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1 Tamil Coordinating committee TCC There seems to be organizations named TTC in many Capitals where Lankan-Tamil Disapora’s with potential for money extortion exist. There are also other organizations with familiar names, where such named organizations are not banned. Thus we have TRO’s (Tamil Rehabilitation Organisations), TYOs (Tamil Youth Organisation), and TKCOs (Tamil Arts and Cultural Organization Netherlands). The may 11th, 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan Embassy in the Netherlands is alleged to have been planned by some members of these organizations.See also ZOA
2 Tamil Eelam Society of Canada TESC This seems to be funded by the city of Toronto. 1160, Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON. Father Philip Anton Sinnarasa, who was jailed for LTTE terrorism in Sri lanka escaped Jail, obtained refugee status and subsequently emigrated to Canada, and runs the TESC and the CHVHR, front organizations of Canadian Eelamism. They are linked with Chennai-based organizations as well as trading organizations like Manitham International.
3 Tamil Elections Canada TEC Organization set up by mainly Eelamist Diaspora groups to evaluate its political strength by a polling process and for giving an appearance of communal opinion-sounding. See the website T E C Although 100,000 were expected, some 49,000 are claimed to have voted. It is claimed that:

I aspire for the formation of the independent and sovereign state of Tamil Eelam in the North and East territory of the Island of Sri Lanka on the basis that the Tamils in the Island of Sri Lanka make a distinct nation, have a traditional homeland and have the right to Self-Determination.

drew the following results:

“OFFICIAL” POLL RESULTS   Total Voter turnout: 48, 583   99.82% YES  And 0.18% NO

4 Tamil Mirror, url: http://www.thetamilmirror.com Eelamist newspaper based in Scarborough. Editor: Fred Balasingham. Director: Dharma Logan. The usal Eelamist writers and supporters, Like Satheesan Kumaran, Bhavan Sri-Skandharajah, etc., are listed here.
5 Lt. Col. Thabo Ruben “Master-minded” the Anuradhapura airbase bombing, Oct-2007. He was identified among the “civilians” held in the IDP camps in 2009.
6 Tambirajan, Sivapalan He is the editor of the website, “Thesamnet.co.uk.”
7 Tamil Nadu Political Parties.

(this writeup reflects the position in Oct. 2009)

Tamil Nadu Political Parties.

(this writeup reflects the position in Oct. 2009)

                  These parties have at times supported the LTTE, or even opposed them. However, a number of fringe parties, and specific politicians have always supported the LTTE. In the post-LTTE era the attention has been directed to organizing anti-Sri Lankan activity, claims of Genocide, IDP imprisonment etc.There are some 50 political parties in Tamil Nadu, based largely on caste and regional distinctions. The major parties, DMK and AIADMK both compete for favours from the central government where the Congress party, the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) etc. depend on forming workable coalitions with smaller regional parties, Marxist parties etc.

Tamil Nadu Political Parties: DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) groupings, lead by Muthuvel Karunanidhi:Jananayaga Munnetra Kazhagam, Veera Vanniyar Perava, Several Dalit outfits – Thirumavalavan’s VCK, Dr K Krishnasamy’s Puthiya Tamilagam, S K Tamilarasan’s Republican Party of India and Valasai Ravichandran’s Arunthathi Makkal Katchi are with the DMK. New Justice Party leader A C Shanmugham,educationist, representing the Mudaliar community, would extend support to the DMK as the community members allegedly got a raw deal during the previous AIADMK regim. The potter community represented by Sema Narayanan, president of Tamil Nadu Pottery Workers (Kulala) Association and the Tamil Nadu Yadava Mahasabha represented by its State president M Gopalakrishan, ex-CMD of Indian Bank have decided to back the DMK.Kongu Mandala Munnetra Peravai general secretary Easwaran, representing the Gounders in the State, would be willing to support a party that promises to help the community. Tamil Nadu Nadar Peravai leader N R Dhanapalan wanted to back the DMK provided it allowed toddy tapping.

