Canadian Association against genocide, (CAAG) Association Canadienne contre le Génocide (ACCG) The potical approach of this organizationis easily seen by anyone who is familiar with the facts. The web site begins with the FALSE statement that over 300,000 Tamils are being held in Holocaust style concentration camps by the Sri Lanka Government even now. The under-secretary for the UN, and also independent Tamils from Canada have visited these camps. The camps were used as temporary housing for the internally displace persons (IDPs) till the Vanni area is freed of the landmines laid by the Tamil tigers. These IDPS escaped in May 2009 from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who were holding the people as a human shield. . These camps were equipped with schools, banks, hospitals. A number of foreign organizations (e.g., Indian and Japanese Governments) were allowed to have their aid workers in the IDP camps. However, many independent western INGOS who have previously co-habited with the LTTE have NOT been allowed in there. This has raised the wrath of those INGOS who have found themselves excluded from a lucrative justification for their continued presence in the island. The Indian Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu spoke favourably of the IDP camps and stated that they are better run than those in India. Read: IDP Camps and the False propaganda of the Tamil Diaspora / Karunanidhi on the IDP camps / Entries on this topic in Dr. Michael Robert’s website. Almost all of the IDPS have been resettled within the 180 days that Government Officials stated it would take to do so. Nevertheless, the CAAG propaganda carries on exactly as an Eelamist front organization. To give it some appearance of credibility, it has also a clip on Dafur and the Congo.  The organization does not show a contact number, address or phone number, but use a few e-mail addresses. No date when the website was last updated is shown. It uses a government of Canada-style Logo and Canadian Flag etc., to give an impression of authenticity. It has all the hall-marks of a front organization with a hidden agenda. See also USTPAC and CTC


C-HART- Canadian Humanitarian Appeal for Relief of Tamils An organization funded and run by Tamil Diaspora members who are sympathetic to the objectives of the Tamil Eelam.   HART website Many members of the Tamil Diaspora supportive of the LTTE have been convicted by the US and Canadian governments for extortion of money, raising funds to buy weapons, and engaging in other illegal activities associated with supporting terrorism. Claiming that Tamils are being selectively killed (Genocide) in Sri Lanka and presenting similar assertions are very relevant in justifying false immigration claims. Also, maintaining an intensity of feeling is very useful for collection of money and for justifying extortion practices of the remaining rump of the Eelamist. (A Canadian ex-High Commissioner to Sri Lanka has come forward to speak against such claims.) This organization maintains websites, engages in agitation and propaganda. It lobbies parliamentarians, and agitates to get refugees status to Tamils who arrive at the borders of Canada without going through the proper immigration route (c.f., MV Ocean lady, a ship which arrived in Victoria, Oct. 2009)..In January 2010, Canadian HART Media Team Coordinator Jessica Chandrashekar accompanied Saradha Nathan, a member of another Eelamist organisation, the Australian Tamil Congress, to Indonesia to visit the so-called asylum-seekers detained in Indonesia. The Australian Tamil Congress is also founder of the Eelamist Global Tamil Forum.  These organisations and their campaigns may have the support of certain key players in NGOs such as the International Crisis Group, Human Rights Watch, Reporters without Borders, Amnesty International, “The Real News Network” of Sharmini Peries, and individuals such as Ron Ridenour and Patrick O’Donoghue. These human rights organizations started off several decades ago with honourable records. Today they have become advocacy agencies with double-edged ethics. Thus these organizations have failed to note the atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Gaza, Tibet, Mainland China etc., as they do not wish to tangle with their funding masters. Canadian HART Jessica Chandrashekar was apprehended trying to smuggle laptops and other documents to those on board. Both she and Saradha Nathan were taken into questioning in Indonesia on suspicion of human trafficking. It is reported that a high-profile LTTE leader (posing as Alex) who had been deported from Toronto and several other identified LTTE members were on board the vessel.   See Alex and the Ozzie media by Prof. Michael Roberts


Castro- Veeragatti Manivannan, Manivannan Veerakulasingham see under Manivannan


Chandrakanthan, A.J.C.- Rev. Professor Chandra Chanrakantha started off as an Eelamist catholic priest in Jaffna, and militated against the Indian Peace Keeping Force. He studied theology, obtained a degree and a university position in Canada (moved to Montreal, and subsequently to Toronto), thanks to the support of A. J. Wilson and others. His extremely emotional Eelamist writings in Canada have been described by, e.g., Dr. Michael Roberts in his article on “Tamil Nationalism” (J. South Asian studies, vol. XXXVII, no. 1,2004). Prof. Roberts says that “Chandrasekaran’s picture of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is a veritable paen of praise in the Kaavyatradition of the Indic world”.. Chandrakanthan has disrobed and works as a “layman” professor. He has become a component and voice of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) and a Director of the Margosa Financial Institution. He has tried to move away from his theological training and now goes as a”bio-ethicist”.


