Davis was probed by FBI for LTTE links

Terror group funded Congressman’s trip to North in 2005:

Nine members of the US Congress have urged the US Secretary of State to focus on human rights in its diplomatic engagement with Sri Lanka and promote an international accountability process for the country.

Among the Congressmen is the Democratic member for Chicago, Illinois Danny K. Davis who was investigated by the FBI for his links with the LTTE in 2006. In a letter dated March 18, the Congress members called on the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to seek support from the voting members of the UN Human Rights Council for the passage of the Resolution against Sri Lanka.

The group has written that they were concerned by the government’s failure to honour commitment to truth seeking and reconciliation in the aftermath of the battle against terrorism which ended in 2009.

Welcome resolution

“We are grateful that the US has co-sponsored this Resolution,” they stated in the letter. The Resolution, co-sponsored by Britain and other countries were adopted with 22 member states of the Human Rights Council including the United States voting in favour, 11 against and 14 abstentions, on March 23 in Geneva.

The Congress members said the decision by the Sri Lankan government to withdraw from the Resolution 30/1 in March 2020 was a manifestation of poor political will for ‘domestic accountability’.

A senior diplomat commenting on the contents of the letter said it was unfortunate that the decision to withdraw from the HRC resolution by Sri Lanka government has been given wrong interpretations.

Questionable trip

Notwithstanding the progress shown by the Government and non-endorsement by majority of member states of the actions proposed in the Resolution, the group of Congress Members have opted to put pressure on the US government to call for external mechanisms of accountability.

The Chicago Tribune in 2005 reported that Democratic member Danny K. Davis and an aide visited LTTE held areas in the North (Kilinochchi) in 2005 and the trip was paid for by the LTTE, a group designated as a terrorist organisation by the US Government for its use of ‘suicide bombers and child soldiers’.

According to the paper, the congressman’s seven-day visit came under scrutiny, after the arrest of 11 men who raised funds for the LTTE. The charges against the men were participating in a broad conspiracy to aid the terrorist group through money laundering, arms procurement and bribery of US officials to get the LTTE off the US terror list.

Davis has denied the knowledge of LTTE paying for his trip to Sri Lanka and said the expenses were borne by a Tamil cultural organisation, the Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America in Hickory Hills, Illinois. During the paid trip he visited the LTTE political office and met police chief for the region appointed by the LTTE, P. Nadesan.

At the time the fighting between the separatists and the government forces had renewed after a round of another failed peace negotiations. The LTTE widely used the peace talks as a breather to regroup.

Denies knowledge

According to The Chicago Tribune, ‘Davis said he believed that the trip, from March 30 to April 5, 2005, was paid for by the Tamil Federation.’

More than US$ 7000 each for Davis and his aide, Daniel Cantrell were spent. The newspaper reported that he admitted he knew the group was associated with the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) but did not realise that the costs were covered with funds controlled by the LTTE.

The FBI investigation on the arrest of the 11 men revealed, the funds for the two persons who were taken to Sri Lanka on a paid trip were released at the ‘direction of a top guerilla leader’, the newspaper reported. He had admittedly had close interactions with at least one of the arrested men.

Govt gives reasons

When it announced the decision to withdraw from a ‘highly detrimental Resolution’ co-sponsored by the previous government, the Sri Lanka’s delegation informed the HRC that it was acting on an unprecedented people’s mandate received at the Presidential Election in November 2019 and re-affirmed at the parliamentary elections nine months later.

The Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena appearing before the Council in Geneva in March 2020, amidst a raging Covid-19 pandemic, said that the commitments in the 30/1 went beyond the Constitution of the country, hence were inconsistent with the country’s law and untenable.

The Government tabled before the Council the actions proposed and implemented from 2015 to March 2021 to fulfill obligations in investigating the alleged lapses during the final phase of the battle against terrorism as well as on other fronts including on reparation and reconciliation.

It rejected the findings in the report and argued that actions proposed based on a report full of erroneous conclusions by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is unfair and unethical.

Politics at UNHRC

While 11 member-States of the HRC voted against the Resolution on Sri Lanka, 14 countries including India and Japan abstained, recognising the progress Sri Lanka has made in meeting international obligations to protect human rights in the domestic front.

Japanese member of the delegation, speaking at the HRC vote said, ‘Japan takes note of the action by Sri Lanka such as the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry to investigate the past cases of human rights violations and the payment of reparations amounting to 142 million rupees during 2020.’

‘In order to achieve national reconciliation and improvement of human rights situation it is critical for Sri Lanka to implement its own initiatives,’ he emphasised.

India upholds state responsibility

The delegate representing India said, ‘India believes in the primary responsibility of the States for the promotion and protection of human rights and constructive international dialogue and cooperation.’

All members who voted against the country specific Resolution including China, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cuba and Philippines jointly echoed solutions to address HR challenges should take into account national context and circumstances and external accountability mechanisms are untenable and the action proposed in the ‘HRC Resolution’ are at complete variance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.

The member of the Chinese delegation stressed that the draft resolution ‘disregards the efforts and the achievements by the Sri Lanka government to promote and protect human rights,’ while adding it ignored the wishes of the Sri Lanka people and interferes in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs under the guise of Human Rights. China pointed out that this resolution will disrupt the current ‘excellent situation of Sri Lanka’s development and stability’.

LTTE fronts at play

It has been exposed that the LTTE fronts in the West are using constituency pressure to influence their governments to lobby the HRC, the global human rights body.

In the lead up to the March 2021 HRC resolution against Sri Lanka, British politicians came under pressure from LTTE fronts operating in the guise of community organisations, to initiate action against Sri Lanka.

These organisations that raise funds mainly through methods of extortion, provide both donations and votes to politicians, a concern Sri Lanka has raised many times.

An international observer who wished to remain unnamed said the United States Tamil Political Action Council, a similar LTTE front in the US, is copying the model of Global Tamil Forum (GTF) and British Tamil Forum (BTF) to lobby Parliament members. Some of the voting members of the UNHRC expressed concerns at the March 2021 sessions that the global rights body should be protected from external interference and it becoming a battleground for international politics.