AIADMK ( Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) groupings, led by Puratchi Thalaivi DR JJayalalitha: Jayalalitha has been generally anti LTTE in her political stance, and supportive of Subramanium Swamy.of the Janatha party in this regard.

The Vanniar Nala Sangham president, Mr. A. K. Natarajan, backs the AIADMK front (even if the PMK came to support the AIADMK). The PMK (Pattali Makkal Katchi) has support in the Vanniyar heartland. (See entry under PMK) Moovendhar Munnetra Peravai and All India Moovendar Munnani Kazhagam(AIMMK,Dr. Sethuraman is the president of the party. S. Esakkimuthu and P. Kazhuvan are the general secretary and treasurer. It called for a caste-based census and implementation of reservation on the basis of this census. Another resolution sought Most Backward Class status to Kallars, Maravars and Agamudiyars). The Jayalalithaa-led AIADMK is one of the prospective allies BJP is wooing. Although AIADMK is very right-wing, the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) and the Communist Party of India (CPI) have formed an electoral and potential governmental alliance with the All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhakam. The Andhra Pradesh-based Telugu Desam Party led by Chandra Babu Naidu, the TDP, is also a former ally of the BJP and is pro-AIADMK. In south tamilnadu AIADMK has been supported wholly by devar community parties from the days of M. G.Ramachandran.

A heady cocktail of caste and politics by R. Rajagopal Marxist parties. These have been strongly LTTE, while they often support right-wing, caste-based parties as well, depending on opportunist politics. The Leader of the comminut party of India (CPI), Mr D. Pandian (from Kanyakumari) is a member of Mr. Nedumaran’s Tamil Nationalist Movement (TMM), which has been in the fore-front of the “self-determination of the Tamils in Sri Lanka” movement which “has now been handed over to the Tamil Diaspora” according to Nedumaran, the leader of Tamil Nationalist Movement (TMM) and coordinator of the “Sri Lankan Tamils Protection Movement”.Dalits “The Dalit Panthers of India” were strongly LTTE. Thirumalavan was the Dalit MP who came with the delegation of 10 Indian MPs to visit the IDP camps. he alone condemned the Sri lankan government publicly.

October 15th, 2010: Political parties including Naam Thamizhar Iyakkam, Viduthalai Chiruththaikal Kadchchi and supporters of the people of Tamil Eelam burnt the effigy of Sri Lanka president Mahinda Rajapaksa in several places in Tamil Nadu Thursday protesting against Indian government for having invited Mahinda Rajapaksa as an Honoured Guest on the final day of the Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi, sources in Chennai said. The protestors carried out their demonstration defying the ban on the demonstration imposed by Tamil Nadu police. Vaiko, the leader of Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) vehemently condemned Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi for having invited Mahinda Rajapaksa in the demonstration in Koavai

