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1 Raj, Jegath Gaspar Rev  Fr Jegath  Catholic Priest and LTTE activist in Tamil Nadu. Wanted by FBI. 
2 Rajaratnam, Raj   An investment fund manager and expatriate Tamil Billionaire in New York. He financed the TRO, and also ran the Galleon Group of Hedge funds.
3 Arumugum Rajeevan LTTE activist, Pleaded guilty to providing and collecting funds to the LTTE-Tiger organizations via collections in Australia. He was sentenced to one year in prison and released for good behaviour for three years, in 2010 by Justice Coghlan of Melbourne who has given sentences sympathetic to LTTE supporters.
4 Dr. Ragavan, Raga LTTE activist, Australian Federation of Tamil Associations, in Canberra, Australia
5 Dr. Victor Rajakulendran Rajakulendran, Victor LTTE activist, Australian Federation of Tamil Associations, in Sydney, Australia 
6 Rajaratnam, Sellathamby One of the masterminds behind the LTTE suicide bombing of the Central Bank building in Colombo on January 31, 1996. The suspected terrorist had been hiding among civilians in a welfare camp in Vavuniya, and arrested in November 2009. Central bank bombing
7 T . Thurairajasingham Ramesh alias Romeo Siera alias Col Ramesh  He was presented as an “independent unbiased witness” by Channel-4 TV program “Killing Fields of Sri Lanka”, aired on June 14, 2011.Ramesh was a senior LTTE military leader responsible for many attacks against Government forces. He was responsible for killing 600 unarmed policeman who had surrendered to the LTTE in 1990. Some of his other involvements were as follows; a. Led the attacks on Elavalai and Sandiveli in 1995. b. Attack on Kinniady army camp on 22/02/1996. c. Attack on STF at Vellaveli on 11/03/1996. d. Attack on Army foot patrol at Karadhikulam on 06/05/1996. e. Led the attack on Mavadiwembu Army detachment on 21March 2007. f. Led the counter attack against the security forces attack to liberate Andankulam, Parappakadaththan and Adampan areas in January-April 2008. g. Led the counter attack against the security forces deployment in Akkarayankulam area in September 2008. h. Led the counter attack against the security forces attack to liberate Iranamadu area in December 2008. j. The subject was involved in planning the Jayasikuru operation counter attack in 1997/1998. k. Planning and execution of massacres and ethnic cleansing of vulnerable Sinhalese villages. Ministry of Defence News release and Images

Amparai-Batticaloa LTTE military commander who together with Col Nagulan remained loyal to Prabhakaran after the Karuna split.


8 Dr. S. Ramdoss LTTE Tamil Nadu politician and a leader of the Pattali Makkal Kadchchi. The Vanniyar Sangam, a caste based party that aimed to lobby for the community in the northern and parts of the western districts of Tamil Nadu, later became a full-fledged political party called the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) with its founder leader S Ramadoss aligning with major parties like the DMK or the AIADMK in the State. The PMK in now with the AIADMK. (see Tamil nadu political Parties) 
9 Ramakrishnan, Mohan Chairman (2011) of the so-called “National Council of Canadian Tamils.Northern Toronto, at 3510 Finch Avenue East, Unit 10, 
10 P. Ramaswamy  Prof. P. Ramaswamy –  Hard-core LTTE supporter and Tamil politician based in Malasyia. Deputy minster of Penanag state in 2010. He has been denied entry to India in 2010 when he attempted to come to the so called “Tamil Literary Festival”.These “Tamil literary” festivals have been highly politicized events, where the first one in Jaffna let to riots and deaths, instigated by the then young militant groups, and stupid retaliation by police not trained in dealing with terrorism.


11 Ratnam Master  Headed the specialized Radha Brigade which provided personal security to Prabhakaran and his family. He was a retired teacher, and a head of Intelligence. He was also responsible for planning the attack on the Anuradhapura air base.He had planned and executed torture of government soldiers captured by the LTTE during War. They include three lieutenant commanders of the Navy. This massacre, according to evidence that has surfaced, had been carried out on January 17, 2009. One of the victims is believed to be Lieutenant Commander Ratnayake, i who went missing when Dvora fast attack craft P 413 came under LTTE heavy gunfire on seas off Delft. Another victim, Lt Cmdr Edirisinghe had been captured by the Tigers after his craft Dvora P416 was attacked and sunk off Vettilaikerni ( while it was escorting troop carrier ‘Pearl Cruiser’ on May 11, 2006 The four terrorists in custody have revealed that the 26 security forces personnel were held in a torture chamber on the orders of Ratnam Master when the troops began their march towards the LTTE fortress in Pudukudiiruppu (aluthkulissa) after taking the LTTE Kilinochchi base.


