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No  Name Description
1 Adaikalanatham, Selvam Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian with strong Eelamist views. He represented (2009) a multi-electoral Vanni district and is a president of TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization).
2 Achchudan, AtchuthanSivarasa Pirundaban, alias Suresh, According to Internet sources, Born in Jaffna, in 1972 Sivarasa Pirundaban alias Achchudan holds a French passport and presently living a low profile while actively engaging in Eelamist international network. He now resides with his two kids in a Middle Eastern country. Achchudan has followed his initial flying training in France and frequent visits Europe, Africa and Far East.. He was once arrested in a far eastern country while carrying a large sum of money but has managed to escape disguised as a businessman.
According to documents and technical data recovered Achchudan has also conducted combat flying training for suicide cadres. The authorities are in the process of investigating into involvements of his brothers who are presently residing in Far East and Canada- also engaged in Eelamist international networks. Achchudan has provided LTTE with technical assistance and training for its pilots on air-suicide missions in 1998 including the 2003-2004 CFA period. He is alleged to have co-coordinated the LTTE’s air raids in Colombo via satellite communication from his overseas base station. According to available reports, Achchudan owns many air power related assets overseas.
3 Ajith, Paamban Once he was the chief bodyguard of Prabhakaran. Related by marriage to Sornalingam alias Shankar. He has political contacts in Tamil Nadu that he had developed when TN politicians visited Prabhakaran. He is anti-KP.
4 Ainkaran, SivagnanamCaptain Maththalagu, Shivagnanam Ainkaran LTTE captain and member of the Black Tigers. He had managed to escape from the Nandakadola safe zone area in the last days of the LTTE and had been in hiding. He was finally arrested in Mt. Lavinia in May 2010. This arrest led to the recovery of a large cache or Claymore bombs, arms and explosives.
5 Anton Raja Once an LTTE spokesman in London who worked from Eelam House, 202 Long Lane, together with Vasantha Raja, the editor of the Tamil Guardian.
6 Aathithan/Adittan  Alias Gajan Associated with the “Sangathi” Eelamist-website and the “Eelamurasu” newspaper in France. They were opposed to the “KP-faction” befre the capture of KP. [Athithanwas also the name of one of the earliest Tamil journals began by Simon Casie Chetty in 1841)
7 Peabha Alliah Ontario chairman of the National Council of Canadian Tamils. On 4- Feb. 2011 he led a protest claiming that:“In Sri Lanka (Tamils) are not living as humans, they live as animals,”
8 AmuthanCol. “Suresh” Suresh is from Mannar district. “Amuthan” is a name based on the “anti-Sanskrit” pure Tamil movement. He was at one time the political-wing head for the district when Bhanu was Mannar military commander. He fell foul of Thamilselvan and was sidelined for some years. Then he became a deputy of Bahnu and in charge of the Kittu Artillery unit. He was taken overseas after serious injuries in April 2009.
9 Ananadan, Kasi “Fire-breathing” Tamil nationalist Poet who demanded in 1972 that that none of the six Tamil MPs who supported the Republican Constitution of 1972 should die of natural causes.
10 Ananadan  Procurement officer.
11 Anandarajah, Ponnaiah alias  Aiyya alias Rajah alias Aiyyanna alias Aaana, or Iyanna Born in Chakani, Jaffna on 13th October, 1949 Anandarajah has operated in many countries using his U.S. passport. He was being denied “asylum” in Canada. It is believed that he managed to enter US where he worked as an accountant, and then moved to Europe till end of 2009. He was put in as Prabhakaran’s replacement of KP, during the CFA, and worked as procurement officer till Jan 2009. Ponnaiah Anandarajah, being one of the LTTE’s top arms procurers, had smuggled more than 10,000 tonnes of armaments between 1996 and 2009. He is believed to have handled many of the purchases of LTTE ships, many of which were from Japanese Coast Guard agencies, who assumed that Ananadarajha et al were lawful ship operators. ‘Blue Hawk’, ‘Magamai’, ‘Rakuy’ and ‘Expor’ were some of the ships used by the LTTE to move arms, ammunition and equipment from floating warehouses. The LTTE at one time operated some 30 vessels. At the end of the war, some 10-12 ships may have escaped destruction. [SL navy is credited with sinking 12-14 ships. India sank 1 ship. and a few were sunk by the LTTE itself for tactical reasons]. Aanadarajha is under an intense intelligence hunt through Interpol for arms procurement, passport and trade issues. Balachandran reporting on Anandarajah, Dec 2009 . There are claims that he is working with the Norway based Eelamist groups.
