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1 Gajendran, Selvarajah  kuthirai Gajen  Jaffna district MP from the Tamil National Alliance. He is anti-KP in the post-LTTE set up. He lives in Oslo.
2 Ganeshruban  Ruban  Ruban is said to own share of LTTE’s overseas assets including real estate, in East Asian countries.
3 Ganguly, Dulip
4 Giridaran alisa Giri, over 50 forged National Identity cards with different names have been used by him.  Adithya Kanagarathnam (true name)  He was born in Vaelbatu-Vakkade (Vellamulli Vaikkal). Moratuwa university graduate and LTTE bomb expert who coordinated a major part of Colombo activities after 2001, including the assassination of Kadirgamar, and attempts on the Rajapaksa brothers. The LTTE is said to have rewarded the family by making his father, Sathasivam Kanagarathnam, a TNA member of parliament.Lakbima article about Gridharan   Kadiragamar assasination trial
5 Global Peace support group  GPSG  Eelamist front organization based in UK. It asserts that: GLOBAL PEACE SUPPORT GROUP – UK – MOURNS ON THE CONTINUED TRAGEDY OF THE PEOPLE OF North & East of Tamil EELAM. Charles Somasundaram, Brayan Seneviratna and other noted militants are involved in this project. Francis Boyle’s book published by “Clarity Press” is sponsored by these groups.
6 Phil Glendenning  Director, Edmond Rice Center, Brisbane, Australia, has become a spokesperson working with Eelamist elements in Australia, and seems to be influenced by the Eelamist Catholic Tamil clergy members. See also John Sweeney.
7 Global Tamil Forum  GTF  Father S. J. Emmanuel (Germany) is the public face (in 2010), while Perinpanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan or Nediyawan in Oslo is the de facto leader. Global Tamil Forum (GTF) is formed by uniting 15 allegedly Eelamist controlled Tamil Diaspora organizations around the world from 15 countries. Two of its member organizations,House of Eelam Tamils and Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamils specifically use the word “Eelam” in their organizational names. All 15 claim that the North and East of Sri Lanka are “exclusive homelands of the Tamils”, i.e., other ethnic groups who live in those areas have diminished or no claims. The official website of the GTF clearly describes its mission as “To use all resources available to the Tamil Diaspora to establish the Tamil people’s right to self-determination and their right to re-establish their nationhood which was taken away by force from them by the succeeding colonial powers including the Sri Lankan government”.It is also said that The GTF is “furthering the cause for Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam”, as proposed by the New York based Ealam activist (and the legal adviser to the LTTE before it being banned in the USA) , Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran. With the help of the United States Tamil Political Action Committee (USTPAC), Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran and his Diaspora followers are trying to achieve their end goal of a separate state in Sri Lanka.Kieth Vaz group promotes meeting of Gorden Brown and Milbrand with GTF, Feb. 2010
8 Gnanakoon, Donald Gnanakone – Anti-GOSL activist and UNP power broker
9 Gnanakoon, Jayantha Gnanakone – Los Angeles Financier, Eelamist and UNP activist.
10 Gnanakoon, Charles Gnanakone – Australian Financier, Eelamist and UNP activist and brother of Jaynatha Gnanakoon.
11 Gnanam  Deputy “LTTE international affairs” person. Unknown whereabouts since 2009
12 Gnanendramohan  Ranjan Lala Confidante of Prabhakaran and early LTTEer killed by the army in Jaffna. Uncle of Nediyavan
13 Gunapala, U. G  [ Sujith Gunapalan]  Authorities in Thailand arrested him in 2007 for aiding LTTE operatives to smuggle arms. 
14 Gunapalan, Sujith  The LTTE aircrafts bought from the Czech republic were brought to Mulaitivu by Gunapalan. He is a Tiger naval captain. Authorities in Thailand arrested him in 2003 for aiding LTTE operatives to smuggle arms.
15 Gunaratnam, Nara  Nehru CTC activist based in Toronto. Worked with Roy Ratnavale, Theiyyo Anthony, Nimal Veerasingham, D. Poopapillai etc. One of the Leaders of the LTTE in Canada prior to its banning in 2006. Nehru Gunaratnam –Leader of Canadian LTTE. Posted on January 24th, 2011
16 Gunaseelan, Alles UK based Eelamist businessman and activist. He claimed to the BBC that ” I feel the Sinhalese want to raze the identity of Tamils”
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