Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran-the self appointed prime minister of the separatist terrorists criminals

Prabhakaran_with_Rudrakumaran Visvanathan Rudrakumaran - with Prabhakaran, Anton balasingham Visvanathan_RudrakumaranVisuvanathan Rudrakumaran who appears as an attorney for the tamil tiger asylum seekers. He is the self appointed prime minister of the separatist insurgents. Rudrakumaran hires a PR company to clean his name. The PR company EIN Presswire – what money can buy. A PR company will do the job even if it is payment from the Tamil tiger terrorists in striped suits. Bin Laden’s ideology could be made legitimate by a PR company – the Tamil tigers led the way in terrorist strategies. The Tamil tigers now lead the way in promoting Terrorism with a touch of diplomacy. Watch out: Rudrakumaran’s boss – Prabakaran the Tamil tiger terrorist leader is equated to Jesus. Rudrakumaran will soon be equated to Nelson Mandela ! 

See the book –

THE BEAST- A liberation theology for Tamils By Mario Perera (2014)

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