Originally published by

by Manjula FernandoNews Features4 April, 2021


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Designating terrorists – how can you help?

Sri Lanka defeated a brutal terrorist movement in May 2009. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has reorganized itself overseas and mounting attacks to destabilize Sri Lanka. If you have any information on terrorist operators or supporters, please email us with their details for verification and validation.

If you also have information of any member or supporter of the LTTE masquerading as human rights activists, please inform with their details for verification and validation.

Amendment to the List of Designated Persons under Regulation 4(7) of the United Nations Regulations No. 1 of 2012

Contact: mayaanthony22@gmail.com

Source: Posted on March 29, 2021 by terroristinformation.wordpress.com

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UNHRC: Two Terrorist Supporters in Suits

The architects of the genocide canard: M. A. Sumanthiran TNA MP and Gary Anandasangaree, Chief of LTTE operations in Geneva

M.A.Sumanthiran, LTTE supporter and TNA politician worshipping Padithar, a notorious LTTE killer. https://www.tamilguardian.com/content/tna-mp-pays-tribute-ltte-s-captain-pandithar
Gary Anandasangaree, LTTE activist turned Canadian politician promoting the “genocide canard” to raise funds for the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.

Sri Lanka won a 30 year war against a ruthless enemy and united the country. Those defeated are masquerading as champions of human rights in western capitals, Tamil Nadu and in Geneva. The LTTE headquarters group in UK organised the P2P march culminating in worshipping suicide terrorists in Jaffna.

The finger prints of the LTTE and its political wing TNA is all over the UNHRC resolution. The architects are M. A. Sumanthiran TNA (LTTE political wing) and Gary Anandasangaree, Chief of LTTE operations in Geneva. To divert attention from LTTE war crimes, Sumanthiran and Anandasangaree have been propagating the “genocide canard”. Sumanthiran’s associate Ambika Satkunanathan is under investigation by the Terrorism Investigations Division for receiving funds from the LTTE headquarters group and a diplomatic mission in Colombo.

Those who suffered from terrorism in Sri Lanka know that human rights is not about human rights. A million civilians were killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya by the very countries that voted against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC on March 23, 2021. Politics and geopolitics determined the UNHRC vote.

The LTTE lobbied the British parliament using votes and donations. Greedy for power and funds, Europeans and Canadians turned a blind eye to the terrorist support activities.

From time to time, Sri Lanka was betrayed by those with personal and political interests. During the colonial era too we lost our country when Sri Lankans fought each other. The last time, when security was compromised by Mangala Samaraweera who delisted the LTTE fronts paving the way for cosponsorship and the resurgence of the LTTE. The Islamic State exploited the lax security environment and staged the massacre.

This should be a moment of unity for all Sri Lankans. Those who love their motherland know that it’s enemies will continue to use bogus human rights stories to weaken its security forces, the pride of Sri Lanka. This should be a moment where every Sri Lankan will stand behind its security forces that has united the Sri Lankan nation.

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UNHRC defending Prabhakaran, SL’s Hitler, and the LTTE, its Nazi party?

By: Raj Gonsalkorale

Sri Lanka appears to be heading back into a wolves’ den by calling on India to help defeat the motion before the UNHRC. India, the one country most responsible for the advent of Sri Lanka’s own Nazi party, the LTTE, and which again stood in the way of arresting LTTE Leader Prabhakaran in 1987, and calling an end to a mindless war that then went on for another 21 years, is now called upon to assist Sri Lanka. It is a black joke

Hitler rose to power through the Nazi Party, an organisation he forged after returning as a wounded veteran from the annihilating trench warfare of World War I. He and other patriotic Germans were outraged and humiliated by the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which the Allies compelled the new German Government, the Weimar Republic, to accept along with an obligation to pay $ 33 billion in war reparations. Germany also had to give up its prized overseas colonies and surrender valued parcels of home territory to France and Poland. The German Army was radically downsized and the nation forbidden to have submarines or an air force. “We shall squeeze the German lemon until the pips squeak!” explained one British official – The National World War 11 Museum, New Orleans.

Those who still hold the view that Hitler did the Germans a lot of good probably remember the above excerpt from the National World War 11 Museum, and not what is noted below by the same entity:

“Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany in 1933 following a series of electoral victories by the Nazi Party. He ruled absolutely until his death by suicide in April 1945. Upon achieving power, Hitler smashed the nation’s democratic institutions and transformed Germany into a war state intent on conquering Europe for the benefit of the so-called Aryan race. His invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, triggered the European phase of World War II. During the course of the war, Nazi military forces rounded up and executed 11 million victims they deemed inferior or undesirable—‘life unworthy of life’—among them Jews, Slavs, homosexuals, and Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

Government in the dock despite LTTE atrocities

Reading through many articles written on the heels of the UNHRC Core Group attempt to blackmail Sri Lanka, and that is a word used by most writers, the opinion held by most Sri Lankans appears to be that despite the viciousness and brutality of the LTTE, and the thousands they killed, ordinary people, not just Sri Lankan or Indian soldiers, and politicians both Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim, and two Heads of State, and the gruesome practices they employed like using animals as fodder for their land mine target prices, it is the Sri Lankan Government that is in the dock for defending its people from these vicious monsters masquerading as freedom fighters.

No self-respecting and decent Tamil could condone the atrocities committed by the LTTE in their name, as they were not even remotely acceptable as what genuine freedom fighters would engage in. It is unlikely that most Tamils condone the activities of the LTTE, but perhaps are silent on them due to pressure exerted on them by the power groups within the diaspora, encouraged, supported and funded by some countries, and their agents in Sri Lanka. This enforced silence has contributed in a large measure to the inability of all communities to be more trusting of each other, and to engage in confidence building activities.

But SL governments cannot be excused

In saying this, Sri Lankan governments, past and present, religious leaders, civil society leaders, and the people at large, cannot be excused for not giving the empathy and the action that was needed when governments failed the Tamils, and in some instances, Muslims.  

