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1 Edmund Rice Center, NSW, Australia 


Director, Phil Glendenning, and spokes person Dr John Sweeney. This is an organization with strong Church affiliations and influenced by Eelamist Tamil clergy. It is linked with Caritas International ( a Vatican based organization) in several projects. It is active with organizations attempting to convert Aboriginal Australians to the Christian church.   Website
2 EaswaryPrincess Easwary,migrant-ship) , Easwari 

MV Ocean lady, Easwari

The name of a ship which arrived in B.C. carrying 76 Sri Lankan migrants whose objective was to claim asylum without going through the standard immigration process. They were immediately arrested by the Canada Border Services Agency, while the ship owners and others who probably exploited these would-be refugees seem to be beyond the law! The men were all deemed potential security threats and detained for three months. Many of their applications are still pending (2010), in a process that could take years and cost the Canadian government $40,000 to $50,000 per applicant. In the end, most of them were released into the community and it will take years to hear their cases by the immigration authorities. see also MV Sun sea, a ship with 492 migrants which arrived in August 2010 See also under Kanthaskaran
3 Eelam in Exile, TGTE 

LTTE face of Eelamist movement

Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (PTGTE) see under TGTE
4 Elango, G Arrested in Chennai in 2007 carrying British Passports and counterfeit ATM cards. Elango, from Middlesex, UK, is said to be a shareholder in ‘Thamilini’ — a grocery shops chain operated by the LTTE in UK.
5 Ela Aruna A terrorist does not wear a label of a terrorist. But is an ordinary person with a hatred beyond comprehension, sufficient to kill and maim a community or group.The Tsarnaev Brothers were not suspected by their colleagues.  Tamerlan was inspired by the Al Qaeda ideology.

“Ela Aruna” (ஈழவேந்தன்)  is inspired by the LTTE ideology Braunschweig University of Technology Engineering Management · Braunschweig, Germany

Tamil Tiger Terrorist Agent

Ela Aruna

He works with the terrorist propaganda machinery

All concerned parties requested to provide information on “Ela Aruna” and his activities.

Alert: Universities and Educational Institutes requested to screen their students and staff at regular intervals.

6 Eliezer, Christie Jeyam Jaffna educated brilliant mathematician who became a Cambridge Fellow and a Univ. of Ceylon Mathematics Professor in the 1950s. In Colombo he became a favorite of the right-wing Colombo society thorough his lay preaching of Christianity, which was quite unusual for a Scientist. He was married to the daughter of Rev. Handy, and hence was the brother in law of Maithreepala Senanayake, long-standing Cabinet Minister of the SLFP who was an old boy of Jaffna College. Eliezer retired from the La Trobe University, Australia in the 1990s. His politics, influenced by A. J. Wilson’s radicalization, as well as the communal excesses and violence of the JR Jayawardena government, became radicalized in Australia, where he became a leading “Eelam Icon of respectability”. He, like Satchi Sri Kantha and other younger talented expatriate Tamil intellectuals, seems to have had no difficulty with the increasingly violent path of political eliminations and child conscriptions taken up by the LTTE since the 1980s. Eliezer organized the 1996 “international Tamil Studies conference” which was said to be for drumming up support for the LTTE and giving it respectability. Prabhakaran elected Eliezer to the “Maamanthar” rank in 1997. Eliezer died shortly afterwards. His Sri Lankan students, totally unaware of Eliezer’s unfortunate turn in politics, collected money for an “Eliezer fund” because of their respect for his contributions to teaching Mathematics at the University of Ceylon. . Regarding the 1998 Tamil hero’s day Eliezer stated: “Ever present in our hearts and minds is an awareness that so many gallant men and women are dying not only defending our homes, homeland and language, but also standing between the Tamil Eelam nation and annihilation. Once a year the Tamil people spread around the globe collectively honour the Tamil heroes.”His support for violent politics was clearly a gradual polarization associated with the worsening of the situation in Sri Lanka,
7 Elagupillai, V 


Ex-engineer who worked for Atomic Energy Canada. He was the Eelamist activist who organized an Eelamist fund raiser in Toronto where Leading Liberals including Paul Martin were present, perhaps without fully knowing the nature of the under-belly of the Eelamist movement. Read the report by John Thompson in The Mackenzie Institute Subsequently Dr. Elagupillai is said to have established a Pharmacy school which also looked for immigration of prospective students to Canada. Elagupillai has organized Eelamist “Tamil Studies” conferences under the aegis of the University of Ottawa and the Carlton University. The bio-data of Elagu, as written by him, states that he was born in “Tamil Eelam”. He is said to have swayed the Liberal Party by his claims of being able to command a block vote from the Tamil community.
8 Eelaventhan, M. K.Kanakendran, M. K. “Eelaventhan” means “king of Eelam, and seems to be a nickname applied to this TNA member of Parliament who was a favourite of the LTTE. He was appointed via the national list in 2004. However, he fell foul of the LTTE and escaped to Canada as a refugee claimant. He still says nothing against the LTTE, but attacks the leaders of the TNA.
9 Emmanuel, S. J. 

