1 Sabaratnam, Sahilal Former communicationsdirector of the Canadian

Tamil Congress. He has been arrested for procuring arms

and working for a terrorist organization, viz., LTTE,

banned in Canada.

2 Shanthela Easwarakumar Shanthela is a member of the Tamil Youth Organisation(TYO) of the LTTE. She

worked with TRO in Canada

and the Canadian Tamil

Congress (CTC). When

Human Rights Watch

exposed LTTE extortion

in Canada, she white-washed the LTTE and attempted to discredit the HRW report.

3 Sangarasivam, Sam Information-systems professional in his 60s from Milton, Ont., and Trans-national Govt. of Tamil Eeelam (TGTE) activist.
4 Sangarasivam, yamuna Social scientist-anthropologist and Activist who has represented Female Tiger suicide cadre as “freedom fighters”, and justifies violence against non-combatant civilians.See “Violence and the body: race, gender, and the state” By Arturo J. Aldama (Indiana 2003), where she contributes the strongly Eelamist -ideological chapter: “Militarizing the Feminine Body”. Militarizing the Feminie Body .
5 Sampanthan, R Sambandan, R. Leader of the TNA-Eelamist proxy party which was formed in 2001. he moved the TNA to support Gen. Fonseka against the Rajapaksa government in Dec. 2009, leading to a fractured Tamil political agenda. Today the TNA remnant has resurrected essentially the old Thimpu-talks manifesto. See the write up under TNA .
6 Sarachandran, Sathajhan Satha He was a national president of the Canadian Tamil Students Association and computer science student. He was arrested by the RCMP and the FBI for LTTE-terrorist activities (procurement of arms etc) in Canada. Sentenced to 26 years in US prison
7 Sathyenda, Nadesan Son of Senator Nadesan and wealthy Lawyer based in UK. He has been defence counsel in may cases involving the LTTE (e.g., Thangathurai case, March 1983) and Tamil nationalist causes. His writings are featured in the “Tamilnation” website.
8 Sathianesan, Paul Eelamist activist and Councillor in the Tamil populated East Ham, London.   On UK Tamils
9 Sebastian Seeman Indian (Tamil Nadu) Filmmaker and Eelamist advocate. He was deported out of Canada in November 2009 for making a fiery speech in Toronto. He advocated a new separatist military effort in Sri Lanka.   Seeman in distress – DBSJHe has launched a party known as “Naam Thamilar” in 2010.
10 Selvarasa A. Neelan Banu – LTTE activist and operative arrested in Pettah, Colombo in 2010.
11 Sellathurai, Kula                 –              3010 President of Canada-Sri Lanka Business Council, United Tamil council of Canada
12 Senathiraja, Mavi Maavai Seanthirajah TNA & TULF member of parliament.
13 A. T. Shanthan One-time head of the LTTE in London
14 Seneviratne, Bryan Brian Seneviratna Unabashed LTTE activist and medical doctor based in Brisbane. Married to a Tamil lady (Kamalini). He exploits his relationships with the SWRDBandaranaike and regards SWRD as a “traitor” who deviated from the anglicized traditions of the early Bandaranikes. He also claims that Edmund Samarakkdoy is his uncle. Asian Tribune article about Brian Seneviratna An interesting LTTE video footage (YouTube) shows Brian Seneviratna addressing an LTTE rally. LTTE video footage
15 Senthkumar, K British Tamil Forum activist and said to be a hard-core Eelamist activist.
16 Selvakoon, Meera           – Treasurer of the Canadian Tamil congress, believed to be an Eelamist front organization. Meera is a GP practicing in Richmond Hill, Ont.
17 Selvarajah, Ram Lisgar resident Ram Selvarajah, 39, is the sixth candidate to run in municipal elections for mayor in 2010. He ran unsuccessfully for trustee in his ward in 2006.Ram Selvarajah and his wife came from Cambridge, Ontario, about 700 km from Ottawa to participate in the token fast in support of Suresh Manickavasakam. He came with the organization called ‘Save Suresh Campaign’. See our write up about Suresh manikavasakam who was the chief fund raiser for the LTTE in Ontario. He is said to be active with the TCHRRam Selvarajah calims that “Suresh mobilized Tamils against the human rights violations in Sri Lanka. Just before the arrest, Suresh organized a large demonstration in Toronto. Close to 25,000 (said to be a vast exaggeration!) people took part in it and it was one of the largest political demonstrations in Canada. This made him a target of Sri Lankan government,” he said. Ram dismissed the argument that Suresh is a potential threat to Canada. “Suresh lived in Canada for more than four years and he had never committed any crime.”Ram Selvaraja worked closely with Velluppillai Thangavelu of FACT, alleged to be an LTTE front organization in the mid 1990s. However, it should be noted that the LTTE was NOT a baane dorganization until the advent of the Harper Government.
18 Selvasivan, Darshikas Coalition for Tamil Elections Canada spokes-person for the Dec. 19th Poll. The majority of polling stations in Canada for the referendum are in the GTA and Southern Ontario. However, polls have been opened in most other major Canadian cities, including in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. About 100K people are expected to vote.
