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1 Vasanthan Siva SIVA VASANDAN New Zealand based Eelamist activist.
2 Varatharasa, Thirunavukarasu SL citizen domiciled in the US; he pleaded guilty in a US court to conspiracy to provide arms to the LTTE and attempted export of arms and ammunition. According to the plea agreement, from April to September 29, 2006, Varatharasa conspired with Haji Subandi, Haniffa Osman and Erick Wotulo to export state-of-the-art firearms, machine guns and ammunition, surface to air missiles, night vision goggles and other military weapons to the LTTE
3 Vijikanendra V. S He was arrested in March 2010, for operating (in Oberhausen) the German “affiliate” of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which is banned as a “terrorist” organisation in the European Union,. Between July 2007 and April 2009, Sri Lankan national Vijikanendra V. S., 35, and German nationals Sasitharan M., 33, and Koneswaran T., 39, raised some three million euros (3.8 million dollars) from Tamils in Germany and transferred it to the LTTE or used it on LTTE orders to buy weapons and other items, the prosecutor’s statement said.
4 Vinayagamoorthy, Aruran LTTE-rump leader in South india, organizing training camps with Pulendra master.
5 Vinayagamoorthy, Aruran Australian Police arrested him and Sivarajah Yathavan,after raids in Sydney and Melbourne in May 2007 on the charges of material support and funneling money collected from Tsunami charities to the LTTE.
6 Vinod, Captain Vinod Kamalraj Kandasamy He captained at least two ships alleged to be human-smuggling operations commissioned by the Tamil-Tiger groups in Canada. He is alleged to be a senior man in the now defunct LTTE sea tigers, and operates from Thailand. The ships, MV sun sea, and MV are alleged to have been used for shipping LTTE ammunitions.
7 Vaageesan manages the “Pathivu” Eelamist website, and said to head the hard-core groups in Germany. He has opposed KP in the post-LTTE set up.
8 Vasantha Raja An Editor of London based Tamil Guardian. He is a much married person, where his fourth wife worked for the “Siras” as a radio journalist. Currently he edits the electronic journal “LankaEye” and writes in “Ground Views”. Chairman of state Television during Chandrika Bandaranaike’s time, and later a spokesman for the LTTE from London (At that time the LTTE was not a banne organization).
9 Vasantha Siva Dr. Siva Vasathan New Zealand (Auckland) based Global Tamil Forum activist
10 Vany kumar        – Thamil VannyAlias Vannykumar British Tamil woman (25 years old) who claimed to Channel 4 to be a medical aid and mercy helper. Her LTTE application was recovered and her testimony was discredited. See: “Tamils, local or overseas, are showing their hypocrisy”
11 V. Gopalaswamy Vaiko A leader of the Marumalarchchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu politician and LTTE supporter who claims that Prabhakaran is still alive. He is the General Secy. of the MDMK. See also under Nedumaran
12 Varnakulasingham, K Father of Murugadas, one of the six Tamils who immolated themselves in support of the LTTE. in February 2009.   6 Tamils immolate themselves   K. V was active at the “Hero’s day meeting, Nov 27, 2009 in London
13 Mrs. N. Vasuki Eelamist Tamil lawyer in London. She had worked with the LTTE front BTF, trying to issue an arrest warrant on Maj. Gen. Chagi Gallage, responsible for ground operations against the LTTE during the Eelam-IV war.
14 Vaz, Keith British labour party; MP for Leicester East with ties to various Tamil militant organizations in the UK – fronts of the banned LTTE. He was for sometime involved in a group (2007 onwards) known as the “All party Parliamentary Group for Tamils in Britain”. See Links with Tamil Tigers   London Times report- Vaz and LTTE. Kieth Vaz and parliamentary financial scandals
15 Vidyadaran, Nadesapillai Editor of Sudar Oli. The Sudar Oli was an LTTE paper during the hay-day of the LTTE. In any case, only pro-LTTE papers could exist during that period.
16 Vijikanendra V. S. Activist of German Tamil Coordination Committee (TCC), based in Oberhausen.
17 Vinyagam, Thangavelu Mike Four Senior sea tiger (Colonel Vinayagam) who worked under the Sea Tiger Chief Soosai and deputy Chezhiyan. He led the attack on “MV Cordiality” off Pulmoddai on July 9th 1997. Mike Four was involved in leading the attack on the Naval flotilla escorting “MV Pearl Cruise II” in may 2006. The vessel had 710 security personnel who were being transported by sea to the North. Several navy Devra gun boats were destroyed in the skirmish. Mike Four launched a successful combined operation in Neduntheevu or Delft on May 24th 2007. Vinayakam was reported killed in February 2009, as revealed by radio messages monitored by the GOSL army.
18 Vinyagamoorthi, Sekarapillai Vinayagam, Kathir Arivalagan Intelligance officer who worked for Pottu Amman and later (after 2009) resurfaced in Europe, with the objective of capturing control of LTTE groups. These groups oppose the Rudrakumaran faction based in the US, but has the support of the more clandestine british and European groups, as well as Catholic groups associated with Fr. Emmanuel and others.
19 Arunan Vinayagamoorthy Arunan pleaded guilty to providing funds to the Tamil Tigers and to the more serious charge of providing electronic devices to the group, one of which ended up in a land mine. He was sentenced to two years in jail but was released on a good behaviour bond for four years by an Australian court in Melbourne, 2010.
20 Vinayagamoorthy, Murugesu Dr. Moorthy British, arrested in 2007 in New York for aiding the LTTE by facilitating the purchase of American rockets and British submarine technology.
21 Vinodkumar, Kalimuttu He was among 12 LTTE terrorists given a three-month course in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland also invited a group of LTTE leaders to visit the country in October 2003. The then Irish Foreign, Minister Brian Cowen called it internal talks on a peace deal. Such visits took place even after the LTTE quit the negotiating table in April, 2003.
22 Viswanathan Rudrakumaran The LTTE group is led by this USA based lawyer, and he is connected with the Canadian chapter led by Dr. Ram Sivalingam.
23 Vithyatharan, N Editor of the Tamil language dailies Uthayan and Sudaroli. Uthayan is more Colombo-centric, while Sudaroli is Jaffna-centric. These papers were mainly pro-LTTE during LTTE power (and they had in any case no room for dissent). Vithyatharan insists that the North and East are exclusive Tamil homelands, and he is even against Chinese contractors bringing in their workers as it will “affect Tamil culture”. He has no objection to a military ruler taking over Sri lanka as “”The Tamils, used to the military rule, are not unduly worried about a coup”.   Report in Asia Tribune
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