8 Tamil Centre for Human rights  TCHR, CTDH Note the spelling “Centre”, rather than the North American “center”. This may be owing to its affiliation to the Paris based Eelamist front organization, CENTRE TAMOUL POUR LES DROITS DE L’HOMME (CTDH), 9, rue des Peuplers, 95140 Garge les Gonesse, France, with its general secretary, S. V. Kiruubaharan. They have offices in Holland (in Stellingmolen, 43, contact, I Chinnaiah), England, in manchester, contact: Deirde McConnell), and in Switzerland (in Niederglatt, contact: Thambirajah Genegatharan), and in Ottawa Canada. Note that Ottawa, and not Toronto due to internal struggles with in the Tamil Disapora., with TCHR based in France. This organization has worked closely with other Eelamist orgnizations since 1990. It was refused consultative status by Committee on Non-Government organizations, 1994-2000, and subsequently, due to its suspected links with the Tamil Tigers.
9 Tamil American Peace Initiative TAPI This is another Eelamist front which claims ” the destruction of Tamil communities and culture caused by 30 years of war; and to demand an end to the continuing oppression of Tamils on the island. It engages in propaganda against the Sri Lankan government, calling for boycotts of Sri Lankan products. They have not attempted to help the internally displaced Tamil people (IDP) in Sri Lanka, as they prefer an aggravation of the conditions of the IDP would aid the political objectives of these separatist groups. Karunyan Arulanantham (medical practitioner in Illinois, is the spokesman for TAPI, is recorded as having donated funds to the congressman Sherman, and to the Obama campaign.
10 Tamil Information Center, London TIC See Kandasamy. Current director is Dr. Supphiah Ratneswaren, GP. Mr Vairamuttu Varadakumar, Executive Secretary. This Eelamist organization attempts to influence western Human-rights organizations by funding “seminars” where Tamil Diaspora claims of “Genocide”, Chanel-4 movies etc., and other propaganda material are presented as “fact”. These seminars allow them to ensnare western intellectuals and use them for their efforts. For example, Mr John Mahoney, Mr Andrew Keefe, Dr Anula Nikapotha and Professor Rachel Tribe, University of East London have been their invitees.
11 Tamil Studies Conferences TSC These conferences became the intellectual face” of the LTTE. The earliest was initiated in 1966, in Kulal Lampur, with a carefully selected group of speakers. Prof. Kulasingham, a retired geographer from Peradeniya was requested to write about “Place-names” in Sri lanka with the requirement that these are derived from Tamil, to counter the writings of a host of historians from the days of Paul E. Peiris to Karthigesu Indrapla.  

The meetings were planned with young unsuspecting western scholars financed to appear in these meetings to attract them to the intellectual cause of the LTTE. They soon became regulars and they began to quote their presentations as valid “publications”. Peter Shalk and other admirers of Prabhakaran were important western supporters of the program. Father Thani Nayagam and a number of others were active behind the show. Distinguished Tamil academics were also roped in. Eelamist Tamil academics in Canada, nurtured and positioned in the days of Prof. A. J. Wilson helped the program immensely.

12 Taprobane “Taprobanus” Many other assumed names in writing to Wikipedia            Eelamist activist who carries out cyber warfare, esp. in dealing with Wikipedia articles. An early associate of Kumar Ponnambalam. Originally active in Germany, he has immigrated to Canada. Name and address are known but not published.
13 A. C. Tarcissius Eelamist Tamil nationalist and Theater man, operating from London, and associated with the ‘ILC’ radio alleged to be an illegal voice.
14 Thangan An LTTE political section leader- whereabouts unknown since 2009.
15 Theenpan Col. Theepan Velayuthapillai Baheerathakumar. Killed in April 2009; Deputy military commander of the LTTE after the demise of Balraj.
16 TGTE  Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam  Originally K. P_athmanathan (KP) was to be head of this, with Rudrakumaran in the US. Today Rudrakumana leads this: Island Newspaper — Feb 12-2011  

“Expert” committee of this organization include: Professor M Sornarajah (UK), Professor Francis Boyle (USA), Professor P. Ramasamy (Malaysia) Professor Rev A.J.C Chandrakanthan (Canada), Professor Nadaraja Sriskandarajah (Sweden), Dr Murugar Gunasingham (Australia), Dr Sivanendran Seevanayagam (Australia), Dr A.L. Vasanthakumar (UK), Ms Karen Parker (USA), Dr N Jeyalingam (USA), Mr Selva Sivarajah (Australia), Mr Paul Williams (Netherlands) and Professor Peter Schalk (Sweden)

USA results:

National Representatives: Sisvanathan Rudrakumaran / Dr.Gerard Francis

Regional Representatives:

Ms. Suba Suntharalingam / Jeyaprakash Jeyalingam / Shan Sundaram / Prabharan Ponnuthurai / Ranjan Selva / Thave Thavendrarajah / Siva Sangary / Alex Doss

May 2010 elections in Canada:

Totonto 7006 voters in Dist. 1 : Joe Antony / Pon Balarajan / M. K. Ealaventhan / Tharani Prapaharan / Thirus S. Thiruchelvam /

Eastern Ontario 12026 votes in Dist 2.: Esan Kulasekram / Vanitha Rajendram / Suresh Ratnabalan / Waran Vaithilingam / Mariampillai Anjelo Yogendran.

