TRO, money to TNA?

By Thomas Anthony in Toronto

Several ethical and legal questions raised by Canadians with Sri Lankan origin, on the TNA leaders’ recent visit to Toronto. Sri Lankans in Toronto claim that TNA leader R. Sambandan in their recently concluded trip to Toronto had several fundraising events organized by Pro LTTE fund raisers. Specially the one held at Jaasmine Banquet Hall, no. 90 Nolan Court, Markham, Ontario, raise more concern; as they doubt whether the fundraising was carried out by the LTTE funding arm TRO.

TNA leader withTRO PresidentTNA leader withTRO President in the fundraising event

TRO, which is better known as Prabakaran’s charity is banned in Sri Lanka and USA due to its direct link to LTTE. The U.S. Department of the Treasury designated the TRO as a supporter of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka. They claimed TRO was a fundraising front of LTTE. The US designation, authorized by Executive Order 13224, prohibit Americans from engaging in financial transactions with designated groups and freeze any assets the groups may have under U.S. jurisdiction. TRO designated under this executive order still valid in USA. TRO’s US IRS Form 990 indicates the group rose over US $1.6 million in 2006.

Also during the same time the International Leader of the TRO, Dr. Murugan Vinayagamoorthy and his wife were taken in to custody by the US authorities for master minding LTTE naval strength. US claimed he was involved with developing and the use of sea Submarines in LTTE Sea attacks.

TNA5[2]Eating it Out

On Nov. 22, 2007; the government of Sri Lanka banned TRO also in an audit held by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) found the Canadian arm of TRO the Canadian Foundation for Tamil Refugee Rehabilitation (CAFTARR) provided more than CDN$ 700,000 to unknown organizations outside Canada.

 CRA also claimed both TRA and CAFTARR are part of the Tamil Tiger’s support network.

Despite these facts, TNA leaders participating in a fundraising event with Raj Guna-nathan, President and Coordinator of the Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation – Canada, raised everyone’s concern.

Despite the illegality Sri Lankan Canadians also concern about the morality of Former Justice Wigneshwaran to accept these blood money. “He just showed he is no Mr. Clean” they say.

They also ask Canadian and Sri Lankan authorities to investigate on these fundraisings by the pro LTTE groups in Canada.

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