Usha S Sri Skanda Raja – A wanna be terrorist

Usha would like to be called a terrorist, but ….

She is only a dancer on the platform of terrorist fronts

Her little theatre – TGTE 

Usha S Sri Skandaraja

People still consider Adolf Hitler a Hero. 

Neo Nazi’s are a reality

 Usha Sri Skanda Raja is no different

She legitimizeses terrorists and terrorism

Whipping up support for future “white widows” ….

She openly declares her support for Terrorists

She openly calls them her heroes

  • She values Child soldier and enforced recruitment – while Anandi Sasitharan a civilian stands by protecting her own…. other people’s poor children don’t really matter now do they? In Nazi Germany they did look the other way when children were put on the train – what is the difference between Anandi and a Nazi sent for war crimes?
  • She values the Issaipriya a Tamil tiger terrorist given the rank of terrorist colonel – because she is pretty and talented. The Nazi trials showed many a talented man. The white widow of Al Qaeda is a talented woman. Issaipriya’s sister Isaiparuthi weeps – when she was the assassin of the LTTE kangaroo court – ask her who she volunteered to assassinate …. an entrenched family of terrorists. 
  • She values Vani Kumar – looking innocent in a pinafore – while she was a trained terrorist of the new Generation – TYO created by Castro to radicalise the next generation. Lying and Misleading the public – in true LTTE style. She is challenged by the Tamil medical doctors of her own community.


My women of courage are Issaipriya, Vany Kumar and Ananthi Sasitharan,

They’re icons in our struggle for justice and freedom, but they’re labelled as “terrorists”.

It is about these women of courage that I want to write about.

 The makeup and civilian clothes will not change the brutality that these individuals stood for.



Sri Lanka along with all nations afflicted by terrorism will not legitimise terrorism and terrorists in whatever shape or form!

Usha S Sri-Skanda-Rajah – Sri Lanka War Crimes Investigation – Part 1


Usha Sriskandarajah (UshaSris) on Twitter




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