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1 Dr. Umakanthan Medical doctor at the Vavniya (Vannimaava) hospital, and chemistry Tuition master. LTTE activist who was arrested in the Vanni by a special investigations unit. He was also connected with Giridharan, the LTTE bomb master in Colombo.
2 Umasuthan, Suntharamoorthy A secretary of the Canadian Tamil Congress, believed to an EELAM front organization. He is a chartered accountant and an old boy of Jaffna College.
3 US Tamil Political Action Committee – USTPAC See also CAAGThis EELAM- front organization, morphed into several organisms like “No to Sri Lanka”, carries propaganda claiming a “genocidal” situation in Sri Lanka and calling to boycott goods made in Sri Lanka. They have targeted Victoria and Gap stores. In 2010 there were small groups (usually 4 to five Tamils) holding banners and distributing propaganda material, in New York, Philadelphia, Florida, Washington and Detroit. The EU position of the GSP+ has been used to their advantage by this group. They organized a “Tamil Genocide day” for 15th May 2010 in Washigton D. C.

New York activists: Dr Ellyn Shander, Spokesman: Joe Ratnam.

This group has lobbied Human Rights organizations, Democrat senators, the Asst. Secy. of State Robert Blake, US Chargé d’Affaires in Colombo (James Moore), and US AID Mission Director Rebecca Cohn.

Their website is: http://www.ustpac.org/Default.aspx

They are linked to the Canadian Tamil congress (CTC, 31, Progress Av, suite 216, Toronto M1P4S6, and to the United States Tamil Political Action Council, Washington D.C. 20033-3936, “Tamil Forum”, based in London, Fountayne Business Centre Broad lane London N15 4AG. In Australia, similar propaganda and agitation are done by the “Australian Tamil congress (ATC),

4 United Tamil Council of Canada UTCC This is an organization of the Canada-India foundation. We do not know if there is any Eelamist infiltration into this organization. UTCC fundraiser in Sri Lanka 
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