Pro Tamil Tiger Lobby at Odds with the Ground Reality in Sri Lanka!

Foreign funded derogatory reports cannot match what world leaders saw and said about Sri Lanka

old1There is a very well planned concerted effort, well funded and with the same think tanks involved compiling report using ‘unknown’ witnesses or witnesses who have ‘escaped’ and awaiting asylum or refugee status to depict the notion that Sri Lanka needs to be divided and the North liberated. The reports are giveaways for when any report speaks of ‘sinhalization’ ‘genocide’ it simply showcases who is funding them. Nevertheless, while these reports are attempting to isolate Sri Lanka, the arrival of scores of foreign delegates from foreign missions, business delegations and foreign parliamentarians alongside their statements shows an entirely different picture but more importantly nullifies the bogus reports in circulation. Many of these reports have been exposed for their lies anddistortions and the credibility of these organizations are now seriously to be questioned.

‘If there is any genocide – it is by the LTTE’  

Lord Naseby is the Chairman of the All Party British Sri Lanka Parliamentary Group.

 We agree that infrastructure development is not the only criterion on which post-conflict development is to be measured. But we also need to realize that for 30 years these areas of the North were living like in the stone-age. These people needed to have something to look forward to start their lives. Now, in a matter of just 5 years they have new roads, new homes, new buildings, new means of income and ways to creatively generate income, ability to return to livelihoods that had been neglected. With the development a score of other avenues have opened up. Critics must realize this. The same critics need to also acknowledge that the LTTE enjoyed USD300m annual profits, the LTTE Diaspora funded them and that same Diaspora is demanding what the GOSL has done to develop the North when all the money sent by them to the LTTE were only to procure arms, build bunkers and to be shared amongst LTTE families.

We need to also add that scores of UN agencies, INGOs, and NGOs had offices virtually next door to the LTTE which next questions what they had been doing all these years. They were not even able to tell or did not wish to tell how many Tamils the LTTE took hostage! The contributors to these charities/NGOs need to seriously question them as to what they had been doing with the money sent to them for decades – absolutely nothing had been done in the North until the post-conflict development commenced.

Do we believe the LTTE-funded documentaries or the statements of diplomats arriving in Sri Lanka?

There is much talk of UN inaction during the final stages of the war, this is an attempt to downplay the UN country teams estimate of civilian deaths as being 7721 in an effort to give credence to the global campaign to promote 40,000 and more deaths. We have sufficiently argued that without names, dead bodies there is little accusers can do but to waste money running global campaigns. In a court of law their arguments will fall to pieces. In a war and with terrorists wearing uniform and in civil, with LTTE having trained a civilian defense force what army can differentiate a LTTE terrorist from a civilian who is pretending to be a civilian and not an LTTEr? Obviously, collateral damage did occur but the fact that amidst the fighting the army actually saved close to 300,000 Tamils (amongst whom there were plenty of LTTE cadres) is satisfactorily evidence of proportionality.

The country’s ‘Come See for Yourself’ policy has worked well. 1million tourists have arrived since 2009, over 200 delegations arrived in 2013 alone to Sri Lanka. The arrival of the Japanese Prime Minister and the Chinese Leader in 2014 and the agreements being signed showcases the extent of confidence these countries are having on Sri Lanka.

In the meanwhile, a lot of money is being spent by the usual culprits to compile reports, to serialize the same sets of allegations to show a picture of ‘consistency’ but they all end up using the same sources and the same mouthpieces and same online sites and same writers and speakers and reviewers end up saying the same thing. Almost always their ‘witnesses’ are kept hidden by a new concept called ‘witness protection’ and a cap on exposing their names for 20 years because obviously there are no real witnesses and by 20 years people would not remember to even ask the disclosure of their names! The attempt is obviously to do a Goebel – a lie repeated enough times becomes accepted as truth!

Nevertheless, they will have a hard time to counter their lies against foreign delegates arriving from all corners of the world and visiting all parts of Sri Lanka.