Western Ontario 6621 voters Dist 3: Suren Mahendran / Balan Ratnarajah / Sam Sangarasivam/ Iyampillai Shanmuganathan / Ram Sivalingam

Quebec and Eastern Canada 5419 votes in Dist 4: Kanthaiah Theiventhiran / Maharajah Nanthakumar / Niruthan Nagalaingam / Luxan Sivapragasapillai /

Cornwall-Ottawa, (~5000 in Dist. 4): Bhuvanendra Nadarajah / TGTE-distric 5: Mokanasingham Marakandu / Sothinathan Sanmugam / Nagendra Katpana / Mutukumarasamy Ratna / Sivasoth Jeyamathy

Denmark 3102 voters :

Suken thini Nimalanathan / Remmon Washington /Maheswaran Poonapalam / Elayaraj Kannan Sithamparanathan

Norway: 3511/6512 voters

Jeyasri Balasubramaniam / Murali Sivanandan / Sivakanesan Thillaiampalam

Current “officials” or “cabinet ministers, 3-Nov-2010:

Visvanathan Rudrakumaran, US lawyer,styles himself “Prime Minister”

Eliathamby Selvanathan – Australian Griffiths academic, “Deputy”, Finance;

Rudrapathy Sekar – London, Programmer, now full time Eelamist, Welfare of the Families of Cadres and Martyrs

Ram Sivalingam – Canada, Mech engineer academic, Education, Culture and Health

Nagalingam Balachandran -Eelam man in France, Internal Affairs

Sam Sangarasivam – Toronto, IT technology, Information

Thayaparan Thanikasalam – Full time Tamil Eelam work, Political and Foreign Affairs

Balambihai Murugadas – UK, Tamil women’s organization, Welfare of Women, Children and Elders

Katpana Nagendra -She is an accountant in Vancouver, Economic Affairs, Environment and Development

Deluxon Morris – UK student leader, – Investigation of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes

Muthukumarasamy Ratna – Internally Displaced Persons, Refugees and Prisoners of War (POW)

Nadarajah Rajendra –Deputy “minister”, German translator, Hamburg, Finance

Suba Suntharalingam – Deputy “minister”, She4 is a lab technician, Philadelphia, Welfare of the Families of Cadres and Martyrs

Rajaratnam Jeyachandran -Germany, Deputy “minister”. Education, Culture and Health

Sumughan Sothinathan – Alberta, IT sector, deputy “minister”, Internal Affairs

Sivagrunathan Sutharsan – Canada, Tamil TV producer, Information

Rajanidevi Sinnathamby – deputy “minister”, NGO worker, Welfare of Women, Children and Elders

Thavendra Rajah – junior academic, Physics, deputy “minister”, Economic Affairs, Environment and Development

Thatchajani Thavarajasingam – deputy “minister”, Investigation of Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Alex Doss – Tamil american mariner, deputy “minister”,Internally Displaced People [IDP], Refugees and Prisoners of War

First set of officials

President (head of TGTE): Rudrakumar

International Affairs-Foreign Affaires: Jerome Francis and Kanigasalam Dayabaran

International affairs-Media wing: Eason Kulasereran

International affairs-Genocide, Human Rights and War Crimes: Genocide, Human Rights and War Crimes

Political and Constitutional Affaires: Ponbalarajan and Murali Shivanandan.