Chandrakanthan A 30-40 year old Sri lankan Tamil based in India who has been arrested for organizing human trafficking of other Tamils to Australia.. He has been arrested recently.  News report (Published: Saturday, Sep 4, 2010, 16:17 IST | Updated: Saturday, Sep 4, 2010, 16:17 IST; Place: Tirunelveli | Agency: PTI ) “Chandrakanthan, 38, was arrested yesterday (Sept 2010) by the ‘Q’ branch police (India) for bringing (56 of) them to Courttalam near Tirunelveli from various parts of the state to send them illegally to Australia for employment.” he had charged 3 lakhs of Indian rupees per person.


Charles, Lt. Colonel – KIA A head of LTTE’s military Intelligence Div.


Charles Anthony – KIS Prabhakaran’s eldest son, Aeronautical Technologist. He was killed in April 2009.The first conventional fighting unit of the LTTE, 1991, was also called the Charles Anthony unit and maintained under Col. Balraj. Charles Lucas Anthony was an early associate of Prabhakaran who was killed by the army in 1983. The LTTE killed 13 soldiers in retaliation, and this led to the 1983 “Black July” backlash against Tamils


Chezhiyan- Chezhiyan is in fact an assumed name. Senior sea tiger who worked under Sea Tiger Chief Soosai. (Chezhiyan is a name of a Pandyan king.) He was killed in action.


CPC, Conservative Party of Canada ({\it via a vis} Tamil Eelamist front-organizations.)   PCC, Soutian aux organisms Eelamist par) Le Parti consevateur du Canada The Conservative Party when it came to Power took the long-standing and consistent suggestions of the RCMP and CSIS and listed the LTTE as a banned Terrorist organization in Canada. However, more recently, some conservative MPs have been subject to lobbying by Eelamist fronts which only thinly hide their true nature.Comments by Sinhalese Canadian ExpatriatesPaul Calandra, Conservative Member for Oak-Ridges-MarkhamDeepak Obhrai, (foreign affairs) had suggested to the SL govt that it “start talks and the reconciliation process with the Tamil groups, saying such a step is crucial for lasting peace in the country”, ignoring the fact that there are several Tamil MPs in the Cabinet and the government, and ignoring the history of talks with even the LTTE during the last 30 years.


Cheran, Rudhramoorthy Spokesperson of a Canadian Tamil Cultural Organization which is said to be an Eelamist organization. He is an Academic Poet working in Ontario. He has argued for Tamil Eelam and edited the strongly-Eelamist paper “Sarinihar”. Cheran opposed Michael Ignatief’s position expressed in “Dangers of Diaspora Nationalism”. On July 26, 2009 he presented a play “What if the Rain falls”, on the day of the so-called Black July, used by the Tamil community to rouse nationalism and anger against the Sinhalese, rather than for reconciliation. He claims that the SL government is practicing Genocide of the Tamils, supports an independent Eelam, and claims that no Tamil books have been purchased by the Government in Sri Lanka since 1948 (as said in an interview with Anna-Maria Tenement of the CBC). He make the usual unquestioned claim that the Jaffna Library was burned by the Sri Lankan government, where as it has also been argued by Sinhala Nationalists that the LTTE burnt it to heap discredit on the Sri Lankan government. In reality, the burning of the library has not been properly investigated and the extend of the culpability of the two sides is unknown. but the government has rebuilt it and reequipped it (See under Anandasangaree for other details) Article reg. Prof. Cheran


Chrishanthakumar, Arunachal alias A.C. Shanthan Activist of the “British Tamil Association”. He bought electronic and computer equipment for the banned LTTE that could have been used to make a bomb, was jailed for two years. The 52-year-old from Norbury was found guilty of charges relating to conspiracy to receive and receiving property that could be used for terrorism at Kingston Crown Court on April 17. A judge at the Old Bailey jailed him for two years for the conspiracy count and one year for receiving property; the sentences will run concurrently. Deputy Assistant Commissioner John McDowell, head of the Metropolitan Police’s counter terrorism command and senior national coordinator counter terrorism, said: “Shanthan bought component parts which have been used in the past by the LTTE to make improvised explosive devices. He purchased electrical equipment including circuit boards, GPS and antenna equipment and sent it to Sri Lanka for terrorists to use. He spent more than £13,000 in just 14 months on military publications, manuals and guides to be used as reference for military attack planning, yet denied he was involved in any terrorist activity”. South Asia Intelligence Review


