Healing hands to Hands that kill

Adele Anne Wilby, an Australian Nurse residing in UK, is a shame to her country of birth and her profession.

Adele Anne Wilby

Adele Wilby Balasingham justifies giving cyanide capsules to women and children:


IF THE CHILDREN WERE WHITE – Would any western country look the other way?

 Adele Anne Wilby 1

She groomed them into violence. Using and abusing her status as a “foreign”, “white”, “aunty”.

She lured many a woman and child into the folds of the most ruthless terrorist group in the world.   Adele Anne Wilby 3    Adele pays homage to suicide terrorist cadres considered “martyrs” in London!

She groomed and sent some of them to their deaths – but not before they massacred civilians!

Will she be allowed to pay homage to the Al Qaeda suicide bombers of 9/11 and 7/7?

Adele Anne Wilby 4

Married to Anton Stanislaus Balasingham a Tamil tiger terrorist in London, Adele went on to promote terrorism in Sri Lanka. She trained children and women to be killers. She sent them to their death.

She adorned their necks with the cyanide capsule. The parents are looking for their children….still!

Adele Wilby Balasingham – The Tamil Tiger EICHMANN!

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