Ken Livingstone vows unwavering support for Tamils’ struggle

[TamilNet, Monday, , 09:22 GMT]

Addressing the Tamil National Remembrance Day gathering in London Saturday, veteran British politician Ken Livingstone slammed the Sri Lankan state for “the terror [it] has waged against the Tamil community”, and vowed his unrelenting support for the Tamil people’s struggle. “The government of Sri Lanka is a disgrace to the international community,” Mr. Livingstone, a prominent figure of the Left in British politics said. “Behind the façade of voting there is no longer a democracy in Sri Lanka. I look forward to the day once again when Sri Lanka once again can become a real democracy, and get rid of the current war criminal who occupies the office of president,” he said of President Mahinda Rajapakse.“I am with you in all you seek to do. I will be with you forever,” Mr. Livingstone told a packed assembly of some of the fifty thousand Tamils who attended the Nov 27 event in London

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