Jan 2013Australia – Opposition Parliamentary DelegationDeputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop & immigration spokesman Scott Morrison, border protection spokesman Michael Keenan.

“We were impressed by the progress that has been made,” Bishop said during a discussion with President Rajapaksa at Temple Trees. “Your country is to be congratulated.”

Feb 2013 Her Excellency Crete Lochen, Norwegian Ambassador visits Jaffna“ We are aware of the great efforts made by the government and non- government partners who have jointly put up lot of hard work to improve the living conditions of the communities emerging from conflict”,
April 2013 – 6 member Indian Parliamentary Delegation led by Sushma Swaraj, leader of the BJP Opposition / Lok Sabha‘“The pace of development was good given that whole infrastructure was destroyed’
May 2013 Head of the United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Agnes Asekenye-Oonyu accompanied by the deputy head of the mission, Mark Prasopa-Plaizier.
June 2013 –s ix member BJP-led delegation led by Ravi Shankar Prasad, Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.“This is another achievement of Sri Lanka that many foreign delegations including the opposition party members of INDIA also started visiting Sri Lanka in Post-war era of the country.”
July 20136 Member British Parliamentary Delegation led by Conservative MP Eleanor Laing“There is a lot of hope for the future. We are very positive about Sri Lanka’
Aug 2013 EU Parliamentarian visits North – Mr. Phil Bennion, MEP, ALDE / UK from the EU Parliament Phil Bennion has said the international community can now witness for themselves the successful development process of Sri Lanka
Aug 2013French Senator Nathalie GouletThe role played by the security forces in the development process in the North is impressive
Aug 2013Canadian Embassy delegation visited Jaffna and Killinochchi and had talks with political parties and civil society members. The Canadians also visited the Uthayan newspaper office in Jaffna and had talks with the management and Editor.
Jan 20129 member British delegation visits Jaffna led by Conservative MP James Wharton ‘solution to the Lankan ethnic question should be found within the country and no solution could be imposed from outside’
Jan 2012Canadian Parliamentary delegationHon. Chungen Leung (M.P.), Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multiculturalism, Deputy Minister of the Government of Canada, Hon. Joe Daniel (M.P.), and, Marlene Gallyot Special Assistant to Hon. Joe Daniel (for Sri Lanka)

“the human rights situation in Sri Lanka has greatly improved and it was understood that there is no discrimination against Tamil community in Sri Lanka”.

May 2012 A team of US State Department representatives and USAID Regional Refugee Coordinator from the office of Population, Refugees and Migration, US Department of State Ms. Amanda Jacobsen, Regional Advisor for South Asia Ms. Andrea Tracy and Disaster Assistance Officer of USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance in the USA along with two other officials
Sept 2012 Representatives of the African National Congress Progressive Business Forum (ANCPBF) led by Deputy Minister Ms Hlenglwe Buhle Mkize
Sept 2012 Delegates of 58th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA)New Zealand National List MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi said the resettlement process in the North was impressive and the government’s approach in the development process in the area was in the right direction.

Bakshi said the houses given to IDPs were of a high standard and it was important the IDPs had a good home.

South African Parliamentarian Patricia Mahlo said the Northern development process was excellent and the government was doing a commendable job.

Canadian Parliamentarian from Calgary North-East, Devinder Shory said sections in Canada say the Security Forces in Jaffna outnumber civilians here, but from what he witnessed the Forces’ presence was minimal

