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1 Palendira, Mainthan Australia based Eelamist activist
2 Paran alias Vazhudhi   LTTE activist operating with LTTE in the US. Suspected by US government as an LTTE infiltrator.
3 Gnanakoon, Jayantha Los Angeles Financier, Eelamist and UNP activist.
4 Pari, Sam












































An academic based in Sydney. She is a strong Eelamist activist and ATC spokesperson.. Pari organized a protest and hunger strike in Canberra, April, 2009, and visited the Vanni when she was 26 years old.. She has led a protest against diplomatic appoinments to Australia of Mr. Samarasinghe, No specific allegation of war crimes arising from the conflict has been made against Vice-Admiral Samarasinghe, who took over as chief of the Sri Lankan Navy in July 2009 after the end of the civil war. The posting of a retired general, Janaka Perera, in 2001 sparked protests but he remained high commissioner until 2005.


Notorious for meeting with the Sinhala and Tamil Community to carry out LTTE propaganda – portraying herself as a civilian sharing information that she gathers from Sri Lanka.


5 Paramasivam, GajaLakshmi





Melbourne based Eelam activist and admirer of Prabhakaran who she classifies as a “Freedom fighter”.


6 Parameswaran, Thambiturai















Surli alias Nathan















LTTE’s chief intelligence operative in Tamil Nadu. He was captured by Indian Intelligence in 2008 when he was attempting to launch a kidnapping of Varadarajah Perumal (VP), the ex-chief minster of the North-East who was regarded by the LTTE and by the SL government as a puppet of the the Indian regime. See under VP. Tamil Nadu Police took into custody seven other Sri Lankan Tamil men who were identified only as Reagan, Anand, Kesavan, Paris, Akilan, Sudarsanan and Aravindan. Parameswaran has put up a cover of being a taxi driver. Ball bearings, plastic granules, two wheelers weapons and cash etc have been captured with him.
7 Papa




Head of LTTE sports in the latter period, captured in 2009, and now possibly working with the government as an intelligence man?
8 Thambiturai, Prapaharan




































Prapa was the president of the Eelam Tamil Association of British Columbia in the 1990s, and collected more than $60,000 from federal grants, and much more from the Tamil Diaspora. He has been charged, since the LTTE was declared a Terrorist organization in Canada (in 2006). He has been charged with soliciting funds for the WTM and other LTTE fronts. “The WTM is an integral part of the LTTE strategy to raise funds for re-armament and to gain legitimacy as the sole representative of the Tamil people in the international community,” the RCMP alleged in a court filing. But no charges had been laid until Thambithurai was arrested in March 2008. He is the first to be charged under the anti-terrorism laws of Canada.
9 Paranchothy, Raghavan








Paranjothi, Paranachothi, Paranchothy, Gavan





Tamil-Eelamist activist and broadcaster who even hosted a TV special to commemorate dead Tamil suicide cadre and other LTTE combattants. He secured the conservative nomination in the Toronto riding of Scarborough-Southwest in March 2011. He also changed his name to Gavan. Tamil candidate who praised terrorist a group
10 Pasupathi, Siva













Retired former Attorney General (AG) of Sri Lanka, now living in Australia. He was in Oslo for the planned last set of talks (albeit it never occurred) to represent LTTE, and assisted the Tigers in drafting the ISGA (Interim self-government agreement). Many have pointed out that he is an example proving that Tamils were, and are able to reach high positions in Sri Lanka. So also Narapalasingham, and the list of distinguished Tamils show cased by the “TamilNation” (see at the bottom of this list)
11 Paul, Wakeley Samson Wijiyekuma   One time president of Ilankai Tamil Sangam. and supporter of Eelam. Eelam Advocacy 


Son of Colombo surgeon Milroy Paul and Winifred Hanah Ponmany, the daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Mudaliyar William H. Ponniah Canagasabai.. Episcopal church, married to an American, Sandy.. He hardly knew any Tamil, but was an avid Eelamist supporter who wrote articles supporting Eelam. He worked as an attorney in New Jersey. Died in March 2009

12 PHRG-Britain














Parliamentary Human Rights group – Brtiain










British-TULF, They include Ann Clwyd, MP, Chairperson of PHRG, Alistair Burt, Foreign Office Minister and others. Sometimes, an external, e.g., Yolanda Foster, Sri Lanka Researcher, Amnesty International, has been co-opted when dealing with Sr lankan matters; e.g., the Channel-$ TV allegations, 14 June 2011. Here they used “panel” chaired by Jonathan Miller, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Channel 4 News, which produced ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’, while the producer Callum Macrae will be among the panelists.
13 PMK













Pattali Makkal Kadtchi











It is trying to be a “third force” in Tamil Nadu. Originally a caste based North Tamil Nadu Vanniyar political party, generally supports AIADMK now, although it supported the DMK till 2006, and the Congress (Tiwari component) in the 1990s. Its current attitude to Sri Lanka and the LTTE follows that of the AIADMK, although even more more opportunist (PMK founder, Dr S. Ramadoss has been consistently an admirer of Prabhakaran). see PMK’s Tamil Nadu vote base in 2009
14 Poopalapillai, David




















