The worst mass-scale pogrom conducted against the Tamil people in 1983, planned and executed by sections of the then Government, was never investigated fully, and no one was brought to justice for that abhorrent crime against the Tamil people.

It took 21 years for a Sri Lankan Government, and finally, the one led by President Chandrika Kumaratunga to extend a long overdue apology in 2004 to the Tamil people and others who suffered on account of this horror that has blackened the name of the so called Buddhist nation.  It is sickening that it took that long when it should have been done in 1983 itself. To date, no enquiry has been held and no one held accountable for this gruesome event, although many were and are aware that the planning and execution of that event was led by a senior minister in the then government who was very close to the then President himself.

Sri Lanka and its leaders failed the Tamil people

So, while it is a civic duty on the part of all Sri Lankans to defend itself against the planned UNHRC action as it is not based on facts, and it is based on innuendo and hearsay, and as it is being orchestrated to punish Sri Lanka for its friendship with China, Sri Lankans cannot overlook that its leaders and its people failed the Tamil people in 1983.

This goes for the enquiries launched after the war against the LTTE, the reports submitted and action begun in some cases, and nothing done in other cases. The LLRC report, its action plan begun during the Mahinda Rajapaksa Presidency, then aborted by the Sirisena/Wickremesinghe Government in 2015, the Paranagama report on Missing Persons, and its recommendations, again thwarted by Sirisena and Wickremesinghe, does not give confidence to the Tamil people that Sri Lankan governments are serious about addressing the trials and tribulations faced by them.

Those of us who are defending Sri Lanka’s right to defend itself against the bogus, self-serving interests of the Core Group and its sponsor, the US, cannot and should not pretend that the country has addressed the depravations heaped on the Tamil people by governments elected by the people to safeguard all people, not a section of them.

Condemning the LTTE is one thing, but not condemning Sri Lankan governments and its leaders for their inactivity is not another thing. It is the same side of the coin, not the other side of the coin.

UNHRC hell bent on punishing Sri Lanka

The Core Group of the UNHRC, directed by the US and UK, and aided and abetted by pseudo human rights champions like the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet “who has no clue of what happened in Sri Lanka and is relying on questionable ‘hearsay’ evidence” as a senior lawyer stated in an article published in the LankaWeb, are hell bent on punishing Sri Lanka for its independence and defence of its sovereignty.

The duplicity of these countries is clearly exposed when someone who was integral to the LTTE and its monstrous activity, and who led thousands of innocent Tamil children to slaughter, Adele Balasingham, roams free in the UK, protected by the UK. No charges have been laid against her by them. One wonders how Adele Balasingham sleeps in the night with such gruesome memories. 

A person of eminence like Lord Naseby is not given even a scant hearing by the British Government as he has chosen to see both sides of this issue and chosen to defend Sri Lanka’s right to defend itself against vile terrorism, and against highly inaccurate and exaggerated reports authored by people who had not even set foot in Sri Lanka.

Making matter worse by turning to India

To make matters worse, Sri Lanka also appears to be heading back into a wolves’ den by calling on India to help defeat the motion before the UNHRC. India, the one country most responsible for the advent of Sri Lanka’s own Nazi party, the LTTE, and which again stood in the way of arresting LTTE Leader Prabhakaran in 1987, and calling an end to a mindless war that then went on for another 21 years, is now called upon to assist Sri Lanka. It is a black joke.

It is India which violated Sri Lanka’s sovereignty by dropping food parcels without any contact or reference or sanction from Sri Lanka in 1987.

As mentioned in Wikipedia, Steven R. Weisma, New York Times, in a report titled India airlifts aid to Tamil rebels stated that “on 5 June 1987, the Indian Air Force airdropped food parcels to Jaffna while it was under siege by Sri Lankan forces. At a time when the Sri Lankan Government stated that it was close to defeating the LTTE, India dropped 25 tons of food and medicine by parachute into areas held by the LTTE in a direct move of support toward the rebels. Further, the Sri Lanka Government accused that not only food and medicine but weapons were also supplied to the LTTE.”

Amateur foreign affairs officials and even a government that freed the country from this Nazi party and which should have learnt some lessons from the dark past, seems to be living in a cuckoo land if they seriously think India will provide support without extracting a huge price.

Sri Lanka’s future is with other countries and alliances

Sri Lanka’s future is with other countries and other alliances. It is not with the US, UK, and India. Their duplicity is surpassed only by their arrogance. Sri Lanka is vulnerable to these countries because of its geographical position. For this very reason, it should sign a defence pact with China, its friend, so that if ever threatened by this duplicitous trio, China will come to Sri Lanka’s aid. The time for pussyfooting is over, and talking nonsense like “we must be neutral” is over. No country is “neutral” in any sense of the word. 

The price these three countries will extract for Sri Lanka’s “neutrality” will defeat the whole idea of neutrality. Sri Lanka will be beholden to them forever. Sri Lanka can be more neutral in reality by working with non-aligned countries and other friendly nations.

The US tried its best to intrude in Sri Lanka’s sovereignty through the MCC, ACSA and SOFA. Some are of the opinion that these are still very much alive and their objectives are being achieved by other means and with intrusive projects with other acronyms. It is an open secret that India is very much part of this trio and are doing their bidding surreptitiously and with cunningness that India is noted for. Despite the risks, it is time to end this game of poker and call their bluff.

Originally published on: http://www.ft.lk/columns/UNHRC-defending-Prabhakaran–SL-s-Hitler–and-the-LTTE–its-Nazi-party-/4-714602

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How a terrorist group infiltrated the British Parliament

The world’s top human rights body United Nations Human Rights council (UNHRC) is facing an unprecedented challenge. Its 46th session was infiltrated and influenced by a notorious terrorist entity; the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The UNHRC being the largest global platform discussing matters related to human rights; has been hijacked by the LTTE to plant fabricated claims against Sri Lanka. After militarily defeating the ruthless threat group in May 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) is safeguarding the sovereign rights of the country against international terrorist campaigns.

