An illusory truth; what the LTTE never told

Few Crimes committed by LTTE Terrorists…

A tale that has been told by generations over and over, finally becomes a legend of the past. But have you ever questioned that particular tale, legend, lore or even myth for its truth; even though it dares you not to? Until the plot reveals itself, a story is never fully told. This is an untold story about beautiful Sri Lanka; a narrative swept under the rug by the voice of the ruthless LTTE.

The global commune is wide-eyed for the 46th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council convened in the latter of February. Of which Sri Lanka is mounted with massive pressure upon violations of human rights during the period of the civil war. The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) engaged the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) through 30 years of conflict that incurred massive losses to both parties. Lives were lost, property and infrastructure destroyed, people were left astray, families torn apart; the whole nation was ravaged by the bloodlust of the LTTE separatists who fought for a sanctuary of their own. Little did they cared for their own people, even Tamils were targeted under false cause or not showing lenience. The liberation which the Tamils looked through the LTTE became the very noose that strangled them for their own survival.

Although the LTTE suffered military defeat in May 2009, their international terrorist network was still at large. A vast majority of the Tamil people displaced during the war fled to western countries of the world, seeking asylum from the brutalities which they underwent and suffered throughout the period of the war. Amongst those who fled the country were innocent civilians whom had actually suffered with the war and pro-LTTE comrades moving out of the country; who powered the international political and procurement wings for the terrorist organization. Their task in seeking asylum was to keep on the funding and propaganda campaigns alive for the LTTE, so the Tamil tigers could keep on engaging the GOSL. Once the LTTE faced martial defeat at the hands of the GOSL military; concluding the reign of terror and chaos, vanquishing all hope to an elusive Elam strived by the internationally active LTTE  community.

Thereafter, the LTTE international network has strategically improvised to a more diplomatic approach in reaching their goal to resurrect Elam through directing constituency and structured diplomatic pressure towards the GOSL through international forums and conventions. The most recent of which is the foresaid 46th UNHRC sessions; bringing forth the LTTE voice through the form of Human rights. With a majority of nations standing with the resolutions against Sri Lanka are generally known lobbies with large formations of the LTTE’s international community; the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada leading from the front. These nations have been previously recognized to have hosted larger concentrations of political refugees and asylum seekers from Sri Lanka; majority of them being displaced Tamils from the north. Thereby it is prudent to draw factual conclusion to that they have deliberately let the globally proscribed LTTE to set up a massive foothold in their respective country; unfortunately having to admit ‘that they were simply aware of it’.    

The LTTE international network plays their political game with strategy. The most recent of cases being portrayed by the UK where domestic political parties and prominent figures outlandishly commenting  on the violations of human rights in Sri Lanka; which begs the question, “where they were when Sri Lanka as a whole, suffered human rights violations at the hands of the LTTE?”. It is rumored in the international communities that western politicians have been pocketed in by the said LTTE international lodging behind diaspora communities, merely on the basis of money and votes. Driving deeper into fact based analysis brings the cognitive conclusion that they have infiltrated world politics using their massive financial capabilities and the vast voting capacities.

Multiple incidents indicated that the Tamil tiger international network had complied over and over, working alongside the agendas of the LTTE win their political and propaganda work. Several organizations were seen, emerging with radical ideologies and separatist perspectives that resonates the views of the LTTE. Few of the notable pro-LTTE movements including the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), Australian Tamil Federation (ATF), British Tamil Forum (BTF) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) have displayed resonance in this regard with creating ideologues, significantly raising voice over political proceedings of the GOSL. Incidentally, the very organizations that claims to be the voice of the ‘undermined Tamils of the North’ have been found to have fed the LTTE during the final phase of the war. It is best derived when we consider that the once prominent actor from the BTF Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar alias ‘Shanthan’ was prosecuted by the Kingston crown court in the UK for ‘procuring equipment for a group with obvious terrorist purpose’. Shanthan with three other individuals were prosecuted in 2009 for gathering electronics and other materials, among which specifically included guides to underwater warfare systems and explosive ordinance disposal; which according to Shanthan, were to be sent to ‘Tamil civilians living in the north’. This begs the question, were the Civilians Shanthan referred to are actually the LTTE in a civilian guise and whether the BTF is the international front for the LTTE?. One major news service explicitly quoted with reference to the British Tamil Association which is under the purview of the BTF’s operational umbrella as,

 “The allegation is that Shanthan provided the money for the purchases and some of the orders were delivered to the office of the British Tamil Association which a prosecution lawyer said was a Tamil Tiger front organization headed by Shanthan.” 