Father S. J. EmmanuelDr. S. J. EmmanuelFr. Emmanuel

LTTE leader operating through the premier LTTE front, Global Tamil Forum. The de facto leader is said to be Sivaparan alias Nediyawan of Norway. SJ Emmanuel was based in Rosendahl, Germany. He Writes to the TamilNet, Tamil Nation etc. Photographs of Fr. Emmanuel with Castro, the LTTE arms procurement officer, as well as photos of Emmanuel with Prabhakaran, and addressing LTTE gatherings, were captured by the army when it defeated the LTTE. Nevertheless, he was allowed to address the British House of Commons on 24 feb. 2010.Photos of Emmanuel with the LTTE leaders in VanniFormer Vicar General of the Catholic diocese of Jaffna. Such people have been influential in swaying the opinion of church fathers in many Catholic countries, and in South Africa, as well as organizations like Caritas, to be sympathetic to the LTTE. A number of influential British Labour party Catholics have been brought into the British Tamil Forum (BTF) by Emmanuel’s associates. [British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and several MPs had addressed the GTF on February 25 2010 in London, just prior to an up-coming general election lost by Labour]
10 ENDLF Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (according to Tamil Net, ENDLF is a Sri Lankan paramilitary group based in India. See their website: TheeporiIn November 2010, at a meeting held in Bangalore, the ENDLF issued the following resolution and requests:1. To request the Government of India to bear in mind the fact that the E.N.D.L.F (Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front) never acted at any time against the development of India and her integration but supported the Indo-Sri Lankan pact even in the days of storm and strife and sacrificed 1700 mighty Eelam Tamils pinning their faith on the promise made by the then Prime minister Shree Rajiv Gandhi to form North East Provincial council and to do the needful to save the Eelam Tamils from the untold atrocities committed by the Sinhalese,2. To request the Government of India to comply with the plea of E.N.D.L.F to send once again with commiseration in heart a new PEACE MAKINIG FORCE since IPKF with its 50,000 troops made unprofitable return to India in the year 1990, probe into the grave problems, find permanent solutions for them and render poetic justice to us, as we cannot live any longer in fool’s paradise hoping in vain that Sri Lankan Government will condescend to agree to give us a free and peaceful life.

3. To request the benign Government of India to do the needful to constitute a provincial council consisting of the North and East provincial council with empowerment for the benefit of the Eelam Tamils as promised in the year 1987.

4. To request the Government of India to do the needful to check the Anti Tamil attitude of the Sri Lankan Government that have cheated India and the Eelam Tamils many a time and also to put an end to the foul deed of the Sinhalese Government that is unlawfully settling their own people in the regions of the Eelam Tamils under the pretext of striving for the rehabilitation of the Tamils and the reconstruction of Sri Lanka.

5. To request the Government of India to do the needful to evict the intruding Sinhalese totally from the ancestral land of the Tamils as the Sinhalese Government made them settle down there unlawfully after they had attained independence in the year 1948 though they stopped doing so for a brief period of three years when the IPKF was there in Sri Lanka

6. To request the Government of India to do the needful to prevent the Buddhist monks from erecting Buddhist temples to spread Buddhism with the strong support of their government under the pipal trees wherever they grow in our regions and also to demolish those temples already erected with a selfish motive.

7. To request the Government of India being the biggest and the most powerful Democratic country to conduct judicial inquiry for the carnage perpetrated on the Tamils by Srilankan Government as it was beyond doubt an ethnic murder and not the anti – terrorists activities.

8. To request the Government of India to be gracious enough to do the needful to take up the responsibility of maintaining the refugee camps properly in Tamil Nadu till the refugees return to OUR Tamil Eelam very happily and proudly after finding solutions to all problems. And the Government of India to free the Sri Lankan refugees from the fear of the police especially the Q Branch who intimidate and treat the refugees as slaves for the simple reason they yearn for freedom.

9. To request the Government of India to do the needful to evict the Sinhalese fisher men colonisation in north–east coastal line that actually belongs to the Eelam Tamils as the Tamils alone have got every right to fish there.

10. If the Tamils do not get succor from India we request the government of India to constitute a higher level International committee consisting of those countries that have taken under their wings of love the Sri Lankan refugees in large numbers to render justice to us and enable us to enjoy our birth rights in the world where the DONORS COUNTRIES released fabulous funds to the blood thirsty Sri Lankan government to buy deadly armaments when the relentless riot was raging and tearing Sri Lanka.


11 Ethiraveerasingham, Arjunan A Eelamist activist and employed by the TRO whose funds were frozen by the FBI as it was considered to be an LTTE front organization.

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