The LTTE exercised constituency pressure on the British House of Commons; Tiger fingerprints marked the debate on the actions against Sri Lanka. The debating effort was spearheaded by Siobhain McDonagh MP of Mitcham and Morden, with the participation of less than 10 members of the house physical present, including the deputy speaker of the house. This effort called a debate was focused around emphasizing the need to refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Courts (ICC). A secondary suggestion by the MP emphasized the need bring an International Independent Investigative Mechanism (IIIM) to Sri Lanka. She focused on Mullivaikal, where the LTTE human shield was breached and civilians were rescued by the military. Accusations are made by the LTTE international network of human rights violations, and the demolition of the LTTE headquarters group funded Mullivaikal memorial in the University of Jaffna. And ludicrously enough, her excuses to justify ethnic oppression were based on GOSL’s decision to cremate the bodies of Covid-19 victims and the present government having 9 members form the same family; controlling 7 cabinet posts. Another mention by the MP was the pardoning of soldiers accused on alleged crimes during the period of the war. The MP also suggested the need for UK to impose sanctions on Sri Lanka while emphasizing why the UK should be leading forth in the passing of a UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka. The debate served ground for contradictory and supportive statements from the members of the house.

(Siobhain McDonagh MP, spearheading the LTTE agenda at the debate)

An interesting question to why this debate was tabled by a host of MPs when the house was not even fully convened?  MP McDonagh in her speech provides several hints and clues in essence to provide insight. Primarily, the incidents she speaks in length are identical to the claims of the British Tamil Forum (BTF), Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF); who have worked hand in hand with the terrorists. Secondly, the suggestive measures presented by MP McDonagh replicates an eerie resemblance to the demands made by LTTE front woman Ambihai Selvakumar. Ambihai was also seen making identical demands to the international commune by attempting a 16 day bogus hunger fast in Harrow, south London. Finally, the content in the script from which the MP reads her address to the house; suggesting that it was the work of a local abettor of the LTTE, hailing from the highest echelons of the country.

(Ambihai Seevaratnam alias Ambihai Selvakumar on a fake hunger strike She’s wearing the lapel of the LTTE front organization TGTE. The backdrop photo is Thileepan, terrorist leader against the Indian Peacekeeping Force)

For Tamil ballots, Tamil separatist politicians of the TNA and LTTE funds, back MP McDonagh.  The MP’s speech at the house resonated the speech of a prominent Tamil politico from the north who had made similar comments at a webinar organized by the Universal Human Rights Council (UHCR). This figure is none other than LTTE’s beloved Tamil kitten Mathiaparanan Abraham Sumanthiran; who is not only a member of the Parliament, but a member of the judicial in Sri Lanka. Sumanthiran was many times called a traitor to the Tamil community for his actions on the behalf of the LTTE; which in turn had directed massive pressure on the Sri Lankan Tamil community.

(Sumanthiran visiting the family of a terrorist, Sinnathurai Raveenthiran alias Pandithar)

Sumanthiran is a well-known ideologue in Sri Lanka for using his political and legal powers to advocate the LTTE in the process to recapture the dream of an independent Eelam. He is well known for advocating the LTTE on means to achieve the foresaid through diplomatic pressure. His pressing tone in the matters related to war crimes, Eelam and the Diaspora is very much contradictory when it comes to the welfare of the Sri Lankan Tamil community. Sumanthiran who was is a member of the parliament, was silently abetting the efforts of the LTTE international through number of web conferences and meetings; especially alongside the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) member Gary Anandasangaree. Anandasangaree, a long term supporter of the LTTE, is currently functioning as the head of its global human rights movement. Both Sumanthiran and Anandasangaree are the creators of the genocide canard and resolutions against Sri Lanka. They never came to terms that the terrorist movement lost and using human rights to hit back; exploring their way of seeking revenge from a Sri Lanka trying to rebuild the nation. He had been working parallel with Sumanthiran to bringing forth a UNHRC resolutions against Sri Lanka. The CTC, BTF and the GTF along with the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) were spearheading an effort to draft an effective resolution against Sri Lanka, under charges on crimes against humanity and unethical practices of war. Their efforts had been halted by the lack of support by the international community; even though the LTTE have been heavily financing and pocketing political figures throughout the world. And now they have pocketed a prominent member from the Sri Lankan Parliament whose sentiments have always been in par with the LTTE.  

(Canadian MP Gary Anandasangaree addressing an LTTE Diaspora gathering at Ottawa. A banner of the LTTE led political body TGTE can be seen in the background behind Anandasangaree.)

Anandasangaree and Sumanthiran have developed a worldwide media platform to employ prominent political and influential figures to broadcast their own agendas with reviving the LTTE. There has been a number of webinars, panel discussions and dialogues to bring forth Resolutions, referrals and investigative mechanisms against Sri Lanka. Ironically, majority of these suggestions have been emerging through LTTE core groups and activists right before they have been tabled at general forums of global recognition. It is noteworthy that these money minded Politicos are only craving for their personal gains but not the wellbeing of a nation. Thereby, the GOSL must realize that there are ‘wolves in sheep skins’ among them and stern actions must be taken to prevent their interferences with the ongoing process of developing national unity. The time of Sri Lanka to be clear of all false accusations are at its brink. It is high time to expose the real perpetrators behind the efforts of the LTTE; globally and domestically.

(Sumanthiran pays his respect to a terrorist, Sinnathurai Raveenthiran alias Pandithar)

By Maya Anthony

(Maya Anthony is an independent Human Rights activist from London.)

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An illusory truth; what the LTTE never told

Few Crimes committed by LTTE Terrorists…

A tale that has been told by generations over and over, finally becomes a legend of the past. But have you ever questioned that particular tale, legend, lore or even myth for its truth; even though it dares you not to? Until the plot reveals itself, a story is never fully told. This is an untold story about beautiful Sri Lanka; a narrative swept under the rug by the voice of the ruthless LTTE.