Nov 2012 – 8 member Czech Parliamentary Delegation led by the Chairman of the foreign Affairs committee of the Czech Republic David Vodrazka MP Czech officials also called on the Bishop of Jaffna Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Savundaranayagam and the Northern Province Governor Major General (retd.) G A Chandrasiri.
Dec 2012 – UN delegation led by Japan includes permanent representatives from Nigeria, Romania Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to the United Nations in New York and top diplomats of Italian, Brazilian and South Africa’s missions in Colombo visits north to view progress
Feb 2011 – Leader of the South Asia Delegation of the European Parliament, Mrs. Jean Lambert (Greens/UK) commended the Govt. on the “tremendous efforts and progress made by the Government to remove the legacy of the conflict”.
Jun 2011 British Deputy High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Mr. Mark Gooding expressed satisfaction on the role played by the Army in the North
Sept 2011 Australian High Commissioner Her Excellency Cathy Clugan 3 day visit to Jaffna expressed her satisfaction about the welfare measures launched by the Army for Jaffna civilians.
Sept 2011 US House of Representatives Sub-committee Chairman on the Middle East and South Asia, Congressman Steven Joseph Chabot expressed their satisfaction about ongoing developments in Jaffna.
Oct 2010- 35 Member team delegation was led by Ravi Shankar Prasad, Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.India was for the peaceful coexistence of all the people in the island, and the Tamil question should be solved entirely by Sri Lanka, while India could only play a supportive role.
Nov 2010 Leader of the German Delegation, Ms Petra Ernstberger (CDU/CSU) thanked the GoSL for the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the progress made in Sri Lanka, and confirmed their overall impression, following visits to the North and the East of the country that “many good things had been done”.
Oct 2009 Singaporean envoy George YeoI congratulate His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapakse, President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, for his very courageous leadership and thank the Chiefs of the Defense outfit who supported him with deep commitment and self-sacrifice.


Arrival of Foreign Delegates to North Sri Lanka in 2013

1 2010.01.15 Mr.Charles Haviland – BBC Correspondent
2 2010.03.10 Mr. Yangxiuping, Chinese Ambassador
3 2010.03.25 Delegation from Bangladesh Army
4 2010.04.18  Indian High Commissioner
5 2010.04.28 Delegation from Pakistan Army
6 2010.05.03 Mr.Yohi Sasakawa of Sasakawa Foundation (Japan)
7 2010.05.05 Indian High Commissioner 
8 2010.05.06 Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Spiteri (Diplomat)
9 2010.05.21 Miss. BM Pheto, High Commissioner South Africa
10 2010.06.08 Ms. Patricia Butenis, US Ambassador
11 2010.06.09 Ms. Patricia Butenis, US Ambassador 