19 Sherman, Brad US congressman, California Democrat had supported the Eelamist-separatist agenda. Sri Lankan expatriates handed over a petition which Mr. Sherman willingly accepted but left when the Sri Lankan expatriates questioned his support to Tamil Tigers and about accepting funds from its US front organization, the TRO sometime ago. The TRO and the LTTE are now a banned organization in the US.
20 Vijaratnam Sivanesan Ragu, Ragupathy He operates in switzerland, and took over from Kularajasekeram alias Kulam
21 Subramanium Savagami Kamalini Ex-LTTE Political Division Leader Subramaniam Sivagami alias Kamalini was remanded by order of the Colombo Chief Magistrate, July 2011. Magistrate Rashmi Singapulli made the order sequel to a request by the CID which claimed it had sent extracts of the investigations report to the Attorney General and they were awaiting his response. The CID earlier complained to the Magistrate that Kamalani had functioned as the LTTE Political Division Leader at the time of her arrest in Vavuniya. CID investigations had revealed that she had travelled to Switzerland and Norway in May 2003 and conducted orientation sessions for Tamil women in those countries. Back in Vanni, she had even run an office in Kilinochchi and had been provided with a vehicle for her use by the LTTE.
22 Harini Sivalingam Media activist and “human-rights” lawyer associated with the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), a LTTE organization in rivalery with the Nehru Gunaratna faction. She is also implicated in the Lawyers Rights watch Canada, an NGO which involves Garry Anadasangaree and the Hong-Kong based Basil Fernando, and Craig Scott, an Osgood Hall lawyer-academic who works with these Tamil organizations.
23 Dr. Sivalingam, Ram Engineer. TGTE “cabinet member. Head (2011) of Canadian Chapter of a “moderate” LTTE group linked with Uruthira Viswanathan of USA.
24 Siva Sangary Early (1973) associate of Prabhakaran, KPathmanathan and Anton balasingham. He was largely responsible for building up the LTTE air wing (Tamileelam Air Force)”. He studied in the Vanni, then in Chennai (India) and worked in Montreal, Canada before he returned to SL in the early 1980s. He was involved in the LTTE kidnapping of the rival Tamil group (PLOTE) commander Kannan in Chennai, 1985, as well as other violent inter-tamil eleminination acts. He was 52 years old when he was killed by a Claymore mine near Oddusuddan in Sept 2001. The LTTE media issued the statement that: “The overall deputy commander of the LTTE’s military division Col. Balraj has been given special powers by the supreme commander to take all measures necessary to eradicate the selective assassination campaign conducted against its high-ranking leaders allegedly by a “deep penetration commando unit of the Sri Lankan army”. This long range deep penetration unit (LRDP), dreaded by the LTTE, was secretly exposed by the Ranil Wickremasinghe regime allegedly to satisfy an agreement between Wickremasinghe, the LTTE and the Norwegiens, in the context of the CFA. The commandos of the LRDP were subsequently assasinated by the LTTE once their identities were revealed. Apart from Shankar, other senior leaders like Gangai Amaran, deputy chief of the sea tigers, Nizam, LTTE-political head of Batticaloa – Amparai, and Mano, communications chief of the eastern Tigers, have been killed in similar claymore operations of the LRDP. see LRDPMy name is Siva Sangary BS, P.Eng. I am a middle aged Tamil American who graduated from A & M University in Texas in 1986 and currently working as IT/Networking Engineer. I am married and have two young daughters. I am very much disturbed about the way the racist government of Sri Lanka and their massive military juntas perpetrates so much human right violation on Tamil minorities since 1950s and would like work tirelessly to bring the problems faced by our brethren back home to the international arena to seek remedy. I am an ardent supporter for creation of a separate State for Tamils which is our traditional home land for thousands of years.
26 Santhiralingam, Ruban Jayruban Carleton University Alumni, CTC-Eelamist activist