 ‘It’s not rocket science’ to figure that all movements inclusive of the BTF and alike are nothing but the faces of the LTTE, carrying their separatist voice through the international community. Following are some incidents indicating political infiltrations of the LTTE’s international terrorist network;

  • 2008 – Apr 22: London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, addresses meeting co-organized by British Tamil Forum, an LTTE front though warned at highest diplomatic levels about terror links. At a BTF meeting held at Excel Center, Docklands on 27 Nov 2007 a video message from LTTE leader Prabakaran was played where he praises suicide bombing.
  • 2008 – Jan 22: a 2008 Calendar depicting LTTE logo and map of separate state of ‘Tamil Eelam’ sold outside Hindu temples in London on Jan 1st at the rate of five pounds and 10 pounds each.
  • 2008 – Jan 16: British Tamil Forum calls for boycott of Sri Lankan Airlines to deny estimated earnings of £12 million every year from British Tamils travelling to Sri Lanka – head of BTF Ivan Pedropillai also urged British tourists not to travel to Sri Lanka.
  • 2008 – Jul 16: British Tamil Forum organizes photo exhibition in British Parliament attended by UK MPs, Members of House of Lords, former cabinet ministers, mayors, international and UK organizations, even 3 MPs of TNA Ms Padmini Sithamparanathan MP, Jayananthamoorthi MP and Gagendran MP.
  • 2007 – Aug 28: LTTE cadres receiving ‘police’ training in UK after 2002 ceasefire agreement probed after arrest of LTTE suspect Kalimuttu Vinodkumar who informed that he was one of 12 LTTE cadres sent for a 3month training to Northern Ireland after CFA was signed and conducted by foreign instructors with help of Tamil translators.

Lessons of the past are not to be undermined. As the idiom says “The leopard never changes its spots”.

It is also significant to recognize prominent Tamil ideologues who have contributed to the introduction of separatist Tamil ideologies into the academic and socio-cultural strata. Throughout the past, we have seen a number of conferences addressing specifics revolving the fictitious accusations of genocide fabricated by the LTTE’s global political wing. Shared commonly among the majority of the as an idea of ‘a separate Tamil Elam’ or of ‘Elam Tamils’; which are nonetheless were the bases the LTTE was built upon. Recent voicing of these claims have taken a forceful note taking aim at the ongoing 46th session of the UNHRC. Looking at key figures involved, comes Dr Guruparan Kumarvadivel and Dr. Madhurika Rasaratnam. Dr. Guruparan, one of the most accredited academics in the University of Jaffna is known for his academic excellence and challenging tone. Guruparan’s ideology is that the government should allow the North to run with separate governance based on cultural ethos; blindly undermining national unity solely based on his narrow views on ‘justice for Tamils’. According to ground sources from the University of Jaffna (UOJ), Guruparan has been one of the key figures involved behind the activist-student political movements protesting against the demolition of the Mullivaikal memorial at the UOJ. While exploring further into Guruparan’s illustrious resume, it was noticed that he had been a totally different candidate while pursuing his bachelors at the University of Colombo and he was nor a bearer of revolutionary ideologies during the time. It is rumored that he had been one of the academics recruited by the international factions of the LTTE to seed ethno-separatist ideologies among university students in the form of a justice call for Tamils. Much like the initial beginnings of the LTTE; harvesting separatism among the exuberant youth is still carried out by the foresaid though the initiations of his very own Adayaalam Center for Policy Research and the Tamil Civil Society Forum (TCSF); sparking sentimental rage and unrest of the Tamil people upon a unified Sri Lanka. It is really embarrassing to see coveted academics like Dr. Guruparan, whom have benefited extensively by the system of free education of Sri Lanka turning out, being hate-breeders under the contracts of the LTTE global network.

Dr. Madhurika Rasaratnam, another Tamil ideologue who carries ideological resonance to Elam-separatism. Dr. Raaratnam is seen broadly over media claiming the Tamil identity must be recognized in Sri Lanka. Dr. Rasaratnam’s voice is much appraised by the LTTE’s global community as she is frequently seen dispersing the idea of a ‘native Tamil land in Sri Lanka’ and India’s connections to the genesis of Elam Tamils. As a leading academic and an excellent orator, Madhurika Rasaratnam has gained reputation amongst the international Tamil community as an ideologue in glorifying Tamil Elam’s separatist movement in the North. Her writings and speeches are oriented around Justifications of what the LTTE did in the form of a nationalist struggle. Coincidentally, Dr. Rasaratnam’s narrow mono- ethnic ideology had been very much resonant with the GTF and the BTF; raising the question, ‘is Madhurika Rasaratnam a pawn of the GTF or the BTF?’.  Intellectuals at the capacities of both foresaid individuals have been seen taking part in strategically structured propaganda; lecturing right beforehand and throughout the UNHRC sessions to ensure their views receive optimum outreach with the global communities.

The UNHRC as the foremost body on Human rights, now stands steadily at a decisive point with a multitude of nations having sided with Sri Lanka, commending their efforts of reconciliation and peace building in the country. To address the accusations of the GOSL being discriminative to religious or ethnic minorities; the nation has willingly extended an open door policy to all stakeholders from the international community to witness cohesive development and communal integrity of the nations. Out of clarity that the UNHRC is in fact being infiltrated by opportunistic pro-LTTE politicos; the island nation must persevere with the truth, without allowing the LTTE international to neither infiltrate nor to diplomatically hijack the UNHRC agenda to their favor. And it is paramount that we ensure the 46th session of the UNHRC remains to be a human rights forum; but not a forum of the LTTE.           

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