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1 Danish Tamil Forum DTF Danish Tamils, Manoharan Manoranjithan, Maheswaran Ponnampalam, Pratheepan Thambyaiyah are some of their activists. They work with European Member of Parliament Søren Søndergaard.Denmark Tamils “Rights walk”
2 David, Kumar Dr. Kumar DavidProf. David,A. K. David His name came up in our search process from his contributions to the e-newspaper Tamilnet. We discuss Dr. Kumar David at length as he is representative of a certain genre of multi-talented Colombo intellectuals (see also Dr. Vickramabahu Karunarathne and others) who have gone from young progressives sensitive to the oppressed classes, to become unwitting supporters of right-wing reactionary forces, while still claiming to be “ideologically left-wing”. They have mistaken Eelamist racism for revolutionary ardour. They envisage and support a divided Sri Lanka as “a Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Eelam as part of the Union of Socialist Republics in South Asia and internationally”. Thus they want to create a USRSA. Hence this should be regarded as a write up on Kumar-David types who have become increasingly reactionary, rather than about David himself. We provide the supplementary posting attached to this entry given by the link below:see Write-up on Kumar David Further clarity regarding the ideological position of these intellectuals is obtained by perusing the questions put to J.R.Jayawardena by C. B. Wijedoru during JRJ’s phone-in interview with the BBC, 1987. See Bernard Wijedoru’s questions to JRJ, 1987. This will be available on this website very soon
3 Davis, Danny Chicago congressman (democ.) Danny Davis, an out-spoken supporter of Tamil Eelam. He has been (2006) financially supported by allegedly LTTE-front organizations. LTTE funded Chicago congressman’s Sri Lanka Trip
4 Dawn of Peace Anniversary celebration 2010 The 22nd May 2010 Ottawa celebration of the Dawn-Peace with the defeat of the LTTE ( see Asian Tribune Report, 26 May 2010 ) was attended by the High commissioner, Local Sinhala and some Tamil participants as well as Lenin Benedict (see listing) of Toronto. See also AttendeesSee also, Global SriLankan Forum (GSF)
5 Dayamohan Eastern province political-wing head, loyal to Prabhakaran and Col. Ram even after the Karuna split. (March 2004). Escape from the country in 2009.
6 Dayaparan, K. Sellathurai Dhayaparan, Selva. He was a prime mover in the Eelamist rallies around the White house, Washington and in the “Boycott Sri Lanka” efforts.
7 De Silva, Premkumara University of Colombo junior academic (anthropology of religion) who is supportive of the separatist Eelamist ideology, associated with an anti-nationalist, quasi-Marxist ideology. He has recently joined the ministry of culture. Although the history of Sri Pada and its Buddhist patronage since the time of King Nissanka Malla and others are well known, De silva has claimed that it is only recently (i.e., in post-colonial times) that Sri Pada was named a “buddhist site”, and that it should effectively be labeled a ‘sacred site” not specific to any religion. Even if some liberal-democratic thinking were to motivate such sayings, they are sure to unfortunately produce the very opposite reaction.
8 Devendran, Thyatharan Activist in the Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils. In association with Kuruparan and Malathy, Zurich
9 Devadasan, Kanakaasabey Dewadasan Ex-Director of National Film Corporation and clandestine-LTTE operative. He was arrested in 2009 for possessing explosives and working with the LTTE in a bid to explode bombs in the Colombo city. He pleaded guilty to all charges in 2010 Dec.
10 Devasiri, Nimal Ranjith He is a junior Lecturer in History at the Colombo University who has been supportive of key parts of the Eelamist ideology. In these efforts, he has been in cabaal with “political scientists” who have pushed for “asymmetric” treatments of Sinhalese and Tamils. Devasiri has supported the “Tamil Homelands” (concept evolved by the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchchi (ITAK) from 1949 onwards), and by the Eelamists as the “historical basis” for the Eelam state. He works in the ministry of culture.
11 Alex Doss Eelamist activist born and raised in USA from Indian and Malaysian (Sri Lankan) Tamil parents. He is a member of the TGTE south west, and gives his bio as: “One book by Satchi Ponnampalam called Sri Lanka: The Tamil Liberation Struggle was all it took to shake me up and realize that we are a nation under siege. I travelled with family to Tamil Nadu that same year where my cousins would educate me more on the struggle. In 1993 I joined the U.S. Navy and was stationed in San Diego right after high school where I formed a band of brothers and educated them about Tamil Eelam. I would stay there for the next 12 years, attended San Diego City Community College in 1996, contribute historical information to the International Tamil Language Foundation’s book called Thirukkural/Culturescape of Tamils, and in 2001 meet someone by the name of Ramalingam Shanmugalingam who taught me how to read and write Tamil. …. From 2005 onwards, I was introduced to the Tamil American advocacy group by a gentleman by the name of Danton. Through Danton, I had the chance to meet a lot of good people who educated me on doing advocacy. Through this group, I’ve had the chance to travel to Washington, D.C. several times for advocacy and rallies. In the 2009 aftermath of the “mass slaughter” of our people in Killinochchi, Tamil Eelam, I joined USTPAC as a Founding Member, and was later elected to the Governing Council. I’m currently active with the Advocacy Committee, help out occasionally with the Boycott Committee, and have recently formed the Outreach Committee. “
12 Duguid, Brad Provincial Liberal MP for the “Little-Jaffna” area of Scarborough. He voices the same “genocide” claims made by his Eelamist constituents.

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