27 Dr. Sathananthan, S Sachithanandam Sathananthan, married to Sahiba Sumar Dr Sathananthan was a Founder-Secretary of the Action Group of Tamils in Colombo (AGOTIC), 1993, which disbanded when Kumar Ponnambalam was assasinated in 2000. He was Assistant Director at the Marga Institute, Colombo where he was a coordinator of research on South Asian regional cooperation conducted by the Committee for Studies on Cooperation in Development in South Asia (CSCD). Sathanantha was Chairman of Mandru (Institute for Alternative Development and Regional Cooperation) which he co-founded in 1989. He commissioned/produced a film entitled ‘Suicide Warriors’ (1996), a half-hour long video seemingly supportive of the suicide-women cadre of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka. This film was broadcast by Channel Four Television, London. He has worked with ZDF, German Television film production group and Channel-4 in UK, and in India and PakistanIn September 2004 he stated that: “The LTTE-led Tamil national movement has the unwavering support of the vast majority of Tamils. To crush the LTTE they have to first defeat the Tamil people. That is impossible.” he also attacked the moderates accussing them of treachery:In Sri Lanka, Tamil quislings of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) and of other assorted Colombo-based Tamil parties are engaged in their customary treachery. They keep calling for “talks”; but they have deliberately kept quiet about the trap the international community has set for the LTTE in the Tokyo Declaration. They are desperately hoping that the Sinhala State would co-operate with the international community and entice the LTTE into “talks.” The Tamil quislings are greedily awaiting the day when the Sinhala State would disarm the LTTE through “talks,” or by other means, and pave the way for them to continue to betray the LTTE-led Tamil national movement without fear of retribution.Tamil net feature on Sathananthan After the fall of the LTTE, he has written many articles from the Eelamist point of view, but beating a very different tune:Sathanathan on the Fall of Prabhakaran
28 Sathyapava, Asirvatham Arrested in Thailand in 2007 for smuggling arms for the LTTE, together with Thevarajah Sashiharan and U. G. Gunapala., to be dispatched to Mooladoova (Mullaitivu)
29 Seevaratnam, Emden LTTE financial dealer and manager of the Muththumari Amman temple in Tooting in London.
30 Ranjan Selva TGTE southern rep. he gives his bio in 2010 as: “I am an entrepreneur having built and run several businesses over the last 30 years in the state of Texas. I live in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex with my wife and two children. I have always been involved in “our freedom struggle” going back 25 years when I helped establish a Thamil Sangam in the DFW metroplex along with my dear friend Rudra while he was a graduate student at SMU. Over the years I have helped many of our young Tamil men and women establish their life here in the US. While many escaped persecution back home and struggled to make a new life here in the US I have helped them with jobs, education and other basic needs. I have tirelessly campaigned over the years taking our cause to many public servants and representatives at both the local and national levels. In a time when the world is shying away from supporting the legitimate freedom struggle of our people I think it is more critical now than ever before to come together and rally around this democratic and transparent process of the Trans National Government of Tamil Ealam. In the coming months I expect to work hard with my colleagues and many subject matter experts to bring forth our struggle for justice, freedom and ultimately nationhood to the world.”
31 Shalk, Peter German Theologian, Tamil scholar and Academic now working in Upsala, Sweden. He has been a strong admirer (?) of Prabhakaran, seemingly going to the extent of extolling the Blood and suicide culture of the LTTE. He was consistently supported by “Tamil studies conferences” financed largely by Eelamist supporters, and this was partially responsible for moving him into the midstream of LTTE ideology. Sebastian Rasalingam, a strong Tamil dissident had taken issue with Peter Shalk’s “sanguinary” writings. See Tamil Nationalism becomes the ethno-suicide of Sri Lankan Tamils
32 Shanmugarajaha,Satrubarajah Ruby Caught in Credit card fraud in Norway, 2008 together with Sureswaran Thuraisingham, Kajamugan Parameswaran, Selvakumar Yoganathan, Theepakanth Aiyathurai and Sriranjan Sivananeswaran. See also M. Pathmathas (Thailand), Balakumar Poluthurai (south Africa)
33 Siddiqui He was General Fonseka’s cook, and an LTTE mole who facilitated the attack on Fonseka in 2006.
34 Silva, Premkumar de      – See DeSilva
35 Sinna, Ranjith “Maran” He was Nediyavan’s chief negotiator. He had worked as an aide or secretary for former tiger political adviser Anton Balasingham. Note that another Ranjith” was head of the Eelamist radio “International Broadcasting Corporation” in London.
36 Athiyan Silva Eelam Journalist and deviationist-Marxist [i.e., International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)]. He is a supporter of the “Socialist Equality party” and envisages, wittingly or unwittingly, a race-based, divided Sri lanka as a Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and (Tamil) Eelam as part of the Union of Socialist Republics in South Asia and internationally.