12 2010.06.13 HE Mrs. Ruth Flint, Ambassador for Switzerland
13 2010.06.15 Ms. Samantha Power, US State Dept
14 2010.06.25 Mr. Antonio Tan JR, Ambassador for the Philippines
15 2010.06.28 Mr. Mark Gooding, Diplomat
16 2010.07.04 Dato S Kulasegaran and Mr C Gnanarajah, Malaysian delegation
17 2010.07.12  UN Stafff
18 2010.07.16 Mr. Akio Uhchida, Japan officials
19 2010.08.06 Mr. Damascus Mscheri, UN delegation
20 2010.08.31  Ms Nirupama Rao, Indian Foreign Secretary
21 2010.09.14  Swiss delegation
22 2010.09.21 Mr. Anurag Srivastava, First Secretary Indian High Commission
23 2010.09.21 Ms Indu Mohandas, UN delegation
24 2010.10.01 Brigadier General Humayun Bakht, Defense College Bangladesh
25 2010.10.07  High Commissioner of India
26 2010.10.09  US Investors
27 2010.10.12 Chief of Mission Mr. Richard Danziger
28 2010.10.20 Rt. Hon. Paul Murphy
29 2010.10.22 His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Spiteri
30 2010.11.15 HE.Miss Leoni Cuelenaere, Netherlands Ambassador
31 2011.01.10  Malaysian delegation
32 2011.01.20  Ambassador for Japan
33 2011.01.21  Indonesian Ambassador
34 2011.01.21  Indian High Commissioner
35 2011.01.24  Ms. Patricia Butenis, US ambassador
36 2011.02.27  Canadian High Commissioner
37 2011.03.10  Indian High Commissioner
38 2011.03.12 Mr. Lun Karan, German delegation
39 2011.03.14 Mr. Thomas Litscher, Swiss Ambassador
40 2011.03.14 Thomas Litscher
41 2011.03.23  Norwegian Ambassador
42 2011.04.25  Indian Defence Advisor
43 2011.04.29  Nepalese delegation
44 2011.05.10 Ms. Indumathi Mohandas
45 2011.05.23  US delegation
46 2011.06.03 Tri Service Senior Officers
47 2011.06.04 Mr. Tomas Dub, Hon. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Czech republic
48 2011.06.07  Mr. Tomas Dub, Hon. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Czech republic
49 2011.06.08 Steev Hanchns, Australian delegation
50 2011.06.14  Mr. Mark Gooding, British High Commissioner
51 2011.06.29  Malaysian delegation
52 2011.07.11  Indian High Commissioner
53 2011.07.23 Mr. Stephen Foster, Australian High Commission officials
54 2011.08.02 Lt Col Patrick Schuler, US Defense Attache
55 2011.08.24 IOM International Staff, UK delegation
56 2011.09.13  Robert O Blake and diplomats
57 2011.09.18 HE.Mr Jongmoon Choi, Ambassador of Korea
58 2011.09.19 HE Kathy Clugan, Ambassador Canada
59 2011.09.20 Mr. Kerin Wenger, Swiss National Public Radio
60 2011.09.22  US ambassador
61 2011.09.28 Mr. Steven Joseph Chabot, US House of Representative
62 2011.10.03 Mr.Adnan Khan, UN WFP Officials
63 2011.10.09 Mr.Sri Ranjan Mathai, Foreign Secretary of India
64 2011.10.12 Hon Tholhath Ibrahion, Minister of Defense and National Security Maldives
65 2011.10.19 Hon. Albert Benjamin Chandler, US delegation
66 2011.10.22 Hon Mark Prichard, British MP
67 2011.10.28 Hon Lord George Foulkes, UK Parliamentary Delegation
68 2011.11.14 HE Shyam Saran, Ex-Foreign Secretary India
69 2011.11.17 Asian Delegation


