Nadarajah Kuruparan

Global Tamil News

Nadarajah Kuruparan runs the Global Tamil News website that radicalizes and militarizes Tamil youth. Instead  promoting reconciliation between Tamils and Sinhalese, Kuruparan, promotes the separatist agenda of the  LTTE. Like the former TamilNet editor Dharmeratnam Sivaram, who was an LTTE ideologue and spy, he was a  former member of a militant group.

 Nadarajah Kuruparan, before he became News Manager of Sooriyan FM Radio broadcast from Colombo Mr. Kuruparan,  worked with Sarinigar, an alternative fortnightly newspaper, that was published by Movement for Inter-Racial Justice and Equality (MIRJE). Popularly known as “Sooriyan Kuru,” Kuruparan is from Innuvil, Jaffna. His friends have appealed to him to abandon the LTTE and work for genuine peace. 

 Tamils who want peace say “stop the hatred and anger because it is not helping the Tamil community” as Tamils now have to rebuild credibility after the LTTE’s brutal terror, in the eyes of the world as people who are not promoting crime violence and hatred. 

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