The global commune is wide-eyed for the 46th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council convened in the latter of February. Of which Sri Lanka is mounted with massive pressure upon violations of human rights during the period of the civil war. The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) engaged the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) through 30 years of conflict that incurred massive losses to both parties. Lives were lost, property and infrastructure destroyed, people were left astray, families torn apart; the whole nation was ravaged by the bloodlust of the LTTE separatists who fought for a sanctuary of their own. Little did they cared for their own people, even Tamils were targeted under false cause or not showing lenience. The liberation which the Tamils looked through the LTTE became the very noose that strangled them for their own survival.

Although the LTTE suffered military defeat in May 2009, their international terrorist network was still at large. A vast majority of the Tamil people displaced during the war fled to western countries of the world, seeking asylum from the brutalities which they underwent and suffered throughout the period of the war. Amongst those who fled the country were innocent civilians whom had actually suffered with the war and pro-LTTE comrades moving out of the country; who powered the international political and procurement wings for the terrorist organization. Their task in seeking asylum was to keep on the funding and propaganda campaigns alive for the LTTE, so the Tamil tigers could keep on engaging the GOSL. Once the LTTE faced martial defeat at the hands of the GOSL military; concluding the reign of terror and chaos, vanquishing all hope to an elusive Elam strived by the internationally active LTTE  community.

Thereafter, the LTTE international network has strategically improvised to a more diplomatic approach in reaching their goal to resurrect Elam through directing constituency and structured diplomatic pressure towards the GOSL through international forums and conventions. The most recent of which is the foresaid 46th UNHRC sessions; bringing forth the LTTE voice through the form of Human rights. With a majority of nations standing with the resolutions against Sri Lanka are generally known lobbies with large formations of the LTTE’s international community; the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada leading from the front. These nations have been previously recognized to have hosted larger concentrations of political refugees and asylum seekers from Sri Lanka; majority of them being displaced Tamils from the north. Thereby it is prudent to draw factual conclusion to that they have deliberately let the globally proscribed LTTE to set up a massive foothold in their respective country; unfortunately having to admit ‘that they were simply aware of it’.    

The LTTE international network plays their political game with strategy. The most recent of cases being portrayed by the UK where domestic political parties and prominent figures outlandishly commenting  on the violations of human rights in Sri Lanka; which begs the question, “where they were when Sri Lanka as a whole, suffered human rights violations at the hands of the LTTE?”. It is rumored in the international communities that western politicians have been pocketed in by the said LTTE international lodging behind diaspora communities, merely on the basis of money and votes. Driving deeper into fact based analysis brings the cognitive conclusion that they have infiltrated world politics using their massive financial capabilities and the vast voting capacities.

Multiple incidents indicated that the Tamil tiger international network had complied over and over, working alongside the agendas of the LTTE win their political and propaganda work. Several organizations were seen, emerging with radical ideologies and separatist perspectives that resonates the views of the LTTE. Few of the notable pro-LTTE movements including the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), Australian Tamil Federation (ATF), British Tamil Forum (BTF) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) have displayed resonance in this regard with creating ideologues, significantly raising voice over political proceedings of the GOSL. Incidentally, the very organizations that claims to be the voice of the ‘undermined Tamils of the North’ have been found to have fed the LTTE during the final phase of the war. It is best derived when we consider that the once prominent actor from the BTF Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar alias ‘Shanthan’ was prosecuted by the Kingston crown court in the UK for ‘procuring equipment for a group with obvious terrorist purpose’. Shanthan with three other individuals were prosecuted in 2009 for gathering electronics and other materials, among which specifically included guides to underwater warfare systems and explosive ordinance disposal; which according to Shanthan, were to be sent to ‘Tamil civilians living in the north’. This begs the question, were the Civilians Shanthan referred to are actually the LTTE in a civilian guise and whether the BTF is the international front for the LTTE?. One major news service explicitly quoted with reference to the British Tamil Association which is under the purview of the BTF’s operational umbrella as,

 “The allegation is that Shanthan provided the money for the purchases and some of the orders were delivered to the office of the British Tamil Association which a prosecution lawyer said was a Tamil Tiger front organization headed by Shanthan.” 

 ‘It’s not rocket science’ to figure that all movements inclusive of the BTF and alike are nothing but the faces of the LTTE, carrying their separatist voice through the international community. Following are some incidents indicating political infiltrations of the LTTE’s international terrorist network;

  • 2008 – Apr 22: London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, addresses meeting co-organized by British Tamil Forum, an LTTE front though warned at highest diplomatic levels about terror links. At a BTF meeting held at Excel Center, Docklands on 27 Nov 2007 a video message from LTTE leader Prabakaran was played where he praises suicide bombing.
  • 2008 – Jan 22: a 2008 Calendar depicting LTTE logo and map of separate state of ‘Tamil Eelam’ sold outside Hindu temples in London on Jan 1st at the rate of five pounds and 10 pounds each.
  • 2008 – Jan 16: British Tamil Forum calls for boycott of Sri Lankan Airlines to deny estimated earnings of £12 million every year from British Tamils travelling to Sri Lanka – head of BTF Ivan Pedropillai also urged British tourists not to travel to Sri Lanka.
  • 2008 – Jul 16: British Tamil Forum organizes photo exhibition in British Parliament attended by UK MPs, Members of House of Lords, former cabinet ministers, mayors, international and UK organizations, even 3 MPs of TNA Ms Padmini Sithamparanathan MP, Jayananthamoorthi MP and Gagendran MP.
  • 2007 – Aug 28: LTTE cadres receiving ‘police’ training in UK after 2002 ceasefire agreement probed after arrest of LTTE suspect Kalimuttu Vinodkumar who informed that he was one of 12 LTTE cadres sent for a 3month training to Northern Ireland after CFA was signed and conducted by foreign instructors with help of Tamil translators.

Lessons of the past are not to be undermined. As the idiom says “The leopard never changes its spots”.