HE Mr Djafar Husein-Ambassador Republic of Indonesia
HE Mr Ton Sinh Thanh- Ambassador Republic of Vietnam
HE Mr Azmi Zainuddin- High Commissioner of Malaysia
Mr Tan Li Lung- Councellor, High Commission of Malaysia
Mr Albert Abdi- First Secretary, Indonesian Embassy
Miss Rungnapa Srivannavit- Charge d’ Affaires, Royal Thai Embassy
Miss Nareeta Supradist- First Secretary, Royal Thai Embassy

70 2011.11.18 Hon Ebrahim Ebrahim, Deputy Minister of International Relations & Cooperation of South Africa
71 2011.11.30 Mr Robbie Bulloch, British Deputy High Commissioner
72 2011.11.30 Ms. Sheila Berry, Diplomat
73 2011.12.08 Ms Maria Vamvakinou, Australian Parliamentary delegation
74 2011.12.12 Ms. Megan Foster, Canadian High Commission
75 2011.12.13 HE Mrs Christine Robichon, French Ambassador
76 2011.12.15 Mr P Kumaran, Deputy High Commissioner of India
77 2011.12.21 Ms Ayaco Tanaka, Japan delegation
78 2012.01.04 Hon James Wharton, UK Parliamentary Delegation
79 2012.01.09 Mr.Joe Daniel, Canadian Parliamentary delegation
80 2012.01.18 HE SM Krishna, Indian delegation
81 2012.01.20 Dr Alyssa Ayres, US delegation
82 2012.01.23 Mr Devid Hall, British High Commission officials
83 2012.01.23 HE Abdul Kalam, Former President of India
84 2012.01.26 Dato Kulasegaran Sabarathnam, Malaysian delegation
85 2012.02.01 Mr. Andrew Robert Bruce
86 2012.02.08 Hon. Malai K Sinha, Joint Security / Ministry of External Affairs, India
87 2012.02.08 Mr Stephen J Rapp – US delegation
88 2012.02.12 Andrew Robert Bruce, UN officials
89 2012.02.13 Mr SB Divaratne with US delegation
90 2012.02.16 Dr Cyill Nunn, Federal Republic of Germany
91 2012.02.17 Rt. Hon Sir Alan Haselhurst, UK Parliamentarian delegation
92 2012.02.20 Mr Mark Haynes, Counsellor safety and security, High Commission of Canada
93 2012.02.20 Mr. Mark Haynes, Diplomats
94 2012.02.21  Defence Attaches of Iran,Pakisthan, US,Russian,Bangaladesh and India
95 2012.02.22 Commodore Mudasser Nasir, Defence Advisor of the Bangladesh High Commission
96 2012.03.13 Lieutenant General A.K. Singh
97 2012.03.15 Ms Anne Dorain
98 2012.03.21 Germany delegation
99 2012.03.23 Hon Christopher Alexander, Canadian Parliamentarian’s Delegation
100 2012.04.03 Rt. Hon. Michael Morris, UK Parliamentarian’s Delegation
101 2012.04.18 Hon Mrs Sushma Swaraj, Leader of the Opposition, India
102 2012.04.19 Brigadier Akhtar Jamin Ravo, National Defence University, Pakistan
103 2012.04.27 Conl SG Laplante, Canadian Defence Advisor
104 2012.05.05 Hon Katsuya Okada, Deputy Prime Minister of Japan
105 2012.05.06 Ms. Amanda Jacobsen and diplomats
106 2012.05.21 HE Hilde Haraldstad, Ambassador of Norway
107 2012.05.28 Ms Robyn Mudie, High Commissioner of Australia
108 2012.06.07 Ms Amanda Jacobsen, US Officials
109 2012.07.01 Australian delegation 
110 2012.07.09 HE Mr Nobuhito Hobo, Ambassador of Japan
111 2012.07.09 Mr Mark Haynes, Counsellor Safety and Security, High Commission of Canada
112 2012.07.09 Mr John Rankin, British High Commissioner
113 2012.07.12 Mr David Vignatt, First Secretary (Political) Embassy of Switzerland
114 2012.07.17  Mr. Mark Haynes
115 2012.07.18 Mr Yutaka Tsuneoka, Counsellor / Medical Attache of Embassy of Japan
116 2012.07.20 HE Mr Ashok K Kantha, Indian High Commissioner
117 2012.08.02 Mr James Wharton, UK Parliamentarian’s Delegation
118 2012.08.03  Malaysian delegation
119 2012.08.05  Tamil Diaspora team
120 2012.08.11  Indian delegation
121 2012.08.13 Greg McCarthy, US House of Representative Committee Foreign  Affairs
122 2012.08.17  HE Mr Ashok K Kantha, Indian High Commissioner
123 2012.08.22 Mr. William Weinstein
124 2012.08.23 HE.Mr Jongmoon Choi, Ambassador of Republic of Korea
125 2012.08.24 Mr Yasusi Akashi, Representatives from Japan
126 2012.09.08 Hon Prof(Ms) Hlengiwe Mkhize, Dy Minister of Economic Development of South Africa
127 2012.09.08  Ms Hlenglwe Buhle Mkize
128 2012.09.13  Commonwealth Parliamentary delegation
129 2012.09.17 Mr. Hanny Megally, Chief Asia Pacific, Middle East & North Africa Branch of the OSCHR
