turned human rights activist Ambikai contacted Ketheswaran. Ambikai met Ketheswaran privately and asked him to find two girls in Civil Security Department (CSD). CSD employed former LTTE members. Determined to falsely accuse CSD, AmbIkai said to Ketheswaran, “You should get them to give a statement that CSD officers sexually harassed them.” As there were no such cases, Ketheswaran rejected her invitation.

Determined to help the LTTE revival, Ambikai Satkunanathan, is the chain that links most LTTE plots.
Dominic, a Tamil lawyer who had introduced Vijayakumar Ketheswaran to Ambikai Satkunanathan, also introduced him to TNPF, a separatist party led by Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam.
In 2018, Ketheswaran joined TNPF as a candidate of TNPF but lost the election.

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M.A Sumantharan

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Vijay Thanigasalam-LTTE Terrorists

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Tamil National Alliance actions deeply disappoints the western world: congratulates Taliban in the hope of a safe haven for renewed Terrorist training

M.A. Sumanthiran & R. Sambanthan
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