It is also significant to recognize prominent Tamil ideologues who have contributed to the introduction of separatist Tamil ideologies into the academic and socio-cultural strata. Throughout the past, we have seen a number of conferences addressing specifics revolving the fictitious accusations of genocide fabricated by the LTTE’s global political wing. Shared commonly among the majority of the as an idea of ‘a separate Tamil Elam’ or of ‘Elam Tamils’; which are nonetheless were the bases the LTTE was built upon. Recent voicing of these claims have taken a forceful note taking aim at the ongoing 46th session of the UNHRC. Looking at key figures involved, comes Dr Guruparan Kumarvadivel and Dr. Madhurika Rasaratnam. Dr. Guruparan, one of the most accredited academics in the University of Jaffna is known for his academic excellence and challenging tone. Guruparan’s ideology is that the government should allow the North to run with separate governance based on cultural ethos; blindly undermining national unity solely based on his narrow views on ‘justice for Tamils’. According to ground sources from the University of Jaffna (UOJ), Guruparan has been one of the key figures involved behind the activist-student political movements protesting against the demolition of the Mullivaikal memorial at the UOJ. While exploring further into Guruparan’s illustrious resume, it was noticed that he had been a totally different candidate while pursuing his bachelors at the University of Colombo and he was nor a bearer of revolutionary ideologies during the time. It is rumored that he had been one of the academics recruited by the international factions of the LTTE to seed ethno-separatist ideologies among university students in the form of a justice call for Tamils. Much like the initial beginnings of the LTTE; harvesting separatism among the exuberant youth is still carried out by the foresaid though the initiations of his very own Adayaalam Center for Policy Research and the Tamil Civil Society Forum (TCSF); sparking sentimental rage and unrest of the Tamil people upon a unified Sri Lanka. It is really embarrassing to see coveted academics like Dr. Guruparan, whom have benefited extensively by the system of free education of Sri Lanka turning out, being hate-breeders under the contracts of the LTTE global network.

Dr. Madhurika Rasaratnam, another Tamil ideologue who carries ideological resonance to Elam-separatism. Dr. Raaratnam is seen broadly over media claiming the Tamil identity must be recognized in Sri Lanka. Dr. Rasaratnam’s voice is much appraised by the LTTE’s global community as she is frequently seen dispersing the idea of a ‘native Tamil land in Sri Lanka’ and India’s connections to the genesis of Elam Tamils. As a leading academic and an excellent orator, Madhurika Rasaratnam has gained reputation amongst the international Tamil community as an ideologue in glorifying Tamil Elam’s separatist movement in the North. Her writings and speeches are oriented around Justifications of what the LTTE did in the form of a nationalist struggle. Coincidentally, Dr. Rasaratnam’s narrow mono- ethnic ideology had been very much resonant with the GTF and the BTF; raising the question, ‘is Madhurika Rasaratnam a pawn of the GTF or the BTF?’.  Intellectuals at the capacities of both foresaid individuals have been seen taking part in strategically structured propaganda; lecturing right beforehand and throughout the UNHRC sessions to ensure their views receive optimum outreach with the global communities.

The UNHRC as the foremost body on Human rights, now stands steadily at a decisive point with a multitude of nations having sided with Sri Lanka, commending their efforts of reconciliation and peace building in the country. To address the accusations of the GOSL being discriminative to religious or ethnic minorities; the nation has willingly extended an open door policy to all stakeholders from the international community to witness cohesive development and communal integrity of the nations. Out of clarity that the UNHRC is in fact being infiltrated by opportunistic pro-LTTE politicos; the island nation must persevere with the truth, without allowing the LTTE international to neither infiltrate nor to diplomatically hijack the UNHRC agenda to their favor. And it is paramount that we ensure the 46th session of the UNHRC remains to be a human rights forum; but not a forum of the LTTE.           

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Child Soldier: Cyanide Capsule to Gold Chain

Panel Discussion on “Sri Lanka’s Children as Instruments of War”

Full discussion: https://youtu.be/Emtd7dWtFeg

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By The Pepper Spray Club

Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, leader of the All Ceylon Tamil Congress, wants to commemorate Thileepan. He brought this up and it caused a bit of a stir in Parliament. On September 26th a posted signed ‘LTTE’ was put up at the Iranamadu junction, Kilinochchi, calling state and private institutions to shut shop in a ‘hartal’ protesting the refusal to grant permission for a ‘Thileepan Commemoration.’

On the same day several representatives of Tamil political parties staged a satyagraha in the precincts of a kovil in Chavakachcheri domain the right to commemorate the dead.

First let’s talk ‘commemoration.’ Legit. Someone dies, friends and family lament. The aggrieved had a right to grieve. That’s basic. That’s civilized. Indeed, one doesn’t have to have been a relative or a friend to remember someone who has passed, to grieve over passing etc. No one should require anyone’s permission to feel, to love, to weep, to miss, to be anxious or distraught.

Right. Now let’s get to Thileepan. Real name: Rasaiah Parthipan. Born in 1963, Parthipan took on the nom de guerre ‘Thileepan’ after he joined the LTTE. He was shot in the stomach during the Vadamarachchi Operation in May 1987. He was going to die, some claim. Anyway, Thileepan undertook a ‘fast unto death’ in September the same year. This was after India stepped in to to bail out a beleaguered Prabakan and his gang of thugs via the Indo-Lanka Accord. Thileepan died on the 15th of September 1987.

Thileepan was a terrorist. Well, if you don’t want to use that word, let’s say he was ‘a political animal.’ He was a member of an armed group (decent enough, that term?). He caught a bullet. He decided to go on a hunger strike. That was a political decision. He died. His choices, his fast, his death and its commemoration are all POLITICAL. And those who choose that label cannot complain if the response is also political.

One can and should be humane and civilized to affirm the right to grieve the dead, regardless of the track record of the dead. At the same time it is ridiculous to expect one and all to retire ‘the political’ in the process, especially if you are leaving a HEFTY part of the story!