130 2012.09.17 Ms. Michelle Sison, US ambassador
131 2012.10.12 Mr. Ren Faqiang
132 2012.10.24 HE Mr Wu Jiangho, Chinese Ambassador
133 2012.10.26  Asian Development Bank delegation
134 2012.11.05 Dr. Thomas Helfen, German Delegation
135 2012.11.16  Japan delegation
136 2012.11.21 Mr. David Vodrazk,
137 2012.11.29 Mr Jhon Klirin and China Delegation
138 2012.12.04 Ms Megan Foster, High Commission of Canada
139 2012.12.04 Ms Indu Mohandas, UNHCR officers
140 2012.12.10 Dr Ashok k Behuria, Minister of Defence of India
141 2012.12.11 Mr Kumaran Periasamy, High Commission of India
142 2012.12.12 HE Ms Grete Lochen, Norwegian delegation
143 2013.01.27 Ms Michele J Sison, US delegation
144 2013.02.13  Japanese delegation
145 2013.02.13  Australian delegation
146 2013.02.13 Mr Sandeep Ullithen (Deputy Editor) India Today
147 2013.02.23 HE Mr Ashok K Kantha, High Commissioner of India
148 2013.03.01 HE Ms Grete Lochen, Ambassador of Norway
149 2013.03.06 Mr Sandeep Ullithen (Deputy Editor) India Today
150 2013.03.08 He Mr Poldej Worachat, Ambassador of Thailand
151 2013.03.11 Mr. D Prasad , Officials of Indian High Commission
152 2013.03.18 Mr Sandeep Ullithen (Deputy Editor) India Today
153 2013.03.20 Mr Hugh Segal, Special Envoy of the Prime Minister of Canada
154 2013.03.24 Mr Charles Haviland, BBC Correspondent
155 2013.03.25 Mr Prakash Thuladar, UN Area Security Coordinator – North
156 2013.03.27 Mr Neil Cromton, Director for South Asia & Afganistan, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office
157 2013.03.28 Mr Crete Lochen Norwegian ambassador
158 2013.04.03 Mr. Zhou Oing
159 2013.04.09 Indian Parliamentary delegation 
160 2013.05.06 Mr Ashok K. Kantha, High Commissioner of India
161 2013.05.13 Dr. Morhard, Ambassador of German
162 2013.05.17 Indian investor delegation 
163 2013.05.21 Ms Agnes Asekenye – Oonyu
164 2013.06.08 Mrs Averil Jan Henderson, High Commission of New Zealand
165 2013.06.11 Mr Mike Hillman, Australia’s Office of National Assessment to Sri Lanka
166 2013.06.24 HE Mohammad Sufiur Rahman, Bangladesh High Commissioner
167 2013.07.01 Ms Janelle Denton, 2nd Secretary, Development Cooperation of Australian High Commission Office
168 2013.07.13  European Parliamentary delegation
169 2013.07.23 Mr Abraham Mathai, Chief Security Adviser to UN High Commissioner for HR
170 2013.08.14 Mr Phil Bennion MEP – EU Parliament
171 2013.08.18 Ms Nathalie Goulet, Senator for Orne, France
172 2013.08.19 Mr Allen McLean, Regional Security Manager, UK Foreign Office
173 2013.08.25 Navanethen Pillay, UN High Commissioner for HR
174 2013.08.29  Chinese delegation
175 2013.09.04 HE Mr Ashok K Kantha, High Commissioner of India
176 2013.09.06 Indian defense attache 
177 2013.09.10 HE Robyn Mudie, Australian High Commissioner
178 2013.09.18 HE Maj Gen (Retd) Qasim Qureshi, High Commissioner of Pakistan
179 2013.10.02  Team of British Prime Minister’s Office
180 2013.10.08 HE Salman Khrushid Minister of External Affairs of India
181 2013.10.30 HE.Mr Jongmoon Choi Ambassador of Republic of Korea

 All that needs to be said is that if anyone, any report is making allegations they would need to match these against the delegates that arrived, issued statements of praise and congratulated Sri Lanka on the efforts taken.

The very critics may well like to look at the illegal military interventions taking place, the illegal take over of lands and investments of these invaded nations, the scores of illegal renditions and the displacement of over 2.7million people and decide more of their time compiling reports on these nations to bring a ray of hope and sunshine to the lives of the people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Serbia, Kosovo, South Sudan,  etc instead of insisting that a UN team office positioned in these countries with NATO and US troops can solve all problems because there is little the UN or the Human Rights Head can argue as to these success stories to get away with similar action for Sri Lanka.

 Shenali D Waduge

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