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1 Weerasinghe, jagath  His political stand has made him into an allegedly fellow traveller of Dr. Vickramabahu Karunarathna, Prof. Sucharitha Gamlath, Prof. Jayantha Senevirathna, Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri, Dr. Terrence Purasinghe, Chandrapala Kumarage (Attorney-at-law), Rev. Fr. Yohan Devananda, Patrick Fernando, Prof. Kumar David and others whose pronouncements have become effectively Eelamist. He has worked for NGOs pushing the Norwegian vision, the Sudunelum movement, “Peace” train project, and organized Artists groups (Vibavi Academy of Fine Arts, 1997-2000) against the war directed to suppress the LTTE.
2 Whitaker,Mark  Associate prof. of Anthropology at South Carolina. He had began ethnographic studies in the Batticaloa district (1997), the home area of Sivaram , alias “Taraki”, and migrated naturally into the so-called “Tamil studies conferences” organized and often tacitly funded by ultra-nationalist and Eelamist Diaspora groups. Many of these have been held in Toronto and other cities with a heavy Tamil presence. The “Tamil studies conferences”, started in the 70s, initially invited only committed Eelamist Tamil scholars. The organizers followed the policy of sponsoring, funding and nurturing young western scholars to gradually build up a supportive community for themselves, and gain academic credibility and respectability for their ethnic exclusivist apartheid-like Eelam concepts. They also could get western scholars access to the LTTE held areas for ‘anthropological’ work.Whitaker has written on the “anthropology” of the Tamilnet, and papers like

Internet counter counter-insurgency: TamilNet.com and ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. In Native on the Net: Indigenous and Diasporic Peoples in the Virtual Age, pp 255-271. Kyra Landzelius, ed. London: Routledge. 2006.

Trauma and Agency in Sri Lanka and in the Tamil Diaspora in the ‘New media’ Age (paper delivered at the Third Annual Tamil Studies conference, University of Toronto, May 17, 2008.),

Reflections on Sri Lankan Tamil Identity before and after a Social Trauma: Nationalism and Other Forms of Community in Village Politics. In New Directions: Essays in Tamil Studies. R. Cheran, Darshan Ambalavanar, and Chelva Kanaganayakam, eds. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc. 2008.


3 Whitehall, John Medical doctor and Eelamist activist based in Sydney, Australia. He visited the Vanni when it was under the Tigers. Whitehall writes articles in the “www.tamilsydney.com website. Whitehall has presented the claims of Genocide, cluster bomb use etc., against the Sri lankan Govt., supporting the hard-Eelamist position.
4 Wickramasinghe, Nanda After the fall of the LTTE, this author wrote: President Rajapakse plunged the island back to civil war in mid-2006 and ruthlessly prosecuted military operations against the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) resulting in thousands of civilians deaths.
5 Wijemanna, Adrian London-based Leftist Eelamist fellow-traveler. Married to a Tamil lady.
6 Sri Skandharaja Suresh Waterloo Suresh Suresh  Arrested in August 2007. Waterloo, Canada engineering student, allegedly used student couriers to smuggle war-related items to the LTTE. FBI documents said that he told the students to hide the contraband with “teddies and chocolates.”In August 2007, Thirteen suspects with close links to the LTTE, including “Waterloo” Suresh alias Suresh Skandarajah, were arrested from Buffalo, New York, San Jose, California, Seattle, Washington and Connecticut following the Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) and FBI probe into allegations that LTTE sympathizers in North America tried to buy missiles and move terror funds.
7 World Tamil Movement WTM WTM Canada was one of the top sources of funding for the LTTE, providing up to $12-million a year, says a secret intelligence report obtained by the National Post. In a classified report written in June 2008, federal officials wrote that the outfit was getting much of their money from Canada. “Canada’s Tamil community has been among the LTTE’s largest sources of funds, having contributed up to $10 – to $12-million annually in past years,” the report said. A copy of the report was released to National Post under the Access to Information Act. The RCMP began investigating LTTE fund raising efforts in Canada in 2002. Police believe the outfit raised money in Toronto and Montreal to finance weapons purchases, but investigators have never said the dollar figures were so high. “The LTTE through its many front organizations in other countries, including Canada, has conducted extensive fund raising and other activities to support its efforts in Sri Lanka,” the report added. The tactics used to collect money were “often coercive,” it said, naming the Toronto-based World Tamil Movement (WTM) as the outfit’s leading front in Canada. “As such, the WTM has been instrumental in fund raising in Canada on behalf of the LTTE.” Police searched the World Tamil Movement offices in Ontario and Quebec in 2006. Sittampalam, and Nehru Gunaratnam were interviewed and denied any fund collection. In 2009, the Government banned the group under the Anti-Terrorism Act. Federal lawyers were in court trying to seize its properties and bank accounts. The organization has, however, denied any wrongdoing.The above is extracted SATP report Ordered to forfeit belongings, Jan. 2011
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