37 Sinnarasa, Philip Anton  Father Sinnarasa Anton Philip Sinnarasa (aka) Father Sinnarasa One of those who escaped from the Batticaloa maximum security prison in the mid 1980s headed the CHVHR, and the Tamil Eelam society (TESC), with the address 1160 Birchmount Rd., Unit 1A Scarborough, Ontario.Sinnarasa was detained in Batticaloa in the 1980s for his alleged involvement with the LTTE. The LTTE had allegedly given him millions of rupees robbed from a government bank at Neerveli, for safe keeping. Sinnarasa subsequently married, allegedly from a family deeply involved with the LTTE and worked full time for the group. Sources allege that Sinnarasa, considered by the Canadian Diaspora as a “God father” of the Canadian LTTE, was attached to the Tamil Eelam Society of Canada, which received financial assistance from the Canadian Government, through the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. Sinnarasa, while promoting the LTTE has been providing re-settlement services to those arriving in Canada, seeking refugee status.
38 Sittappalam, Sita See World Tamil Movement, WTM
39 Gobi Sivanathan A businessman from Hayes, west London and Eelamist activist. His group does not admit the role played by the LTTE in forcing Tamils into human shields in fighting the Sri Lankan army. Sivanthan and others (e.g., Surin Surendiran of the “British Tamils) take the position that the SL govt. deliberately targeted civilians. A number of human-rights advocacy groups have also been influenced by similar lines of thinking (e.g., the prominent Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice). Sivantha has launched a protest march from London to Geneva. In February 2009 another British-based Tamil burned himself to death outside the UN complex claiming to draw attention to the battles in Sri Lanka.
40 S. Sivanayagam subramanium Subra He was in charge of the “Tamil Information center” in Chennai, an organization linked to Kandasamy’s TIC in London. he wrote a book entitled “‘Sri Lanka: Witness to History”.
41 Sivapalan Sinnadurai Dr. He was the personal physician of Prabhakaran from 1997 onwards. He was arrested at the Omathai road block in 2009 by a team of police officers headed by Sub Inspector Abdeen.
42 Sivaparan Perinpanayagam Nediyavan, Nediyawan Neyiyavan was arrested in May 2011 in Holland for illegal fund raisng, extortism etc.. Nediyavan arrested over Dutch terrorist financing case Friday, 20 May 2011 05:01   Tamil Daily news on NeiyavanNediyavan, head of the “hard” faction of the LTTE diaspora, is probably a head of the “seyalahangal” (division) of the Eelamist organization responsible for Diaspora activities. Joined LTTE at age 18. Went to Russia for “studies”. Henchman of Tamilselvan, and went to Thailand for the 4th LTTE-GOSL talks. Married to Sivagowri Shanthamohan, whose uncle was Gnanendramohan, an LTTE activist killed in Jaffna by the army. Sivaparan lives in Norway since 2005. He is a leader of the “anti-RudraKumaran” faction.
43 Sivakumaran P. Ponnudurai Sivakumaran,   “Eelam’s Bhagat Singh” He was a high-school drop out who became an early militant, even before the formation of the LTTE. When caught at a bank robbery in 1984, he killed himself with cyanide to prevent capture by the police. This was the inspiration that gave Prabhakaran the idea of “kuppi” for his future suicide cadre. S. J. V. Chelvanayagam and other members of the TULF had been grooming Sivakumaran as a leader of the “boys”, as far back as 1975. See Article by Michael Roberts
44 Sivaram, Dharmeratnam Taraki Prabhakaran named Sivaram as a Mamanithar (Maha-manthree). see Sivaram eulogyDaily Mirror columnist and a founding Editor of the Tamilnet from 1998. He was originally a member of People’s Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), which was formed following a split from the LTTE. He remained with PLOTE until 1990, when he took to journalism and became well known as Taraki and wrote LTTE articles. He was an original supporter of Uma Maheswaran. He also attempted to disagree with the LTTE and also uncompromisingly attacked Karuna of the TMVP. He was a native of Batticaloa. He was found killed in April 2008.He was introduced in 1982 to young American anthropologists like Mark Whitaker (Drew University, South Carolina) Dennis McGilvray (Colorado University), and Patricia Lawrance (by the Eelamist Father Harry Miller, an American Jesuit missionary from New Orleans who had lived in Sri Lanka since September 1948). Miller was a teacher and rector at St Michael’s College, Madakalapuwa (Batticaloa). The nature of Sivaram’s links with American anthropologists, and the nature of their their links with the US information gathering services have been raised by concerned intellegance experts. Margaret Trawick from the Massey University of New Zealand was another associate of the Sivaram group. Sivaram was believed to be the the columnist “Taraki” with a “5th columnist” edge. The New York-based CIA front “The Committee to Protect Journalists” (CPJ) wrote to President Chandrika Kumarantunga, “condemning such accusations”. The CPJ complained that the accusations were without any “substantive evidence”, tarnishing and endangering Sivaram and his family. Ironically, Sivram probably became a victim of inter-Tamil rivalries in the East rather than those insinuated by the CPJ.
