Anti Sri Lankan David Cameron’s LTTE connections are exposed

WEDNESDAY, 25 DECEMBER 2013 – 12:57

Funding for the British ruling coalition partner the Conservative party and the slavishness of British Prime Minister David Cameron to the Tamil Diaspora has been exposed by a Tamil language website “Athirvu”.  

The website points out that Sri Lankan born Subaskaran Allirajah the founder and owner of British telephone company Lyca-mobile, is the 2nd largest provider of funds to the Conservative Party and hence David Cameron acts as a stooge of the Tamil Diaspora and against the Sri Lankan government.

The website disclosed that Subaskaran is the one who is funding the British Conservative Party and points out that the Subaskaran gave 420 thousand Sterling Pounds to the Conservative Party as one time donation. 

It says that he has given over 20 million to Prince Charles Foundation as well.

The website says that David Cameroon’s visit to Jaffna and his statements against the Sri Lankan government were made on the behest of Subaskaran. 

It points out Cameroon’s Jaffna visit was facilitated by Ganam Foundation established by Subaskaran in Jaffna to steer their Anti-Sri Lankan Government activities.

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