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1 Naam Tamilar “We Tamils” political Party Nationalist Tamil party Launched in Tamil Nadu in 2010 by Sebastian Seeman, South Indian Film Director and Tamil Catholic who was an ardent admirer of Prabhakaran and the Tigers..
2 Nadesan B Balasingham Mahendran, Nadesan P. He was appointed as the political Head of the LTTE in November 2007, after the demise of Thamilclevan. During the last stages of the siege of the LTTE by the SL-forces, Nadesan tried to engineer an international heist of the LTTE leadership from out of the country, with the help of K Pathmanathan, the arms dealer. The Sri Lankan government held firm and did not allow any foreign intervention of any sort. Jeyaraj on the attempt at a last-ditch rescue Nadesan himself was killed on 18 May 2009 together with Pulidevan, the head of the LTTE “peace secretariat” as well as Ramesh. Nadesan, was a native of Vaelivaetithara (Velvettithurai). His father was an LSSP activist who worked for the CTB. Balasingham Mahendran (Nadesan) worked as a police officer of the Sri Lankan force and his behaviour during the 1983 Black July riots were considered suspicious. He got himself transferred to Jaffna and proved Kittu with the detailed plans of the Jaffna police station, enabling a deadly attack in 1985. Then Nadesan moved to Chennai and worked for the LTTE there. Later he was in charge of the tiger police force known as “Kaaval thurai” .
3 Narapalasingham, S University of Ceylon graduate, studied abroad on government funded programs, and worked in the government planning sector. He was former Additional Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, Sri Lanka and UN Ad visor, Development Economics/Planning. His many articles in Federalidea.com, Transcurrents etc., have supported the general Eelamist stance, but his political position may be that of a Thimpu-Fedaralist liberal democrat.
4 Naidu, Balldev Singaporean accused of supplying arms to the LTTE. A businessman and co-founder of the Reform Party (Gen. secy: Kenneth Jeyaratnam) of Singapore, was extradited to the US on December 18, 2009 the Straits Times newspaper said quoting the Ministry of Home Affairs. His accomplice, Haniffa Osman pleaded guilty in a US court in 2008.   AFP report
5 Narendran He is said to operate from Europe, and was claimed to be involved in arms procurement. married to a Russian.
6 Nediyavan, Nediyawan Perinpanayagam Sivaparan see under Sivaparan
7 Nedumaran P. Nediyawan Tamil Nadu politician and LTTE supporter. He has assumed the role of the “Sri Lankan Tamil Protection Movement convener”. Nedumaran is President of the Tamil Nationalist Movement and Tamil Eelam Eelam movement handed over to Tamil Diaspora Supporters Co-ordination Committee. His political patronage in the early days of the LTTE included providing large sums of money used for purchasing weapons. See Narayana Swamy’s book “Inside an Elusive mind”.
8 NCCT National Council of Canadian Tamils, 3510 Finch Avenue East, Unit 10, Toronto North The NCCT uses as an emblem the same flower (contai ning cyanide) that was used to consacreate suide-cadre by the LTTE. The NCCT objective #8 in their brochure says, “To advocate and raise awareness on the principles articulated by the Tamil community through the December 19, 2009 referendum. The mandate of that referendum was an oath, “I aspire for the formation of the independent and sovereign state of Tamil Eelam in the north and the east territory of the island of Sri Lanka on the basis that the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka make a distinct nation, have a traditional homeland and have the right to self-government.”The NCCT members include Thamil, Kamal, Arumarugan, Amuthan and A1-Kannan. This is the executive team that carry out all activities in Canada, under the direction of Nehru Gunaratnam (see under Nehru Gunaratnam). The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) is the organization in rivalery with the NCCT in Canada.
9 NDP, New Democratic Party of Canada (support to Eelamist fronts) PND, (Soutin aux Organisms Eelamists par) Parti Nouveau Democratique du Canada NDP ideologues have made the naive assumption that even today the Tamils are a discriminated minority in Sri Lanka and that the Eelamist movements were a simple response to such discrimination. Tamil dissident writers (Rasalaingam, Johnpulle, DBSJayaraj etc.) and independent Historians (Dr. Jane Russell, Oxford) have outlined how the British, following a policy of divide and rule, gave a prominent position to the Tamil minority in Government Power, Education and Trade. The attempt to correct these wrongs, as well as the excesses of Sinhalese extremist groups which arose together with the Tamil sovereignty movement (ILankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi) should be noted. They have been strongly resisted by wealthy high-caste groups, anglicized groups, and expatriates who have funded a separatist war. The LTTE has followed a doctrine of Tamil apartheid (Exclusive Tamil Homelands) where ethnic cleansing of the regions claimed by them has been practiced. The LTTE-Tamil Tigers uses extortion, assassinations, suicide bombers, child soldiers, and terror attacks on civilians. The LTTE was banned by the Canadian Conservative Party as a terrorist organization.A number of NDP politicians have compromised good judgment and human values in seeking ethnic votes based on supporting Eelamist rhetoric. See the views of:Paul Dewar, Ottawa Centre.

Jack Layton, Toronto-Danforth

Wayne Marston, Hamilton East– Stoney Creek

10 NOtoSriLanka No to Sri lanka – An Eelamist -front organization for anti-Sri Lankan propaganda. It is linked to the Canadian Tamil congress (CTC, 31, Progress Av, suite 216, Toronto M1P4S6, and to the United States Tamil Political Action Council, Washington D.C. 20033-3936, “Tamil Forum”, based in London, Fountayne Business Centre Broad lane London N15 4AG. In Australia, similar work is done by the “Australian Tamil congress (ATC),See See USTPAC,/a>
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