45 Sivarajah, Vaseekaran Kobu, sassi LTTE intelligence – possibly related to Castro and lived in the Vanni area.
46 Ramesh Sivarupan Paris operative of the Rudrakumar (US based) faction of the post-LTTE Diaspora Eelam group. He was murderd in May 2010. Thambiah Ganesh and Kuppilan Ravi, believed to be members of the Nediyavan group of the LTTE faction have been taken into custody by the police in Paris in connection with the abduction and murder of Sivarupan in June 2010.
47 Sivasamy, Prem Activist of the Ottawa Chapter of the CTC, lives in Barhaven since 2001. He immigrated from UK in ’75 to Edmonton
48 Sivasiththamparam, Murugesu TULF president at the formation of the TNA, 2001. He was nominated to parliament in 2001 via the TNA national list, and calimed that he was “prepared to serve under Prabhakaran”. He died in 2002.
49 Skanthadeva, Subramanium Shantha He was involved in an Eelamist radio (`ILC’)broadcasting in UK, and used for propaganda work against the Mahinda Rajapaksa govt.
50 Sokkalingam Gnanalingam Rajan PLOTE (anti-LTTE) supporter based in Switzerland.
51 Sudharshan, R R. Sudharshan (26), a resident of Pozhichalur near Chennai, was arrested 20-ept.2010 for allegedly attempting to smuggle a group of Lankan refugees to Australia from Chennai by sea. Sudharsan had taken money from the refugees belonging to various Tamil nadu IDP camps including the ones at Mandapam, Kanyakumari, Salem, Namakkal, Vazhavandhankottai and Kottapattu in Tiruchi, and instructed them to assemble at Puzhal camp near Chennai.The Indian intellegance ‘Q’ Branch intercepted a Tiruchi-bound tourist bus transporting the group of 37 Sri Lankan Tamils at Kollidam Tollgate on the city’s outskirts. Sri Lankan Tamils Kannan, Uthaman and Eswaran had assisted Sudharshan, who originates in Periamullu (Mahamulla) Sri Lanka.
52 “Sunanthiran” The TULF newspaper of the 1970s which consistently branded Duraiappah (Durayappah) as a “Traitor”, long before he was assassinated.
53 Ramu Supan A LTTE spokesman in the trans-national set up.
54 Sreeharan, Nalini Sri Haran P, Nalini Sriharan Rajive Gandhi Assassin jailed in 1990, and in Vellore prison in 2010. Nalini’s proposed premature release kicks up dust storm again. Three other assasins are known only by single names: Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan. President Patil rejected mercy plea of the three men convicted for the 1991 assasination, while Nalini Sriharan has been given a life sentence. Thursday, August 11, 2011 News Item
55 Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice SLCPJ This is an advocay group which maintains a blog on Sl human-rights issues and has also pushed for a UN-panel investigation on Sri Lanka. It gives the impression that 40,000 civilians were crassely killed by the Government just prior to the demise of the LTTE leaders. see: This is a topic which has also been discussed in a different setting by Dr Michael Roberts, Dr. Kumar David and Lional Bopage in the e-discussion stream Groundviews. The webpages show barbed-wire internment camps, giving the impression that such camps continue to exist in Sri Lanka.
56 Sreeharan Sri Haran P President of Ilankai Tamil Sangam, P. O. Box 46, Maryknoll, NY, USAManaging Editor of “Tamilnet”. He lives in the USA
57 Sri Kantha, Sachi C. P. Goliard He belongs to the older generation of English-educated versatile Tamils who became radicalized in the 1970s and unabashedly began to support the violent path. He is a biochemist based in Tokyo and writes to “The Tamil Nation” and other LTTE publications. He claims to be from “Paruthu Thurai” of Tamil Eelam. Patuthu thurai” is “Pulun doova”. See place.names   In 2009 He gives the following reasons beside advances in military technology, for the failure of the LTTE:”The reasons for LTTE’s military debacle include a natural cause (big tsunami of Dec. 2004), and four human causes (trust-busting betrayal by Karuna, tripe propaganda of Tamil traitors, terrible norms set by the “Little” Bush administration officials (e.g., Ambassador Blake) and the antagonism of IBMs (i.e., Indian Brahamin Mafia). The Tamil “Traitors” listed by SriKantha are as follows: ” A list of these traitors include, Lakshman Kadirgamar, the Hoole brothers, Rohini Hensman, Rajani Thiranagama and D.B.S. Jeyaraj. The themes of tripe propaganda included child warriors, human right violations and militarization of the Tamil society. For survival reasons, the same Tamil traitors turned a blind eye to the deeds of the Sri Lankan government. The worst culprit in this category was Lakshman Kadirgamar”.see “Traitor” Tragedy It seems to us that the “Tamilnation” intellectuals condoned the assassination of “Traitors” like Neelan Thiruchelvam and later, Kadirgamar, and presumably, the political killings that started with the removal of Duraiappah. Dr. Hoole suggests that SriKantha already had prior knowledge on the intended attack on the Gothabaya Rajapakse, the Defense Secretary. Messenger of Death 

