Vaiko: LTTE Terrorist Agent!

Vaiko with world's most ruthless terrorist leader Prabhakaran

Vaiko with world’s most ruthless terrorist leader Prabhakaran

Vaiko supported LTTE Terrorist and other organizations fighting for a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka. He made a trip to Eelam at the height of the LTTE’s war with Sri Lankan Army. Vaiko was the first member of Parliament and chief of a registered political party in the country to be detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2002. He was 18 months in prison.

In 2008, Criminal Investigation Department of Tamil Nadu police arrested Vaiko on charges of sedition. The charges stemmed from speeches Vaiko made at a party meeting on the Sri Lankan issue and the government’s raids into LTTE-held areas on 21 October 2008-14 days in judicial custody.

He stated that India should retract its ban on the LTTE Terrorist.

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