12 Ananadasangaree, Gary Eelamist activist . Son of Anti-LTTE TULF leader. Garry is the coordinator of the Canadian Tamil Youth Development Centre (CanTYD) under the CTC. Strong activist lawyer in the Toronto-based Canadian Tamil congress. It should be noted that these organizations provide help to Tamil immigrants, and hold a potical position hostile to Sri Lanka. he is a member of the “Lawyers Rights Watch”, together with Eelam-activist Hirini Shivalingam, Torornto, and Basil Fernando in Hong Kong .
13 Anbuchelvan He heads the world-wide “Tamil Youth Organization” or TYO. The TYO has tentacles all over the Diaspora youth population, and organized demonstrations against the GOSL in April-May 2009. He is believed to be anti-KP.
14 All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, UK At one time Mr. Keith Vaz, Labour MP for Leister, and Mr. Simon Hughes of the Liberal Democrats were Chairman and Vice-Chairman of this body. APPG-UK. Mr. Keith Vaz Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz, known simply as Keith Vaz (born November 26 1956), is a British Labour party politician and Member of Parliament for Leicester East, Mr. Virendra Sharma, Ms. Joan Ryan and Ms. Siobhain McDonagh are active members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPG-T). They facilitated a meeting with Mr. Gorden Bown in 2010. Meeting with Global Tamil Forum
15 Ariyanendran, P. alias  APPG-T, APPGT Was the Editor of the LTTE journal “Thamizh Alai” (Tamil wave). TNA member for Thamaraikerny (Samarakaenna) in Baticalloa. He replaced the 2004-elected MP, Mr. Rajanayagam, who was abducted by the LTTE and forced to resign from his seat. Later Mr. Rajanaygam was killed, allegedly by the LTTE, suspecting that he was pro-Karuna person.
16 Arivazhaghan, Kathirgamathamby A senior intelligence wing official and confidante of Col. Charles
17 Arudukumar, Pilayar Suspected of credit card scams, with Jayasiri Paripan, 2008 in SL and UK . See also under Shanmugarajaha, Satrubarajah
18 Arudukumar, Velauthapillai Former LTTE activist in the UK participated in the talks with KP and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in June 2010. However on his return to the UK he was threatened by the anti-KP Nediyavan, Jeyachandran and KP Regi group.
19 Karunyan Arulananthan, Karunyan Arulantham alias  TAPI spokesman Medical practitioner in Illinois, is the spokesman for TAPI, an Eelamist organization which carries out propaganda against the Sri Lankan state. He has donated money to Congressman Sherman. Rajan Hoole’s article on Messenger of Death
20 Mathangi Arulpragasam alias  M. I. A She is a Rap singer who used her Grammy Nominee status ON PBS to attack the SL government and express the Eelamist Nationalist point of view. Apparently, during a visit to Sri Lanka in 2007, Arulpragasam, (father of MIA) a founding member of the revolutionary EROS group, fearing for his life at the hands of the LTTE, had sought and received special security protection from the Sri Lankan government. She however accuses the SL government of Genocide of Tamils. MIA campaigned for  Jan Jananaygam (UK) in the June 4th 2009 EU elections.
21 ATC  (Australian Tamil Congress) An Eelamist organization. See USTPAC, and CTC
22 Attornies wroking for Eelamist-Tamil organizations –  USA and Canadian tamil groups,
23   Danish Tamil Groups
24   Dutch Tamil groups
25   Canadian Tamil groups
26 AMWU-  Australian Manufacturers Workers Union Australian Manufacturers Workers Union (AMWU) linked to Australian Tamils a front for the Tamil Tiger Terrorist movement LTTE. Investigate support for Terrorist activity overseas

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