[n.b. Regarding the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, see Science, January 28, 2005, pp. 502-504, and Tsunami Study Report 2006, Braunmuehl et al. ]

58 Sri Skandarajah, Bhavan Son of the Judge Sri Skandarajha. An engineer by Training. Currently, he is a strong Activist of the Trans-national Tamil Eelam Advocacy group and contested for the Toronto district (he did not win). He is known to have faced dangerous situations during the Race riots of the 1960s.
59 Sri Ranjan, R Dr. SriRanjan President of the Canadian Tamil congress, believed to be an Eelamistfront organization. He is an Eng. professor at the University of Manitoba. His wife Dr. Sri Navaratnam is also an activist. They are also active in the Global Tamil Forum
60 Sreetharan, Muthuthamby An LTTE activist of the “Tamils against Genocide” program.
61 Suba Suntharalingam TGTE, Nerw England rep. In 2010 he gives his bio as:I am a resident of Winchester MA. And a graduate of the University of Jaffna. I have worked for the Thamil community in the Greater Boston area for many years. Placing our land, our people, and our Martyrs in my heart, I will work towards creating a strong and free Government of Thamileelam. My goal is to immediately work towards releasing and rehabilitating the Cadres, children, women and old alike from the “concentration camps”.
62 Shan Sundaram TGTE, New jersey rep. In 2010 his bio is given as:”Mr. Sundaram has been living in NJ and PA areas for 33 years and immigrated from Sri Lanka. An Alumni of the of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, Mr. Sundaram graduated in 1980. He is an active USTPAC member and also working with the committee for “Boycott Sri Lanka” campaign. He attended US Congressional and Senate hearings on Sri Lanka’s “war crimes”. He also provided information to NGO\u2019s about on the ongoing “war crimes” in Sri Lanka. He also lobbied US elected officials about alleged human rights abuses in Sri Lanka. Mr. Sundaram Volunteered in 2008 Presidential campaign for Barack Obama and had an opportunity to meet him during campaign. He enjoys paintings as a hobby and maintain two web sites http://www.free-tamil.com and http://www.sundaram-art.com.
63 Sun Sea (ship with Tamil migrants) MV Sun sea, MV Harin Panich 19 Believed to be a ship carrying 500 Tamil asylum seekers headed for Canada’s shores, August 2010. They seemed to have started from Songkhla, Thailand. This is a small port close to the Malaysian border and know for human trafficing, illegal sea-faring and a local sex trade. The cargo ship, formerly known as MV Harin Panich 19, registered in Thailand, was reported to be travelling towards the Canadian coast after a failed attempt to reach Australia, according to Sri Lanka’s Sunday Observer. The vessel was allegedly sighted off the western coast of Guatemala on July 17, according to a report in the Asian Tribune that cited no sources. Sri Lanka’s high commissioner in Ottawa contends the ship is captained by a man named “Captain Vinod”, (Kamalraj Kandasamy) a senior member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.National Post, Feb-12,2011The ‘impossible’ voyage of a Tamil ghost shipGlobe and mail report, 23rd June 2010