Education, Culture, Health and Sports: Selvarajah Selvathurai

Welfare: Professor Selva Selvanathan

Women, children & aged: Mrs BalamBige Murugadas

Business Development: Ponampalam Mahesweran

Welfare of War Heroes: Rudrabadthy Segar (Rudrapathy Sekar)

Prisoners of war: Mrs. Migajayamodhi Sivasodhi

A vote on 1st October 2010 is said yo have elected the TGTE’s prime minister (V. Rudrakumaran), and also the speaker and deputy speaker after ratifying its constitution at a meeting in New York. Accoding to the TamilNet, accusations of ballot stuffing, one-person dominated leadership etc., and the shadow of KP marred the meetings.


17 Theepori Jaffna Tamil now living in USA and successful as the mid-west rep of the TGTE. he states in 2010 that: “When I was in high school, the protest march against “Standardization” organized by “Tamil Youth Forum” went by our school and I was spontaneously attracted and joined. This was my piffany. Vaddukoddai mahanadu in 1976 and island-wide anti Tamil pogrom in 1983 made significant impact on my thinking and activism. I strongly believe that the Tamils are deprived of their fundamental rights and we have to fight by any means necessary to get them back.”
18 Thillaiampalam, Shri Sri Sivakanesan T President of Eelam Thamil Association in America. He was an “elections commissioner” of the TGTE and a strong anti-GOSL campaigner. He has also set up an “Eelam Tamil human rights USA” organization. How ever, he has changed his political colours.Thillaiampalam now (2010) supports Mahinda rajapaksa 

About 80% of the video is devoted to saying that Sinhala-Buddhists are in fact Tamils, and that “Buddhism was brought to Sri Lanka by Tamils”. His historical and religious facts are wrong. He presents himself in the Tamil community as some sort of religious leader and Icon, and has self-styled himself with the sanctimonious “Shri Sri” prefixes.

The word Damila came from the Sanskrit Dameda, or Dravida , and simply means “Southern” people. The Tamils never called themselves Tamils and there was no such ethnicity till about the 2nd century BC. Even later on they called themselves Cholas, Pandiyas, etc. The word “Dameda”, or “Damila” signified a simple geographic connotation. Such terms like “Northern People”, “Southern people”, first appeared in Sanskrit writings, and Pali writings borrowed that word from Sanskrit.

Asoka and his son Mahinda who propagated Buddhism are north Indians, and hence not “Dameda”. The south Indian (Dameda) Buddhist influence came to Sri Lanka mainly in the 3rd-5th century. In fact, Buddha-Ghosa, a well known Buddhist scholar and author (wrote in Pali) of the 5th century was a “Tamil” only in the sense that he came from south India. He does not seem to have written one word of Tamil, and if he did, it has not survived.

Thillaiampalam says that “Tamils who remained Buddhists called themselves Sinhalese”. He seems to not to know about the author of “Manimekhalai”! Tamils became Sinhalese and Sinhalese became Tamils when ever the ruler changed. But from about the 5th century BC to about the 10th century AD, the rulers were predominantly Sinhalese, with small interruptions when the Northern part (Phihiti Rata) was ruled by Tamil kings. The Anuradhapura civilization tolerated Jains, Sanyaasees, and Brahamins in Anuradhapura, as seen in the Mahawamsa. Brahaminism is what is today called Hinduism. The language used by the Anuradhapura civilization is over-whelmingly sinhala, as seen in its stone edicts and inscriptions. Also, in the ancient world (and even in modern Tamil society during the time of the Ramanathans of Karavaakaddu-Cinnamon Gardens) caste was more important than ethnicity.

The Tamils of the Vanni today are the Sinhalese driven out of Jaffna by Sankilli in the 15th century. This is discussed in detail in Father Rasanayagam’s History of Jaffna, and in K. Velu Pillai Yalpana Vaibhava Kaumudi, and in the writings of the British civil servant “Lewis”. So they are in fact Tamilized Sinhalese. The modern Jaffna Tamils are the “Malabar Tamils” referred to by Sir Emerson Tenent, and also by the Dutch writers.They were brought to Sri Lanka for Tobacco cultivation, from around the early Dutch times or slightly before that. The Jaffna peninsula at that time was known as Waeligama in the Dutch maps.




