Jeyachandran Gopinath, alias Jeya Annai, LTTE propagandist-in-chief and Editor of the LTTE website ‘Tamilnet’, operates from Norway. He is the founder of LTTE’s official Norwegian paper strop, founder of TAMILNET, founder of NCET, Head of non-Tamil media for LTTE’s NEDIYAVAN wing, Head of LTTE’s election committee, former head of TCC in outside Oslo.

Majoran Vivekananthan (born 1977) is a Norwegian LTTE member and the editor to LTTE’s official Norwegian newspaper call utrop.

He migrated from Jaffna, Sri Lanka to Bergen, Norway at the age of eleven, and later moved to Oslo to do the cand.mag. degree at the University of Oslo. He is the editor-in-chief of LTTE’s official Norwegian Newspaper call  Utrop, started as the first online newspaper for Pro-LTTE Tamil and other minorities in Norway during the 2001 Peace Talks. This online newspaper was expanded to a paper version in June 2004 at the request of the LTTE.

Majoran Vivekananthan is the founder of LTTE’s official Norwegian paper utrop, He was one of the  founders of TAMILNET together with JEYACHANDRAN KOPINATH, and working together on all LTTE matters.

He carries a passport with the name Majoran  Vivekananthan (born 1977) a Norwegian army officer. He has shared his skills with the Tamil tigers, besides being the editor to LTTE’s official Norwegian newspaper called utrop.no

He is heavily linked to NEDIYAVAN wing,  Tamilnet, NCET Leader Dr.Panchakulasingham Kandia, TCC.

At the age of 16 Majoran Vivekananthan started working in LTTE’s official FM radio called Tamil Culture Radio in Bergen, Norway. He is currently head of Norway’s first multicultural newspaper run by LTTE for their day to day propaganda, utrop. He is also the  founder of LTTE’s official Norwegian paper Utrop.

He is the founder of NEDIYAVAN’s political council called  NCET.   Majoran Vivekananthan together with 15 Tamils have filed a case under the Norwegian national law, against all who fought against terrorism in Sri Lanka on behalf of the Norwegian Council of Eezham Tamils (NCET)

Majoran Vivekananthan is also the Head of (non-Tamil affairs ) and spokesperson for LTTE’s NEDIYAVAN wing and addresses the Norwegian TV, Radio, Papers, Internet. He is popularly known in Norway as the “LTTE Journalist man”

Head of LTTE’s election committee in Norway, former head of TCC in outside Oslo.

Norwegian Army seeks guidance from Tamil tiger to advise then on recruitment methods for the Norwegian Army:

There has been meeting between the Norwegian Army HQ and LTTE Majoran Vivekananthan, editor of UTROP.  This newspaper receives funds from the Norwegian Government and Norwegian foundations. The Norwegian Army HQ acknowledges meetings with the LTTE editor. According to the Norwegian Army they meet with him in order to get his advice on how to recruit more immigrants into the Norwegian Army.

His activities:

LTTE’s official Youth magazine in Norway call NOTAM.no run by TCC in Norway



Also See and Hear Jeyachandran Gopinath – spoken of as a Tamil tiger in the category of Nediyawan.

Oslo, 25 August 2004, (asiantribune.com): F.Ruvik of R senter Norway , have already taken legal action against Utrop a pro-LTTE fortnightly magazine from Oslo, Norway and its editor Manoranjan Vivekanathan for the smearing campaign against him.

Ruvik was one of the key organizers of the one day conference held on 20 August at Oslo, Norway by the World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka – “Road maps to peace in Sri Lanka.

In a statement released yesterday to “Asian Tribune,” Ruvik said, “I have taken legal action against those who has been smearing my involvement in conference and also filed charges with the press association.

On 20th August, Utrop which claims itself as one of the ethnic fortnightly, – a pro-LTTE magazine published from Oslo, published an article critical of Ruvik one of the sponsors of the Sri Lanka Peace Conference.Utrop was earlier an online journal and for the last three months printed version were also available and the magazine is heavily funded by the Norwegian Government.

The pro LTTE Utrop alleged Ruvik as “A man convicted of murder is the joint organizer of a conference on Sri Lankain Oslo.”

Utrop added: “The Norwegian, the joint organizer of the Sinhala nationalist conference, was convicted for murdering an immigrant restaurant owner in Oslo and sentenced to preventive detention for ten years in 1997.”

One Tor Bach, a Norwegian journalist said to have broken the story in Utrop’s online edition about Ruvik of the Norwegian R Sentre.

Ruvik in his statement said: “I will also write to the Norwegian Department for Culture and ask them to stop payments to this newspaper. All advertisers of the newspaper will also be approached. In a letter to the editor Majoran Vivekananthan faxed to him today (Tuesday) he was informed about the actions that will be taken.”

Ruvik added: This will be an important step creating the awareness about the LTTE involvement in media organisations and the methods they use attacking people against terrorism. I know for a fact the Norwegian Foreign Ministry is furious about the smearing articles about “extremist meeting” and we believe the LTTE “political wing” will take action against these “loose LTTE cannons” that now are playing into our hand and destroying the image of LTTE build in the last 20 years in Norway. The “extremist attack” from the LTTE sympathizers must be regarded asan added bonus to this conference success, because it has already started to backfire on the LTTE.

From – Asian Tribune-

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