Alex and the Ozzie media by Michael Roberts

490: Who are the men, women and children who arrived by ship on our doorstep? Vancouver Sun, 15-Aug-2010

It has also been alleged that the MV Sun Sea is a ship which gathered elite LTTE families who had resided in Indonesia, Malaysia and India to Canada. Island article, August 2010; Move to shift LTTE base to Canada prompted by KP’s arrest   Tiger newpaper reporter’s case

64 Subramaniyan, Parameswaran  – Subramaniyan launched a hunger strike in front of the British parliament. The hunger strike lasted till June 16th. Police mounted a 24-hour presence in Parliament Square from April 6 to June 17. Several hundred protesters were at the site every day with the numbers swelling to thousands each time there were fresh reports of escalated fighting during the Sri Lankan government’s offensive to end its 25-year war against the LTTE.subsequently it was claimed that the “hunger strike”, which was the nucleus of the protest, was faked. Two newspapers claimed Subramaniyan was eating hamburgers delivered from MacDonald’s, as caught in clandestine police cameras. Faked Hunger strike reported in the Daily Mail This was challenged in court by Subramaiyan, and the newspapers were unable to defend themselves.
65 Suren Surendiran UK-London based Eelamist -activist for Global Tamil Forum, and British Tamil Forum (BTF). The case against Suren Surendiran
66 John Sweeney Edmund Rice Centre (ERC) spokesperson. The ERC has fallen under the orbit of allegedly Eelamist Diaspora groups, possibly via influential Catholic Tamil clergy.”Brisbane archdiocese’s Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC) executive officer Peter Arndt said the “blanket suspension of processing claims from Sri Lankans and Afghans does not treat people as human beings with personal stories and experiences but as bureaucratic categories devoid of any human dignity”. Catholic Leader article   Brisbane catholic LeaderIt should be noted that many LTTE refugees are Catholics, as the Tamil insurrection was led by low-caste Tamils who had moved to Catholicism to escape the discrimination imposed on them by high caste Tamils. This protest movement became a Tamil-Nationalist racist program demanding exclusive Tamil enclaves in the North and east of the island and led to a 30 years of Terrorism.   See also “Phil Glendenning”
67 Swiss “LTTE”       – Lanka welcomes Swiss swoop on LTTE rump
68 Col. Suresh Amuthan See under “Amuthan”
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