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1 Lawrence, Samuel Eelamist activist and A spokesman for the Ottawa branch of the Canadian Tamil Congress
2   Labour Union (VIC) Labour Union (VIC) connected with the Tamil Tiger Terrorist organisation LTTE. Investigate the support for Terrorist activities overseas.
3 (Tamil Eelamist support within the) Liberal Party of Canada (soutien d’ Eelamisme Tamoul par) Le Parti Liberal du Canada
































Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff has attempted to clean up the mess of How to handle the Tamil Terrorist problem.   However, it is an old cancer. See the entry under Dr. Elagupillai, regarding earlier events when Mr. Paul Martin and Ms. Maria Minna (wittingly or unwittingly) took party in an LTTE fund-raising dinner. 


Many Liberal MPS who have ridings with significant numbers of Sri-Lankan Tamil voters have failed to understand the grizzly Tamil-Tiger record of suicide bombings, use of child soldiers, assassinations, extortions etc. The RCMP and CSIS have repeatedly warned the Canadian Government, at least for a decade, that such funds are used for waging war and terror in Sri Lanka. Even today, although LTTE-activity is banned in Sr Lanka, and the war in Sri Lanka ended in 2009 May, fund collection is said to be going on by illegal rackets and intimidation. The voice of moderate, peace-loving Tamils in the Toronto area are said to be suppressed. (Read entry on how the Uthayan Newspaper in Toronto has been vandalized by Eelamist elements)


Since getting the vote is paramount to survival in the world of un-principled politics, many members of the Liberal Party of Canada continue to support the Eelamist front organizations. Some of these politicians are:

Bob Rae, Toronto center

Jim Karygiannis, Scarborough-Agincourt

Maria Minna, Beaches-East Yor

Patrick Brown, Barrie

John Cannis, Scarborough Center

Paul Calandra, Oak Ridges-Markham

Kristy Duncan, Etobicoke North

Ruby Dhalla, Brampton-Springdale

Albina Guaneri, Mississauga East-Cooksville

DereK Lee, Scarborough-Rouge River

John McKay, Scarborough-Guildwood

Robert Oliphant, Don Valley west

Yasmin Ratansi, Don valley East

Judy Sgro – North York

Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Etobicoke Centre


These MPS have made patently incorrect statements in Parliament just to please their Eelamist Tamil voters. John McKay presented a petition to parliament from some members of his riding, with little control over the validity of the claims made in the petition. These MPS have gone to rallies, met with foreign LTTE activists like Bryan Seneviratne etc.


Mr. Bob Rae had arranged a “private visit” to Sri Lanka, with individuals to be visited as arranged mostly by his Eelamist constituency. When details of his proposed visit came to light, the Sri Lankan government refused to issue a visa (Summer 2009) to Bob Rae, even though Rae had been to Sri Lanka many times before (previously as an official guest), and not as a “private visitor” under the control of the Eelamist organizations.

4 Lucas









Studied at Isipathana MV. First batch of LTTE recruits, and brother of Natesan who was the LTTE chief of police and later Political commissar. Lucas now lives in Canada
5 Logan, Siva




Siva Sivalogan



Eelamist activist based in Boston. Others active here are said to be Mr. Surenthira Thurairatnam , Mr. Sajeenthiran Kanagaratnam. ,
6 Lochbihler, Ranjith







Ranjith Hennayake, Hannaiduge Ranjith Ananda, Badalgama Berti Germany-based anti-Sri Lankan, Eelamist Propagandist. Possible financial support from the Berghoff Foundatioon.
7 Lynch, Jake


Young Australian academic (Sydney) and fellow traveler of the Eelamists .

















































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