19 Thiruthanikam Thanigasalam Thiru An engineer from Toronto. He was jailed for 25 years in 2010 in the United States for attempting to pay US $ 1 million to buy missiles, launchers and 500 AK-47 assault rifles in August 2006. He has been identified as the Toronto office Representative of several Eelamist -front organizations and charities, some of which are claimed to be linked to The World Tamil Movement, Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation and the Canadian Tamil Congress.
20 Tissanayagam J. S. A strongly Eelamist journalist. He has been condemned to 20 years imprisonment in August 2009 under the prevention of terrorism act. He occasionally wrote innocuous articles to the Daily Mirror and Sunday Time. His main publication was the Northeastern Monthly. He did not condemn the assassination of Kadirgamar and other terror acts of the Tigers. Kath Noble on Tissanayagam 
21 Tamils Health Organization, P.O. Box 901,Bel Air, MD 21014-0901 THO An Eelamist front organization.
22 Thamilselvan, Suppiah Paramu                SP, subaa LTTE political commissar who took over after Anton Balasingham’s death. He began as a barber, worked as Prabhakaran’s bodyguard. “SP” took part in a number of “peace” meetings with the GOSL. He was killed by an SL air raid in 2007. A statue of him was erected by private Tamil admirers in a in Cournavu, Paris, France. However, the municipality disallowed it.
23 Thileepan Lt. Col. ThileepanAlias

Rasaiah Parthipan

Thileepan was the political-wing leader of Jaffna and was already a severely injured man when he decided to go on a fast to protest against the IPKF. He was effectively a human sacrifice offered by the LTTE, in the Badhra-Kali tradition, in front of the Nallur Kandasamy temple, in Sept 1986. He commenced his fast on the 14th of September 1986, against the Indian Peace accord. However, unlike the Gandhian fasts in India which were never allowed to go to extremes, the LTTE made sure that a human sacrifice would be offered. He died on the 26th of September 1986.
24 Thirugnanam, Umakanth Eelamist spokesperson, soft-ware engineer and one-time Nortel employee in Ottawa
25 Thirumavalavan, Thols Tirumavalan LTTE Tamil Nadu politician. He is a leader of the (Dalits) Viduthalaich Chiruththaikal (Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi).
26 Thirunakukkarasu, R Ruban Thirunacukkarasu, President of the Dutch Tamil Forum (DTF), 2011. “Operation Koninck” of the Dutch police has been launched to arrest Tamil Tiger groups engaged in the extortion of money from Tamil residents of the Netherlands. See under Ramachandran, S., also Sri Rangam, R, who was believged to be the Leader of the Tamil Tigers’s Dutch division, now under arrest.See: Tamil Tigers sneak through Schagen


27 Tamil National Alliance   -TNA TNA The TNA was formed on 22 Oct.2001, loosely linking the TULF ( amil United Liberation Front), the ATCT (All Ceylon Tamil Congress), TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization), and the EPRLF (Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front), with signatures from the secys of the respective parties: R.Sambandan (TULF), N.Kumarakuruparan (ACTC) N. Srikantha (TELO) and K.Premachandran(EPRLF). The TNA was stronly backed by Colombo Tamils and professionals. The Tigers controlled the TNA via their Batticaloa leadership (Karuna and Karikalan) to give it a low status and to maintain its refusal to deal with democratic processes. Also, the LTTE had already killed TULF parliamentarians N. Thiruchelvam (1999), A. Thangathurai (1997), and also Sarojini Yogeswaran, P. Mathimugarajah, etc. Anton Balasingham had warned Sambandan to “toe the line”.Finally, except for Anandasangaree, all TNA politicians became supporters of the LTTE and followed its dicta. The LTTE played an active role in nominating the TNA candidates for the 2004 elections. Thus the TNA returned 22 MPs in 2004 who were allowed no opposition by the Tigers. Tiger “volunteers” on motor bicycles enforced the vote they desired and intimidated all opposition.

