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1 Jagatheeswaram, Nandavanam  Nandavanam Jagatheeswaram a British Tamil was arrested in Sri lanka. He is accused of trying of tarnish the image of Sri Lanka military by providing fake war crimes footage, inconnection with the Channel-4 TV programs. Sri lankan Police were said to investigate the contents of 71 CDs recovered from Jagatheesan in July 2011. Briton ‘with CDs’ detained
2 Jananayagam, Janani  Jan  Believed to be a leading figure in “Tamils against Genocide” . He was careering to run for the EU office as an independent candidate, 2009.   Indian Tamils warn the Tamil Diaspora against Jan J. She polled 0.3% of the votes and lost. The votes are mostly a pro-Eelam Sri-Lankan Tamil ethnic vote. This is about 50,000 at the most. But since it can be delivered en masse, various British politicians have attempted to curry favour with these Eelam front organizations. BBC-news review gives her vote as 0.3% On the other hand Deva Adithya, a Sri Lankan who refuses ethnic divisions won with 80,000 votes.
3 Jayachandra  Jeyachandra, Jayachandran –  Senior man in the Tamil net which has become very important in the post-LTTE era.
4 Jayadevan, Rajasingham  Eelamist activist based in London, associated with “Tamilaffairs.com” and presumed leader of the “Tamil democratic congress”. He has cultivated Labour party figures. He operated a Temple in London alleged to be a money spinner for political purposes. Mr. Jayadevan made a number of visits to Killinochchi (Giranikke) when it was under the LTTE. However, he also claimed that he was held in “captivity” by the LTTE when he visited the Vanni in 2005. Anton Balasingham and A. C. Shanthan had presumably regarded Jayadevan as a threat to their leadership in the UK. Another motive for the friction was the issue of controlling the Eelap Patheeswara Sivan Temple. Island newspaper interview with Jayadevan He has clashed with Douglas Devananda who has always supported the Sri Lankan Governments since the time of President Premadasa. Writes to the Lanka Guardian
5 Jayasuriya, Sisira  Jaya  Peradeniya BA (1970) in Economics, Marxist politics. and then at the Institute of Policy studies, an NGO with anti-Sri Lankan leanings. He is currently at La Trobe University which was at one time the seat of Dr. C. J. Eliezer (see entry under Eliezer), Sisira Jayasuriya has been virulently anti-GOSL. Support to the Tigers Till the last moment   Jayasuriya enjoyed a few moments in the lime-light of the BBC and Aussie TV glare by being a “Sinhalese speaking for the Tamils”. See Also:   Exchange of letters with Mahindapala, Journalist
6 Jeeyananthan, Nadesan  Nadesan Jeeyananthan, 48, was taken into custody in Bangkok in Jnauary 20111, along with seven others. He is described by Canadian and Thai officials as a leading Sri Lankan human smuggling kingpin in Thailand. National post report .
7 Jesuthasan, Sahab  Jesudasan  Eelamist supporter and Toronto activist. The name “Jesuthasan” is a typical Tamil-Catholic “fusion” name. Jesuthasan was the spokesman for the ‘hero’s day event on 27 Nov 2009 in Toronto when Sebastian Seeman was deported due to his inflammatory racist polemic.
8 Jeyarajaah, Elias  Works with Rudrakumaran in the “Global Revival” of the Tamil Eelam, and with Tamil church groups, involving “Americans for Peace in Sri Lanka”. He is a Biochemist (North Carolina) who graduated (Chemistry B. Sc) from Jaffna University.
9 Jeganmohan, G Now active in the Global Tamil Forum, based in Sweden
10 Rev. Jegasothy, John  Eelamist-fellow traveler, New South Wales, Australia, Minister at Dulwich Hill-Hurlstone Park United church. He has won an award from a NWS organization for the “Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Victims”, and for his work supporting Tamil refugees. He is a Sri Lankan Tamil who came to Australia in 1996 during the war launched by the LTTE against the Sri Lankan state. His attitudes and politics should be related to possible traumatic experiences in Sri Lanka.