12 Father Ratnapala, Philip Came to Ottawa in 1972 and subsequently a spokesman for the’ Eelamist camp . 
13 Rathnasabapathi, Narendran Naren key figure of the LTTE’s foreign procurement arm with diversified businesses in real estate and share-markets. Allegedly involved in many illegal arms procurement deals, Naren has been deported by Singaporean authorities several times.
14 Ratnavale, Roy  –  Vice President, Canadian Tamil Congress. An investment fund manager based in Vancouver. He writes articles espousing the Eelamist cause. Roy Ratnavale has been a spokesman supporting the boat-load of Tamil refugee claimants who arrived in Victoria in November 2009. These refugee claimants are alleged to be ex-LTTE cadre or their associates. Ratnavale’s claims in favour of the illegal would-be immigrants have been refuted by an ex-ambassador of the Canadian government in an article written to the National Post. See also, the article by Rasalingam On 17th Nov 2009, Roy Ratnavale has written to our editors/service-providers and complained that

“It has been brought to my attention recently that the above link contains malicious, slanderous, unsubstantiated information as it relates to my name (see entry “Roy Ratnavale.”) The details relating to my name are incorrect, unfounded and designed to tarnish my reputation; as such libelous in nature and may have serious legal implications to the content provider.”

We have written to Ratnavale asking him to furnish a corrected profile about him, indicating what items are incorrect, so that we can review the material.

We would like to know the answers to the following:

Is he, or is he not, the vice president of of the Canadian Tamil Congress? As far as we are aware, the answer is YES.

Has he, or has he not, written articles supporting the separatist cause of the Tamil Tigers? Look at the Sri Lanka Guardian and we see that the answer is YES.

Has there been no allegations regarding Tamil diaspora funds? The article by Rasalingam a fellow Tamil, already makes such suggestions. Has he taken it up with the Sri Lanka Guardian?

What are the names of the investment management firms and other firms that Ratnavale is involved in?

Is it not in the interest of the public to know these facts?

15 Ravishankar, Kanagarajah Sangili SEE full entry under Kanagarajha Allegedley an ex-sea Tiger. He has been accused of transporting would be illegal immigrants. He is alleged to be involved with the 76 would be immigrants who arrived in Victoria, BC, in 2009. Ravishankar studied navigation in Canada and became a Canadian citizen. Associate of Nediyawan (nediyavan) of Norway
16 Root Ravi One time head of the LTTE’s “economic development organization” TEEDOR, a front organization for fund raising. He lives in London, and is opposed to KP.
17 Refugees Immigrant claimants The earliest political refugee claimants came after the 1983 “Black-July race riots. However, by then Canada required a visitor’s visa for Sri Lankans and began to tighten immigration. In 1986 August, 155 Tamils arrived on the Newfoundland coast, claiming refugee status. “Cold, hungry and crowded into two lifeboats, men, women and children were spotted through the fog off Newfoundland yesterday and picked up by three Canadian fishing boats. They said they had been adrift for five days, the Canadian Coast Guard reported. Although there was a highly polarized public opinion, Bryan Mulroney decided to accept them without further ado.Australia, Canada, EU countries have been in the news for a longtime. Countries like China have not had such difficulties due to more strict regulations, and because many of these “refugees” are economic refugees, although they claim to be political refugees. People-smuggling operatives work from Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, Thailand, Indonesia, south Afria etc. A 2010 report from Chennai is illuminating. Abduction of Shanmugavel in Chennai Alex and the Ozzie media by Michael Roberts

The cost of processing immigrants Toronto immigration lawyers estimate it’ll cost about $22 million in legal fees for refugee hearings and appeals for the claimants. Lawyer Richard Kurland said it’ll cost $50,000 to process each refugee claim and that sum drops to $29,000 a case under new laws. Kurland said about 91% of Sri Lankan refugees are accepted by an immigration and refugee board (IRB) to stay in Canada. “Most of this group will end up living in Canada legally,” he said. “The majority are accepted by the IRB as legitimate refugees.” Public Security Minister Vic Toews has said the government “must ensure that our refugee system is not hijacked by criminals or terrorists.”

It takes over 6 months for the Canadian authorities to process these immigrant batches (~500 people). In contrast, according to Asoka Weerasinghe, a correspondent writing in the Ottawa Citizen, Sri Lankan government was forced to process 300,000 Tamils who flew out of the clutches of the LTTE in April-May 2009 and it took six months to do the job. The efficient, humanitarian handling of the IDPs (internally displace persons) by the Sri lankan government has been documented by UN agencies as well as by independent scholars. Omanthai! Omanthai! Succour for the Tamil Thousands, by Prof. Michael Roberts Omanthai is the Tamil name for the village known in Sinhala as Omanda (ඕමන්ද).


18 Regi, K. P. He is executive director of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) a front organization for fund raising which is now banned in most counties. He lives in London, and is opposed to KP.
19 Rudrakumaran, Visuvanathan  New York attorney at Law and son of an ex-Mayor of Jaffna. He participated in the LTTE delegation of the Norwegian sponsored Peace Process. He has pushed the LTTE claim that “the SL government practices Genocide of the Tamils”.He has spearheaded the attempt to lift the US ban on the LTTE. He is chairman of the “provisional transnational government of Tamil Eelam”. Eelam in exile provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (PTGTE)


20 Ryan, Joan British Labour MP, Enfield North. Participating in a meeting of an Eelamist front, she called for expelling Sri Lanka from the commonwealth. After her defeat in the 2010 general election, she has found employment with the leading LTT front in the UK, the BTF Secretariat. In her capacity as an offical of the BTF, Ryan on Dec. 3, 2010 filed an application on behalf of the GTF in London for an arrest warrant against Maj. Gen. Chagi Gallage, of the Presidential Security Division, alleging that he had committed ‘war crimes.’
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