Pakiasothy, Sunila and Nimalka working with LTTE rump

Pakiasothy Sarawanamuttu, Sunila Abeysekara and Nimalka Fernando continue to work with the LTTE terrorist rump and betray Sri Lanka in Geneva. On Friday, at the anti- Sri Lankan Human Rights Watch event in Geneva, Pakiasothy, issued a statement saying that there was a culture of impunity in |Sri Lanka and spoke against President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Pakiasothy who broke all traditions at a recent seminar in Singapore and criticised the President saying he was against the Rajapaksa, lied at the HR side event which was also supportive of the anti- Sri Lanka elements.

He said: “I live in Col 5, there was body being burned on day light no one asked any question. There is no rule of law, police are so bad, we have to have military take care of the demos, military are everywhere, and Tamil home lands are taken for HCZ or as a sacred place.”

A Sri Lankan Tamil activist in Geneva described Pakiasothy’s comments as laughable. “How could Sothy speak like this when he does not even speak Tamil or good Tamil? We know he only haunts the cocktail circuit in Colombo and that too with a selected crowd,” he questioned.

The activist said that Pakiasothy should be grateful to Sri Lanka that he is tolerated with all his anti- Sri Lankan sentiments.

Sunila Abeysekara, another NGO activist who is heavily funded by the West, accused the Sri Lankan Army of raping a 13 – year – old girl in Jaffna recently.

She was joined by member of the pro LTTE, Canadian Tamil Congress Garry Ananadasangare. He is the son of TULF leader Veerasingham Ananadasangaree who is still under threat by the LTTE.

We are told that the TULF leader has disowned Gary due to his LTTE connections.

Nimalka Fernando, another dollar hungry NGO activist who also lives in Sri Lanka, described Sri Lanka as a hell hole in Asia.

She also accused Britain of sending failed asylum seekers back to Sri Lanka.

It was evident to all those present at the event, that these three leading NGO members who live well among the Colombo circles wanted a regime change in Sri Lanka.

Several diplomats, including some Western ones privately questioned as to how these people were tolerated in Sri Lanka or if they were seeking asylum in Switzerland. Also in Geneva these days with his European wife is Sunanada Deshapriya, former CPA member and the man wanted for cheating the Free Media Movement in Sri Lanka. He is also credited with organising press meetings for the LTTE at the

Manirasakulam camp during the height of LTTE terror.

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2 Responses to Pakiasothy, Sunila and Nimalka working with LTTE rump

  1. Srilankanpatriot says:

    Thank you for exposing these terrorists – they have actively supported the death of thousands of innocent civilians. Why is there double standards by the western worlds, led by USA when it comes to terrorism ? whether its perpetrated on their soil or any other hapless country, its still TERRORISM. Let’s unite to rid this world of terrorism. If Sri Lanka can do it, so can every other nation, if they genuinely put country before petty political agendas or gains. Stop harbouring these terrorists in your countries and extradite them to Sri Lanka, so that we can hold them accountable for the deaths of innocents !!


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