Parasaran Rangarajan-Covert operator of the Tamil tiger terrorist group

Parasaran Rangarajan

He is currently trying to become the Deputy Prime Minster of TGTE, a LTTE front in the US. An appointment in TGTE will give him access to considerable funds. He is currently under investigation for his association of and support for terrorist fronts. 

His public face: 

Editor-in chief and founder for the International Law Journal of London, he is currently in training to be appointed a diplomat. He holds certification in International Intellectual Property law from the United Nations and has extensive legal experience as a clerk to a prominent Consumer Court judge. 

 His focus in international law is solid as he as participated in drafting motions which were successfully entered with both the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice at The Hague. He has experience in formulating the legal strategy for human rights groups and United Nations projects. He has also worked with chairman of various political parties and United Nations officials in regards to the membership of the State of Palestine.

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