Godfrey Manoharan Godvi also known as Gandi Arrested in the United States, recognized in Norway

Sri Navaratnam, Godfrey Manoharan and Panchakulasingam Kandiah.
Godfrey Godvin Manoharan alias Gandi is an activist of the LTTE’s Nediyawan group and a member of TYO, TCC, and TRO, the LTTE fronts operating in Norway. He lives in Nordahl Rolfsens vei 25 D, 5094 Bergen, Norway. He operates another facility out of Ortuflaten 93, 5143 Fyllingsdalen. His phone numbers are 450 89 455 and 451 05 779

 Godfrey Godvin Manoharan is the man behind attacking Sri Lankan diplomatic mission in Oslo. See him on this news clip with LTTE leaders Sri Navaratnam and Panchakulasingam Kandiah, both leaders of the Nediyawan group.


 Mr.Godfrey Godvin Manoharan is linked to a group of left wing activist in Norway that exposed a CIA operations in Oslo, He was the main man behind leaking and CIA informer’s info to Norwegian private media. 

See below: http://www.tv2.no/nyheter/innenriks/krim/tamilsk-demonstrant-sjokkert-over-overvaakning-3332966.html

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