UNHRC: Two Terrorist Supporters in Suits

The architects of the genocide canard: M. A. Sumanthiran TNA MP and Gary Anandasangaree, Chief of LTTE operations in Geneva

M.A.Sumanthiran, LTTE supporter and TNA politician worshipping Padithar, a notorious LTTE killer. https://www.tamilguardian.com/content/tna-mp-pays-tribute-ltte-s-captain-pandithar
Gary Anandasangaree, LTTE activist turned Canadian politician promoting the “genocide canard” to raise funds for the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.

Sri Lanka won a 30 year war against a ruthless enemy and united the country. Those defeated are masquerading as champions of human rights in western capitals, Tamil Nadu and in Geneva. The LTTE headquarters group in UK organised the P2P march culminating in worshipping suicide terrorists in Jaffna.

The finger prints of the LTTE and its political wing TNA is all over the UNHRC resolution. The architects are M. A. Sumanthiran TNA (LTTE political wing) and Gary Anandasangaree, Chief of LTTE operations in Geneva. To divert attention from LTTE war crimes, Sumanthiran and Anandasangaree have been propagating the “genocide canard”. Sumanthiran’s associate Ambika Satkunanathan is under investigation by the Terrorism Investigations Division for receiving funds from the LTTE headquarters group and a diplomatic mission in Colombo.

Those who suffered from terrorism in Sri Lanka know that human rights is not about human rights. A million civilians were killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya by the very countries that voted against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC on March 23, 2021. Politics and geopolitics determined the UNHRC vote.

The LTTE lobbied the British parliament using votes and donations. Greedy for power and funds, Europeans and Canadians turned a blind eye to the terrorist support activities.

From time to time, Sri Lanka was betrayed by those with personal and political interests. During the colonial era too we lost our country when Sri Lankans fought each other. The last time, when security was compromised by Mangala Samaraweera who delisted the LTTE fronts paving the way for cosponsorship and the resurgence of the LTTE. The Islamic State exploited the lax security environment and staged the massacre.

This should be a moment of unity for all Sri Lankans. Those who love their motherland know that it’s enemies will continue to use bogus human rights stories to weaken its security forces, the pride of Sri Lanka. This should be a moment where every Sri Lankan will stand behind its security forces that has united the Sri Lankan nation.

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