CHVHR- “Canadian War Victims and Human rights This is believed to be an arm of the “Tamil Eelam Society of Canada” 1160 Birchmount Rd., Unit 1A Scarborough, Ontario. Both these organizations are linked to Father Anton Philip Sinnarasa, one of those who escaped from the Batticaloa maximum security prison for captured LTTE combattants in the mid 1980s, headed the CHVHR. Sources said he had started operations in Canada though Norway had granted him refugee status. Sources said that the detained propaganda material had been addressed to CHVHR. The organization is linked to Tiger operations in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Even in June 2011, a shipment of Tiger propaganda material shipped from Chennai, and headed for Toronto via Colombo on board MV ‘Hansa Stavanger’ was captured, revealing links to foreign NGOs operating in Colombo See also Island newspaper report on CHVHR, Tigers and Canada


Cooray, Lakshman SP in Weliweiya area who was arrested for allegedly working closely with the LTTE Investigations into ministerial assassinations


Credit card skimming and the LTTE alias kalla-kappan One of the approaches claimed to be used by LTTE agents in western countries is credit-card copying, identity theft and forgery, using outlets of groceries, gasoline etc., manned by LTTE agents. Extensive cases in UK, EU and USA have been reported. Even after the fall of the LTTE in 2009, fund gathering seems occur, esp in countries where the LTTE is not banned. In such countries all Tamils, including the majority of law abiding ones get the blame. Thus, the Police commissioner in Perth Australia stated that: “Sri Lankan Tamils were largely behind credit card skimming crimes that had cost about 6000 West Australians more than $6.5 million from EFTPOS machines, Assistant Commissioner Nick Anticich said”. See Credit card skimming in Australia, 2010


 CTC (Canadian Tamil Congress) See also USTPAC .   CTC is an Eelamist-front organization. Propagating and supporting the LTTE ideology of separatism, purchasing arms and ammunition, and funding terrorism. FBI arrest of Sahilal Sabaratnam, Communications Director Of CTC when purchasing missiles and firearms worth $1 million for the LTTE.

See http://www.mercyfortamilprisoners.com/SahilLetter.pdf

Also see CTC listed under affiliates of the LTTE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affiliates_to_the_Liberation_Tigers_of_Tamil_Eelam

CTC promotes the LTTE rehetoric of separatism and hatred couched in the language of diplomacy and human rights. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nZVpRwygv4 SEE

Amnesty International gratefully accept $50,000 from the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), a long-time supporter of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE), one of the most effective and brutal terrorist organisations of the 20th Century. Having bagged Amnesty International the CTC continues to invest in organizations strategically – to help cushion its agenda of funding terrorism and propagating violence and hatred.

These front organizations, stemming from earlier organizations like FACT which continue to evolve and rebrand. This organization has been busy in 2009 and 2010 defending the Tamil migrants arriving in Canada’s west coast, Australia etc., and in cooperating with Tamil agitation and propaganda organizations like CAAG, USTPAC, and the ATC. Unlike in the US, in Canada the very same individuals, like David Poopalapillai, Garry Anadasagaree orchestrate these efforts, while the older generation is not much in the picture. However, the CTC has now begun to use young Tamils who have gone to school in Canada and speak like Canadians (i.e., with Canadian accents). This was particularly visible with respect to the propaganda effort for the Illegal migrants who arrived in Victoria in August 2010.The CTC issued press releases attacking the Canadian government for its stand of not freely and directly releasing the Tamil migrants to civil society. The migrants had paid some $40,000 per head to the human-smugglers, and it soon became clear that the Tamil diaspora would have funded this operation. It was widely believed that the CTC may have knowledge of the human-smuggling operation and aided, abetted and funded this. All the 492 names of the Sri Lankan Tamil migrants are believed to have been on the CTC computer, as well as the names of any family living in Canada who may have given funds.

Then a mysterious break-in at the CTC was reported, where the CTC computer hard disks were robbed!. Former Mountie and CSIS officer Michel Juneau-Katsuya sees little reason to believe the theft was more than a crime of opportunity.

Read CTC now claims there were “only a few names” on the computer   The CTC’s spin on the computer break-in, Sept. 12, 2010.




The main Eelamist associations are 

CTC (Canadian Tamil Congress), CANTYD

(Canadian Tamil Youth Development center),

FACT, WTM, GTF, TRO etc. These organizations

change their names frequently to avoid excessive exposure


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