How a terrorist group infiltrated the British Parliament

The world’s top human rights body United Nations Human Rights council (UNHRC) is facing an unprecedented challenge. Its 46th session was infiltrated and influenced by a notorious terrorist entity; the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The UNHRC being the largest global platform discussing matters related to human rights; has been hijacked by the LTTE to plant fabricated claims against Sri Lanka. After militarily defeating the ruthless threat group in May 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) is safeguarding the sovereign rights of the country against international terrorist campaigns.

The LTTE exercised constituency pressure on the British House of Commons; Tiger fingerprints marked the debate on the actions against Sri Lanka. The debating effort was spearheaded by Siobhain McDonagh MP of Mitcham and Morden, with the participation of less than 10 members of the house physical present, including the deputy speaker of the house. This effort called a debate was focused around emphasizing the need to refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Courts (ICC). A secondary suggestion by the MP emphasized the need bring an International Independent Investigative Mechanism (IIIM) to Sri Lanka. She focused on Mullivaikal, where the LTTE human shield was breached and civilians were rescued by the military. Accusations are made by the LTTE international network of human rights violations, and the demolition of the LTTE headquarters group funded Mullivaikal memorial in the University of Jaffna. And ludicrously enough, her excuses to justify ethnic oppression were based on GOSL’s decision to cremate the bodies of Covid-19 victims and the present government having 9 members form the same family; controlling 7 cabinet posts. Another mention by the MP was the pardoning of soldiers accused on alleged crimes during the period of the war. The MP also suggested the need for UK to impose sanctions on Sri Lanka while emphasizing why the UK should be leading forth in the passing of a UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka. The debate served ground for contradictory and supportive statements from the members of the house.

(Siobhain McDonagh MP, spearheading the LTTE agenda at the debate)

An interesting question to why this debate was tabled by a host of MPs when the house was not even fully convened?  MP McDonagh in her speech provides several hints and clues in essence to provide insight. Primarily, the incidents she speaks in length are identical to the claims of the British Tamil Forum (BTF), Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF); who have worked hand in hand with the terrorists. Secondly, the suggestive measures presented by MP McDonagh replicates an eerie resemblance to the demands made by LTTE front woman Ambihai Selvakumar. Ambihai was also seen making identical demands to the international commune by attempting a 16 day bogus hunger fast in Harrow, south London. Finally, the content in the script from which the MP reads her address to the house; suggesting that it was the work of a local abettor of the LTTE, hailing from the highest echelons of the country.

(Ambihai Seevaratnam alias Ambihai Selvakumar on a fake hunger strike She’s wearing the lapel of the LTTE front organization TGTE. The backdrop photo is Thileepan, terrorist leader against the Indian Peacekeeping Force)

For Tamil ballots, Tamil separatist politicians of the TNA and LTTE funds, back MP McDonagh.  The MP’s speech at the house resonated the speech of a prominent Tamil politico from the north who had made similar comments at a webinar organized by the Universal Human Rights Council (UHCR). This figure is none other than LTTE’s beloved Tamil kitten Mathiaparanan Abraham Sumanthiran; who is not only a member of the Parliament, but a member of the judicial in Sri Lanka. Sumanthiran was many times called a traitor to the Tamil community for his actions on the behalf of the LTTE; which in turn had directed massive pressure on the Sri Lankan Tamil community.

(Sumanthiran visiting the family of a terrorist, Sinnathurai Raveenthiran alias Pandithar)

Sumanthiran is a well-known ideologue in Sri Lanka for using his political and legal powers to advocate the LTTE in the process to recapture the dream of an independent Eelam. He is well known for advocating the LTTE on means to achieve the foresaid through diplomatic pressure. His pressing tone in the matters related to war crimes, Eelam and the Diaspora is very much contradictory when it comes to the welfare of the Sri Lankan Tamil community. Sumanthiran who was is a member of the parliament, was silently abetting the efforts of the LTTE international through number of web conferences and meetings; especially alongside the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) member Gary Anandasangaree. Anandasangaree, a long term supporter of the LTTE, is currently functioning as the head of its global human rights movement. Both Sumanthiran and Anandasangaree are the creators of the genocide canard and resolutions against Sri Lanka. They never came to terms that the terrorist movement lost and using human rights to hit back; exploring their way of seeking revenge from a Sri Lanka trying to rebuild the nation. He had been working parallel with Sumanthiran to bringing forth a UNHRC resolutions against Sri Lanka. The CTC, BTF and the GTF along with the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) were spearheading an effort to draft an effective resolution against Sri Lanka, under charges on crimes against humanity and unethical practices of war. Their efforts had been halted by the lack of support by the international community; even though the LTTE have been heavily financing and pocketing political figures throughout the world. And now they have pocketed a prominent member from the Sri Lankan Parliament whose sentiments have always been in par with the LTTE.  

(Canadian MP Gary Anandasangaree addressing an LTTE Diaspora gathering at Ottawa. A banner of the LTTE led political body TGTE can be seen in the background behind Anandasangaree.)

Anandasangaree and Sumanthiran have developed a worldwide media platform to employ prominent political and influential figures to broadcast their own agendas with reviving the LTTE. There has been a number of webinars, panel discussions and dialogues to bring forth Resolutions, referrals and investigative mechanisms against Sri Lanka. Ironically, majority of these suggestions have been emerging through LTTE core groups and activists right before they have been tabled at general forums of global recognition. It is noteworthy that these money minded Politicos are only craving for their personal gains but not the wellbeing of a nation. Thereby, the GOSL must realize that there are ‘wolves in sheep skins’ among them and stern actions must be taken to prevent their interferences with the ongoing process of developing national unity. The time of Sri Lanka to be clear of all false accusations are at its brink. It is high time to expose the real perpetrators behind the efforts of the LTTE; globally and domestically.

(Sumanthiran pays his respect to a terrorist, Sinnathurai Raveenthiran alias Pandithar)

By Maya Anthony

(Maya Anthony is an independent Human Rights activist from London.)

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