11 Jeyachandran  Jeya annai  Editor of the Tamil Net. He lives in Norway.
12 Jeyapalan, Chelliah Abdullah ? Swiss Tiger operative and allegedly head of the funds collection. Arrested in 2011
13 Jeyaprakash Jeyalingam  “Jey”  Son of Nagalingam Jeyalingam, and New York area TGTE. He gave his bio in 2010 as:” I graduated from American University’s Washington College of Law in Washington DC. I have worked for the American Red Cross managing disaster relief centers. I spent two and a half years working for the Peace Corps in West Africa developing micro finance projects. I have also worked for Amnesty International as a Human Rights researcher and Government Affairs Liaison. During the last two years I have worked with People for Equality and Relief in Lanka. As a member of PEARL I have attended many of their organized Lobbying days. In the last year when the persecution of Tamils intensified I spent a great deal of time visiting Congressional offices. On these visits I had the opportunity to meet with various Congressional offices, Senate offices, and Congressional committees as well as attending several meetings at the U.S. State Department. I grew up in New York and currently live here. For the past year I have been working closely with Mr. Rudrakumaran. I have been assisting Mr. Rudrakumaran in the planning and organizing the formation of, and elections for, the PTGTE on a volunteer basis. I have also served as the coordinator for the Country Working Group in the United States. In addition, I have worked with the Canadian Tamil youth in connection with the formation of the PTGTE in Canada and was recently invited by the Canadian Tamil Youth Organization to address their meeting. I believe my legal training, advocacy skills and experience will be an invaluable asset to the PTGTE.”
14 Jeevakumar, Kanagaratnam 
15 Brami Jegan  Brahmi Jegan  Ms. Jegan, born in the Jaffna peninsula (1980) and came to Australia as a refugee, via Somalia, Tanzania and Malaysia. Ms. Jegan worked for Macquarie Bank and J.P. Morgan of Australia for eight years, and then as a journalist with SBS, and currently(2010) as a communications officer with Union-Aid Abroad-APHEDA. She has presented herself as a political candidate on the green ticket, but with emphasis on immigration issues. She is a niece of Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar — known as A. C. Shanthan — who was jailed for two years for aiding the LTTE by acquiring electrical components and military manuals for the terrorist group. However, Ms Jegan remains unapologetic. Ms. Jegan is a supporter of the Tamil asylum-seekers who arrived illegally, and are held at Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney West.
16 Jeyabalan, Mauran  Jayapalan, Jeyan  He is a ring leader of the alleged LTTE credit card frauds. The original investigation started in February 2010 when a $1.3 million credit and debit card fraud was uncovered, according to Canadian police. That led to the arrest of Mayuran Jeyabalan, 24, of Brampton, On. It was his home that was searched in July and he was arrested. Charged with possession of property obtained by crime, possession of credit card data, fraud over $5,000 and possession of instruments of forgery are: Brampton’s Srirajan Yogeswaran, 32, Manivannan Rasiah Satkuru, 28, Toronto’s Jehanathan Kulasegarampillai, 33, Suganathan Kulasegarampillai, 28, Amirthathasan Lalithathasan, 30, Vaughan’s Puvanandran Kishokumar, 28, Piratheepan Sri Skandarajah, 27, and St. Catharine’s resident Prashanth Yoganathan, 24. York fraud Det. Domenic Stilo said credit and debit card fraud rings are “highly organized groups” that are very profitable, involving millions every weekend.
17 Jeyakumar, Thillai  Now dead; He was an Australian Organizer of the LTTE and friend of Brian Seneviratne. Prabakaran gave him the LTTE Mahamanithar (Great Man) award.
18 Jeyalingam, Nagalingam Dr. Involved in the “Sangam” organization, and in support to TamilNet
19 Rev. Fr. Pancras Jordan   Reve Fr Pan Jordan  Rev Fr Pancras Jordan is a Sri Lankan Tamil Catholic Priest based in Brisbane , Australia. He has been active in several Tamil-Diaspora organized public meetings in Brisbane , contributed to the Catholic Leader newspaper in Brisbane and spoken about the international community needing to take action against Sri Lanka government for “committing of war crimes”.
20 Joseph, Rayappu  Catholic Bishop of Mannar; S. L. Gunasekera’s assessment of Father Joseph. He was a strong supporter of the Eelamist program; and helped to move the statue of the Madhu Shrine to the LTTE areas. How ever, he had the courage to sometimes irk the LTTE, as seen from the following TamilNet article: TamilNet attacks Rev. Joseph, August 2008The Mannar pastors caught transporting Tiger suicide kits in Feb 2008 are from a branch of the “Four Square Church”, a fundamentalist sect
21 Joyce, Rachel  Dr. Rachel Joyce  British parliamentarian (Conservative, Harrow west) who has wooed Tamil votes by pandering to Eelamist – slogans. She has picked up the claims of the Tamil activists and claimed that the Sri Lankan government practices “Genocide”. She claims in her election manifesto (2010) that she “will work with the Tamils to get the acts perpetrated on the Tamils classed legally as a genocide so that the UN Convention can be used to address the problems.”
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