One time “National spokesperson”, Canadian Tamil congress and LTTE front man based in Toronto. He takes part in TV and radio debates, and in defending/advocating Eelamist politics. During the 2009 April-May pro-Prabhakaran protests, Poopalapillai was very active. The “Hill times” (Ottawa) reported that” “David Poopalapillai, a spokesperson for the Canadian Tamil Congress, said over the past weeks his group has met with Conservative MPs Peter Kent, Paul Calandra (Oak Ridges-Markham, Ont.), James Lunney (Nanaimo-Alberni, B.C.), Lois Brown (Newmarket-Aurora, Ont.), Bloc MP Jean Dorion (Longueuil-Pierre-Boucher, Que.), Liberal MPs Albina Guarnieri (Mississauga East-Cooksville, Ont.), Rob Oliphant (Don Valley West, Ont.), Kirsty Duncan (Etobicoke North, Ont.), Borys Wrzesnewskyj (Etobicoke Centre, Ont.) and Alan Tonks (York South-Weston, Ont.) among others. Mr. Poopalapillai said the protests on Parliament Hill attracted the attention and concern of Canadians, but did not attract the government’s.”
15 Peiries, Vilani






















Eelamist journalist. This writer’s postings contain statements of the form the Rajapakse government intensified its war against the LTTE in which thousands of civilians were killed and maimed, or the security forces continue to hold at least 11,700 young Tamil men and women indefinitely without charge as “terrorist suspects”. Given the 300,000 IDPs freed from the clutches of the LTTE, 11,700/300,000 is 0.039, a very small fraction, and the claim that the govt. hopes to “indefinitely hold” is unsubstantiated. The US and Britain held their war captives without trial for over five to 10 years, and the delays in the court system in Sri Lanka are such that a six to one year delay is typical of the speed of the Attorney General’s dept. This should not be attributed to deliberate policy by the govt, without further evidence.
16 Ponnambalam, Kumar




































G. G. Ponnambalam



































He is the son of G. G. Ponnambalam who died in Malaya in 1977, and Kumar has retained the father’s initials, and sometimes wrote articles signed as such. He has a son, Gajan G. Ponnambalam whose initials are also G. G. (Ponnambalam). Gajan is a member of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which was an LTTE-proxy party. Kumar himself was a TNA member of parliament. He was assassinated under mysterious circumstances discussed in Victor Ivan’s book (“Chavura Raejina”). He was made a posthumous “Maamanthar” by Prabhakaran. Kumar Ponnambalam clamored extensively regarding “Sinhala oppression of Tamils, mass graves, discrimination and how the Government is allegedly killing Tamils and bombing them”. Kumar regarded other democratic Tamil parties as “quislings” and demanded separation, but he would agree to “Thimpu”. He claimed Sinhalese colonization of Tamil homelands and ethnic cleansing. He claimed that ethnic cleansing had begun around 1920, before independence, under the British. Such claims had been made by G.G.Ponnambalam in front of the Soulbury commission and rejected. Kumar claimed that “Thamil Eelam” had existed in ancient Sri Lanka”. He defended the silence of the Tamils and their lack of condemnation of the act when Neelan Thiruchelvam (Neelakandan Thiruchelvam) was assassinated (on 29th July 1999).
17 Prabaharan Ponnuthurai





An old time supporter of Eelamist polics, and currently a rep. for TGTE. He is a Health-care professional.
18 Pottu Amman, Vediyarasan Shanmugalingam Sivashankar “Irathap-pottu” or “bloody thilaks” (red thilaks) obtained by cutting the thumb and placing the thumb on the forehead were part of the political ritual of the TULF in its heady days. “Amman” means uncle in Jaffna as well as in Batticaloa



Secretive head of the Intelligence Unit of the LTTE, and its Black-Tiger suicide unit for 21 years. He had his training in the Vadayanam camp in Tamil Nadu in the early 1980s. He gre up in the Ariyalai(Aariyaala) -Naayanmaarkattu area. Shivashankar (Pottu) studied at Maheswari Vidyalayam, Canageratnam MMV (Stanley College) and Jaffna Hindu Colleg. Pottu was with Prabhakaran already in 1983, and sometimes acted as the leaders bodyguard. He was a ruthless killer assigned to eliminating “traitors” and also organizing the clandestine operations in the Tamil Nadu coastal areas. The framing and elimination of the mahaththaya cadre was also entrusted to him. He was responsible for the assassination of sam and kala Thambimuttu, Politicians of of Batticaloa, right near the Canadian High Commission. The Batticaloa leader Karuna Amman and Pottu Amman were also hostile to each other.


At first he was believed to be killed on 18th May 2009 along with Prabhakaran. However, his corpse has not been found. More details are given in an article byDBSJeyaraj   KP on Prabhakaran’s death

19 Premachandran, Suresh



  Jaffna MP of the TNA, an Eelamist -proxy party which began cooperating with the Rajapaksa government since July 2009.
20 Mario Pushparatnam Pushpa Toronto Canadian Tamil Congress spokesperson
21 Pushparatnam, P. Dr    
22 Puthiya Thamilagama party



PTP- Tamil Nadu



This is a strongly anti-Sri lankan, LTTE Tamil Nadu party. Its general Secretary. was involved in ransacking the Sri Lankan Consulate in Chennai on Oct 2, 2009.


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