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1 Maalathy





First female Martyr of the LTTE tigers who committed suicide when fighting with the IPKF.. A statue for her existed in Giranikke (Killinochchi), and a female regiment had been named after her. DBSJayraj’s article with Photo
2 Mahadevan, Ganeshananthan














Arrested in 2006 by RCMP and FBI for credit-card fraud and support to LTTE, an organization proscribed in Canada and US as being a Terrorist organization. Others arrested were: Thuthikaran Thurapalasingam, 26, Tharmaraj Nagularajah, 26, Thubaharan Subas, 22, and Kishokanth Tharmapalan, 26.
3 Vadivel Mahendran














PLO maama, Santhivel maama












An Eelam fighter who had been trained with the PLO. He comes from a village near Madakalpuva (baticoloa) known as Kandavaella (santhivel), and was involoved in the PLOTE group till 1987 when he, together with with Paranthan Rajan animated the ENDLF, which worked with the IKPF of the Indian Army against the LTTE. When the IKPF left Sri lanka he fled to Switzerland. He is also said to be wanted in Tamil Nadu for capital crimes. Later he supported Karuna when Karuna broke off from the LTTE. Said to be wanted by the Interpol- 2011
4 Manickavasagam, Suresh


































Suresh Manickavasakam

































An LTTE activist whose deportation demanded by the RCMP was annulled by the supreme court Jan. 11, 2002. Supreme Court ruled terrorists cannot be deported if there is a substantial risk of torture, and Sent the Suresh case back to immigration for another review.


National Post article, Oct 2005 on Suresh


Suresh left Sri Lanka and came to Canada on Oct. 5, 1990 and was accepted as a Convention refugee by Ottawa on April 11, 1991. On October 18, 1995, Suresh was arrested and detained for over two years under Section 40.1 of the Immigration Act. On Sept 26, 1997 Hundreds of Tamils took part in a token fast on Parliament Hill to protest the Immigration Department recommendation to deport Mr. Manickavasakam Suresh to Sri Lanka.


On Aug 31, 1997, Mr. Justice Teitelbaum found that minister who had signed the certificate against Mr. Suresh had reasonable grounds to believe that Mr. Suresh was a member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the main terrorist group fighting the Sri Lankan government.





5 Manivannan Veeragatti, Manivannan Veerakulasingham






























Based in Paris, anti-KP group when KP was free. Then, anti-RK group. Headed LTTE’s international procurement network since 2003, but KP was belatedly reinstated by Prabhakaran in the last stages of the conflict. Castro’s diaries, found in Visvamadu in 2009 when the LTTE retreated have turned out to be a valuable source of information. Basically, KP has absolved himself of being the person who, after the arrest, gave info to the SL government. KP claims (in interviews he accorded to the Island newspaper and to DBSJeyraj in 2010), that the Castro diaries, discovered in Visvamadu in 2009, provided all the intelligence information needed to the SL government.
6 S. Makenthiran







Toronto-based Eelamist activist and accountant. Wrote articles in Indian Sikh papers regarding Indian Estate Tamils giving the Eelamist point of view. He has pressed for “Direct Indian Intervention”, but also writes criticizing the Indian Intervention of the 1980s. His concept of Federalism is federating with India.
7 Manuel, Mariathas







During an interview with RCMP officers in 2004, Mariyathas Manuel admitted the leader of the Tamil Tigers had personally chosen him to run the WTM office in Toronto. “They are fighting, so we are supporting them,” he said, according to a transcript filed in court. See under WTM (world Tamil Movement
8 Mathinthiran, Nadarajah














Matinthiran, Parathi














A leader of the LTTE’s France branch since 2003, works with Thuraisamy Jeyamorthy (alias Jeya),arrested in April 2007. News Item in October 2009 News report on 23rd November 2009 reads “A French court on Monday jailed 21 Tamil Tiger militants convicted of extorting millions of euros from the Tamil diaspora in France to fund their armed campaign in Sri Lanka. The toughest sentence of seven years in was given to Nadaraja Matinthiran, whom the court heard was the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) organisation in France.”
9 Maniparathy, Mani Wellington, NZ, Global Tamil Forum and other organizations.
10 Manitham










Eelamist activist-front organization posing as a humanitarian (human rights) effort and linked with Tamil-Nadu activists. They have sponsored a book entitled “Massacre of Tamils, 1956-2008. Also, Tamilina Podukolaigal (Massacres of Tamils) – Book released in Norway A Tamil language website is maintained by them., and works with the “Tamil news center”.
11 May17 Movement





















A Tamil Nadu LTTE group which became most active when Bolywood decided to hold the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards in Colombo in July 2010. Bollywood to “Dance on Tamil graveyard” 


May 17th 2009 was the day when the LTTE leadership was killed in Mooladoova (Mullaithivu) by the SL armed forces. This organizations has issued a “clarion call” that: the May Seventeen movement calls upon all the youths and activists cutting across the political and social lines would join their hands to break this conspiracy. We invite fellow organizations be it left, Tamil nationalist, Marxist-Leninist, Periyarists, Dalit movements, human rights organizations and others to jointly take forward the struggle for justice and stop IIFA event from happening in Colombo

12 McDonagh, Siobhain




LTTE activist – depends heavily on Tamil vote base. British Labour party MP who works closely with Kieth Vaz. Report in Sri Lanka newspapers, Feb. 2010
13 Mathew, Lee   Matthew Lee is a public interest lawyer, author, and founder of two non-profit organizations, Inner City Press and Fair Finance Watch.

Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press’s dishonorable and unethical behaviour, has lead to an investigation to expel him from the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA).

In the meantime his UN Journalist Accreditation also has been denied until United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) completes the investigation.


14 Mendis, Viraj

















Mendis Came to Britain on a 12 month student Visa, and remained in the UK as a refugee claimant. He claimed that the Govt. of Sri Lanka agents would kill him if deported to Sri Lanka and claimed UK refugee status, with the support of UK church groups, and Dr. Nithyanadan, an Eelamist leader . Nevertheless he was forcibly deported in 1989 back to Sri Lanka. He married Karen Roberts, a supporter in Manchester and moved from Sri Lanka to Breman Germany. He has carried on Eelamist activities from Bremmen, in association with Ranjith Lochbihler alias Ranjith Hennayake.   Manchester Evening News, Spt 14, 2004 on Viraj Mendis.
15 Sumith Mendis and Indika Mendis








They allegedly operated a human trafficking ring from Negambo/Chilaw Sri Lanka. They were detained in 2009 at the Christmas Island Australian detention centre after the boat they were on was stopped by Australian authorities.


They were deported to Sri Lanka where they were arrested and handed over to the Central Investigative Department (CID). Sumith Mendis was released but Indika Mendis was transferred to the Negombo prison where he was held for several months. Eelamist supporters in Australia moved in and began a letter writing campaign, addressing Amnesty International, and claiming that Indika Mendis was tortured in prison. even though these men are not Tamils. However, available reports suggest that they had some how left prison and attempted to bring another boat load of people to Australia, and were recaptured. The Mendis pair have claimed torture in Sri Lanka as a plea against their deportations. Claiming that people deported to Sri Lanka undergo torture is also believed to be useful to the Eelamist refugee program, and extensively carried out by Eelamist groups.

16 Jonathan Miller















































British Journalist and British TV ‘Channel-4 News’ Foreign Affairs Correspondent. Jonathan Miller was deported from Sri Lanka in 2009 for alleged illegal journalistic practices, and infringing SL national security rules in the war zone. Miller has, perhaps in revenge, publicized the notorious “Channel 4” execution video whose authenticity has been challenged by a variety of experts. However, when ever a high-profile Sri Lankan political visitor arrives in Britain, Jonathan Miller, supported by Eelamist groups in Britain, has rushed in to re-broadcast this video in the hope of embarrassing the Sri Lankan government. The video was most recently resurrected in November 2010 when President Rajapaksa was visiting UK.


See Rajive Wijesinghe regarding the ‘channel 4’ Video 

Technical analysis of the channel-4 video

17 Muhunthan, Bala Tamil Solidarity movement, UK. He took part in the Eelamist -led demonstrations in May 2009.

Young Tamils

18 Nadarajah Muraleetharan



swiss Murali




Murali worked for the LTE from 1991 to 1997 in Switzerland. Murali set up a network of Tamil schools in Switzerland as well as a chain of grocery shops (“Makkal kadaigal” or peoples shops). In 1996 Murali along with fourteen other LTTE activists were arrested by Swiss authorities for violence, intimidation and but could not be sued due to lack of witnesses. He actually successfully sued the swiss government, collected damages and moved to Canada.
19 Muthuveloe, Samuel Rajkumar




















Dr. Muthuveloe, Sam




















based in Milton, Keynes, UK. He is a “Godfather” of various organizations alleged to have Eelamist sympathies, as well as possibly charities unconnected with Eelam groups. He is associated with the charities like Hope outreach UK or HOMSA-UK


21 Lower Stonehayes, Great Linford, Milton Keynes MK14 5ES. Dr. Phyllis Starkey, the Labour MP for Milton Keynes referred to him in the UK Parliamentary debates (9-Feb-2005) to an “orphanage” which functioned in the LTTE area and run with the support of HOMSA UK. Many questions have been raised regarding this orphanage. Thus: “How did this organization get permission to operate inside LTTE-controlled territory? Did the LTTE use this orphanage to train child soldiers and suicide cadre?”

20 Mylvaganam ,Ramanan


Arrested in Canada in 2007, together with Piratheepan Nadarajah for conspiring to smuggle arms for the LTTE.
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