Take away Thileepan’s life story, his involvement with the LTTE, the fact that he was trained to kill, the fact that the LTTE was the world’s most rabid terrorist organization and you would find yourself in silly-season. 

Source: gammiris.lk

Republishing: https://srilankabriefly.org/rip-rasaiah-parthipan-alias-thileepan-of-the-ltte/

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By Rudrakumaran Parthipan

Those who champion the need for accountability blush when it comes to LTTE and the question of Tamil children abducted and turned into child soldiers and their years and lives stolen from them. Whatever reason the LTTE may have had to take up arms, why did they kidnap children and turn them into killers? It’s now over 10 years since the LTTE was defeated militarily. Given that the political wings of the LTTE remain very much alive, why are they not asked to account for the fate of these children. Why is no one counting the Tamil children killed by LTTE?

Were LTTE’s child soldiers, TAMIL CHILDREN?

Were these Tamil children taken by force – only in North and East of Sri Lanka?

Who knows how many children LTTE abducted since the 1980s? How many are alive today?

Who knows how many of these children survived the LTTE’s gruesome training or how many children were shot dead trying to flee the LTTE’s training camps/ Who are these dead children? Where are their parents? Why don’t they annually mourn the dead children and remind the pro-LTTE sections of Sri Lankan expatriates of what happened to them?

Why did the UN not do anything about stopping LTTE child soldier recruitment other than writing reports? Most NGOs were operating in the North and these foreign staff were located in offices next to LTTE offices. They were witnesses to child soldier recruitment. Why didn’t they talk about this gruesome phenomenon?

We are talking about children as young as  seven years, kidnapped from their parents, scared, lonely and denied the love of family and home and given a gun to kill.

Mind you, photos of Prabakaran’s son show him playing with toys and swimming with daddy Prabakaran, while children the same age as his son had only a gun for a toy. Was this the Eelam that Tamils were being promised?

These children could have become Accountants, Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, they could have gone far if they did not have their youth stolen. Their parents must be with a heavy heart remembering how their children was stolen and turned into killers. Some Tamil homes had multiple children taken from them. How must they be feeling today? LTTErs commit suicide and then they celebrate these suicides as acts of heroism but what about the Tamil children who faced death just because they were sent to the frontlines of battle?

This needs to be repeated again and again:
The LTTE stole the youth of thousands of Tamil children. Why aren’t LTTE held accountable for this tragedy?
Rather than always finding faults with others, Tamils must ask the pro-LTTE operatives outside and within Sri Lanka to account for the many Tamil children whose youth was stolen by LTTE. 

These Tamil child soldiers had their parents’ love stolen from them
These Tamil child soldiers had their education stolen from them
These Tamil child soldiers had their teenage years stolen from them
These Tamil child soldiers could not enjoy life as a child
These unfortunate Tamil child soldiers had the entire gamut of children’s rights stolen

Isn’t it time that those who bat for the LTTE and defend that terrorist organization are held accountable for these the crimes of approval, collusion and silence?

This International Children’s Day we dedicate to all of these innocent Tamil Children whom LTTE kidnapped from their parents and turned into Child Soldier Killers.

International Children’s Day must not forget the suffering these Tamil children had to endure not only trained to kill but even trained to commit suicide by biting a cyanide capsule. Adele Balasingham who trained these Tamil children from 1970s to 1990s is happily living in the UK. Why do the human rights champions not charge her for her crime of robbing the innocence of children by training them to kill and teaching them to commit suicide too?

These are not hard questions to answer and yet we don’t hear one murmur from those who talk loudly about human rights violations. This tells a lot about their integrity and of course their collusion with terrorists and terrorism.

Republishing : https://srilankabriefly.org/international-childrens-day-and-the-ltte-loved-children-to-death/

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Fr. Emmanuel Must Be Forgiven For His Sins by Cardinal Ranjith

By Dr. Nilanga Samarasinghe

Father Sleemanpillai Joseph Emmanuel is back in Sri Lanka and appealing to the immigration for leave to remain. He wants to die in Sri Lanka, a country that he spent the last three decades demonising. In spite of his record of supporting the LTTE and glorifying violence by Velupillai Prabhakaran, the generous people of Sri Lanka have decided to accommodate his plea. 

The foundational culture of Sri Lanka has been compassion, mercy, and forgiveness. Buddhist thinking permeated moderating all other traditions permitting an environment for those with diverse views to coexist. It has been abused from time to time by Velupillai Prabhakaran who was influenced by the Tamil Nadu separatism and Zaharan Hashim by Wahhabi ideology of attacking other faiths. 

Father Emmanuel created the Global Tamil Forum, the premier LTTE international organisation to project Sri Lanka as a human rights violator and white wash the LTTE. To promote the LTTE message in Geneva, Father Emmanuel worked with Gary Anandasangari of the Canadian Tamil Congress that came up with the idea that there was ‘genocide’ in Sri Lanka. Gary Anandasangari was in contact with LTTE chief procurement and shipping officer Kumaran Pathmanathan and planned to visit him in Malaysia. After KP was arrested and deported to Sri Lanka, Father Emmanuel assumed LTTE global leadership and worked the British Tamil Front, Canadian Tamil Congress, and the Australian Tamil Congress, and other LTTE fronts. Father Emmanuel (87 years), spent the latter part of his life in Europe.

Meanwhile, efforts are being made to mobilise the Tamil Diaspora around the world for a relentless struggle to revive the Tamil racist autonomy struggle in the North, which had a tragic death, and to keep their interest alive. Fr. Emmanuel is trying to use the connections he has made through the Catholic Church for this.

The purpose of this article is to discuss the future of the struggle for the establishment of an independent state for the world Tamil Diaspora (not only Sri Lankan Tamils) in the North of Sri Lanka by the Priest, Fr. Emmanuel, of the Global Tamil Forum and how we as Sri Lankans could identify and defeat its strategy.