Meanwhile, a month before the April 2004 election, Vinyagamooerth Muraleetharan (Karuna), Rajan Sathiyamoorthy and their cadre revolted against the Tigers and broke ranks in Batticaloa. Rajan Sathiyamoorthy was assisinated by the Tigers, and fighting between the two groups commenced. The TNA continued to support the Tigers. Kingsly rajanayagam, a pro-Karuna man had got elected in Baticaloa. He was abducted by the Tigers and forced to resign, and was finally assasinated by the Tigers. Then their nominee, Mr. Ariyanendran of the LTTE-TNA was “appointed” to the vacated seat.

The EU observers declared that the election was a blatant miscarriage. Douglass Devaananda began to call the TNA the “Tiger Nominated Agents”. But the Chandrika Government legitimized their membership in parliament. Several were later eliminated by the LTTE, Karuna operatives or left the country. Now the party is led by Mr. R Sampanthan. The TNA had shelved the fedaralist option when Prabhakaran rejected the Oslo discussions involving Balasingham.

The active TNA members in 2009 are: Suresh Premachandran, Solomon Siril, S. Thurairatnasingham, R. Sampanthan, Mavai Senathirajah, Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam, Pathmini Sithamparanathan and the chief candidate in Jaffna, 2009 Mudiyappu Remedias. TNA parliamentarians Kanagasapai, William Thomas and Ariyanethran engaged in the 2009 Jaffna election campaign. Mr. Sivasakthy Anandan and Kishore engaged in election campaign for ITAK in Vavuniya (Vannimaava)

Tamil National Alliance’s so called “SMS leadership” is R. Sampanthan, Mavai S. Senathirajah, and Suresh Premachandran.

After the demise of the LTTE in May 2009, This Eelamist party has moved closer to the government, since the Local elections in the North, after the demise of the LTTE.  A unified TNA ?. However, during the 2010 predidential elections, the TNA pushed by Sambanthan et al., joined with the JVP and the UNP to support Sarath Fonseka, the strongly vocally anti-Tamil Army commander who turned against the President Mahinda Rajapaksa. 

Sivajilingama contested the presidential elections without the support of the TNA which did not unanimously toe the line of Sambandan. Sarath Fonseka earned a majority vote in the Tamil areas and lost very badly in the predominantly Sinhala areas. Fonseka’s animosity to Rajapaksa is based on his being sidelined by the government (who accussed him to be plotting a coup d’etat, being in league with hostile foreign powers, and being involved in clandestine arms purchases). The 2010 April Manifesto of the TNA (which is fragmented in facing the election) seems to be a reaffirmation of the Thimpu proposals as well as the right to deal with foreign powers directly for a merged North-East.


28 Lawrence Tilagar Lawrence Thilakar A former LTE spokesman and Senior functionary, TRO offical. He was running an office in Paris, active in Geneva etc. He had earlier been removed by the LTTE leadership after a financial scandal. Tilagar was either killed in battle in 2009.
29 Tamil Political Party Forum (TPPF) TPPF Tamil Political Party Forum, Sri Lanka, Formed in 2011, January.— the TULF and PLOTE — is to contest all the local bodies in the North and the East under the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) banner under the ITAK Symbol of the House , PLOTE Leader Dhamalingam Siddharthan said, on Jan 22. 2011. He said the TNA would contest all the local bodies in the districts of the North and East . However, it is also stated that: the TPPF was formed with eight Tamil Parties and two Organization with the sole aim of formulating a political solution that would be a acceptable to all minority parties and not for the purpose of contesting elections
30 Tamil Rehabilitation Organization, 517 Old Town Road, Cumberland, Maryland 21502 USA TRO This is an LTTE front organization now banned in many countries. It is believed to run as several fronts under other names.
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