Emmanuel, born in Jaffna in 1934, is a graduate of the University of Colombo, (then University of Ceylon) with a degree in Mathematics and Physics. He holds a Ph.D. in Theological Philosophy from a private theological university in the Vatican.

Also, young Emmanuel worked briefly as a maths teacher and a freelance journalist, and later became a priest who now spends his entire life teaching and propagating Catholicism.

He fled to the Vanni jungle with the people of Jaffna in 1995 in the wake of the Jayasikuru Operation launched by the Sri Lankan Forces to liberate the Jaffna Peninsula from the LTTE terrorists and later sought refuge in Germany.


During his entire career as a pastor in Jaffna, he became a supporter of the LTTE, differing only from a LTTE terrorist by hanging a cross around his neck instead of a cyanide capsule and holding a Bible instead of a T-56 weapon.

From the day he set foot in Germany, his dominant and sole task was to build the International Tamil Diaspora and to raise funds to facilitate the killing fields of Tamil terrorists in North and East of Sri Lanka. He was devastated and helpless by the decisive defeat of Tamil terrorism in 2009.

The money collecting project was hampered by the inability to provide a valid reason for further fundraising across Europe from Europeans as well as the Tamil Diaspora.

The meagre allowance he received as a priest and a refugee was not enough for him and his family to live a more luxurious life hereafter.

Emmanuel’s promise of establishing the ‘Eelam State’ today if not tomorrow had led many Tamils to borrow thousands of Euros from banks and their workplaces and send them to the LTTE to procure weapons for the Eelam war.

However, after the defeat of the LTTE, it was confirmed that the money would not be refunded by any of the existing LTTE, some Tamils committed suicide and are even homeless due to bankruptcy.

Upset by these incidents, Priest Emmanuel insists that the Sri Lankan Army should be labelled as a ‘Sinhalese Force’ that carried out a Tamil genocide. Now his accusations have been converted to hatred.

He was so blinded by racism that he could not comprehend that this inhuman racist outburst outside Sri Lanka would do more harm to his own ethnic Tamil people, who have become more and more helpless as a result of the 30-year War and the post-war frustration.

Pardoning and forgetting the ‘mistakes’ or ‘wrongdoings’ as done by the Priest Desmond Tutu of South Africa and moving towards for lasting peace, he is somehow managing to further separate Sinhala and Tamil communities. Emmanuel tried his best to do everything he could from Europe. He is working to rekindle a racial war against all the doctrines of Christianity that he preaches.

I suggest Father Emanuel should learn the teachings of Lord Jesus from Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo, again. It would be nice if he could follow the way the Archbishop behaved during the Easter attack after Muslim extremists bombed two Catholic churches and one Christian church (Zion), in order to bring peace to those lives and their souls to rest in peace in the hands of God. Cardinal Ranjith did not spread hatred against Muslims, but extend an olive leaf of peace.

The Cardinal managed to stop all kinds of destruction around the nation. Therefore, with the blessing of the risen Jesus, he stopped the recurrence of the 1983 ethnic conflict throughout Sri Lanka.

We believe that if Cardinal Ranjith had asked for a tooth for tooth or flesh for flesh by igniting the flames of hatred, like Fr. Emmanuel, Sri Lanka today would be a hell of a place in the face of this Corona epidemic and the global economic crisis. 

Word of Jesus 

Recalling the Word of Jesus and behaving accordingly, which were forgotten by Fr. Emmanuel after the decisive defeat of the LTTE terrorists in 2009, will be the greatest service that can be rendered to his race, his nation (Sri Lanka) and his religion, if he could fulfil his national role in the latter part of his life at least.

He is not too late yet. All that is needed is the Appearance of God to him once. If that day happens in the near future, under his leadership, the light of the Dhamma lamp, lit by the World Tamil Forum from Europe, would reach the northern part of Sri Lanka. The Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu clergy in the South too should follow the example set by Cardinal Ranjith.

We must understand that hatred does not quell hatred and that Tamil racism cannot be extinguished by the flames of Sinhala racism.

As we call on other ethnic groups to say, “Don’t be a racist,” we too, must be determined not to be racist, but to bring peace and equality among ethnic groups stand as one Sri Lankan nation.

The greatest support you can give today to the will of the vast majority of the people of the country is given to the Government led by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to elevate Sri Lanka to a developed nation is, maintaining peace and equality among ethnic groups and providing the economic and social peace necessary for development.

For supporting terrorism, Father Emmanuel was designated as a terrorist personality together with his protégé Suren Surendiran under the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373. 

According to Lt. Colonel Shammi Arjuna Kumara who ran a testimony before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry on 26 August 2020, both the GTF (Global Tamil Forum) leader Father Emmanuel and the BTF (British Tamil Forum) leader Suren Surendiran were blacklisted individuals upon information received by Intelligence sources. 

Colonel Shammi said, the then Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera had ordered him to remove the names of Father Emmanuel and Suren Surendiran, who were members of the LTTE, stating that they were ‘close associates’.

Samaraweera also stated, “This is not the Rajapaksa regime and therefore, I should not work according to the needs of Gotabaya Rajapaksa,” he added.

Sri Lanka suffered an Easter Sunday attacks because national security was compromised. 

Sri Lanka should keep a sharp eye on Father Emmanuel and his network both in Sri Lanka and abroad as they pose a threat to Sri Lanka’s social harmony, political stability, and economic prosperity. 

Granting Father Emmanuel’s last wish to live his last years in Sri Lanka is in concert with Sri Lanka’s long-established tradition of compassion. However, it is paramount to ensure that he does not abuse the hospitality of Sri Lanka once more.

And it should be emphasised that any association of Father Emmanuel with the arising Tamil racism on Sri Lankan soil must be subjected to dispatch him to the place where he has come from. It should be one of the first priorities of Sri Lankan national security.

(The Writer is a Researcher at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland)By Dr. Nilanga Samarasinghe | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 5 2020

Original link: https://ceylontoday.lk/news/fr-emmanuel-must-be-forgiven-for-his-sins-by-cardinal-ranjith

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